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“From there it’s a short step to revoking all women’s rights,” and other creepy observations on the death of Roe v. Wade

I found this posted on Reddit; it makes my skin crawl.

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Eclipsed by a chocolate powder, Milo Yiannopoulos is sending threatening messages to journalists, going full fashy

MILO dumps a load

By David Futrelle

It used to be that when you — and by “you” here I actually mean “I” — went to find pictures of Nazi-adjacent media provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to use on your blog, all you had to do was to type his first name into Google Images and ta da! there were dozens to choose from.

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MRA JudgyBitch: Give me money for a crossbow so I can shoot feminists in the face!

Janet Bloomfield — the slur-spewing A Voice for Men “social media director” better known as JudgyBitch — has launched a rather unique fundraiser on Patreon: In addition to funds to spend on better videomaking equipment, she’s asking her supporters to send her $800 for a crossbow so she can “shoot the feminists in the face.”

JB isn’t joking; she’s an avid bowhunter, and she has her crossbow all picked out. 

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After a feminist activist at Queen’s University reports being attacked, possibly by an MRA, the king of “f their sh*t up” responds with angry denial

Paul Elam: Anger is "pulsing through my veins like molten lava" at the very notion that MRAs are violent.
Paul Elam: Anger is “pulsing through my veins like molten lava.”

A student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, says she was attacked and beaten by a strange man after receiving threatening messages about her opposition to a Men’s Rights group on campus. On Thursday, Danielle d’Entremont posted a picture of her bruised face to Facebook along with this explanation:

Just walked out of my house and got attacked by a stranger. I was punched in the face multiple times and lost half my tooth. This was after a few threatening emails regarding my support for feminist activities on campus. I can’t say for sure if the two are connected, however the attacker was a male who knew my name.

The campus Men’s Issues Awareness Society (MIAS) – the group d’Entremont has been fighting – has condemned the attack, as has the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), which co-sponsored a talk the MIAS put on Thursday. The police are investigating.

Right now, this is pretty much all we know about the story. Not that it this has stopped MRAs from offering their very fervent opinions on the matter.

Before we get to them, here are a few of my own:

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A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam finally admits that he’s been pocketing an unspecified chunk of site donations

Your donations will help change the life of this suffering man-child!
Your donation will help change the life of this suffering man-child!

Here are some of the things Paul Elam of A Voice for Mens has said in the past that the $80,000 plus in donations his site aims to take in every year go to:

Dedicated servers, image royalties, legal fees, internet radio premiums, various kinds of computer and media hardware — and now traveling to different locations, like Toronto, in order to do what has been in the plans all along.

Here are a few things Elam has not said the donations have been going to:

Buying him sandwiches. Paying for the down payment on a condo. Paying his cable bill. Paying for DVD rentals. Buying tasteful framed art for the walls and tchotchkes for the end tables. Buying him suits for his big important media interviews.

Well, now he’s fessed up — sort of.

After a bit of a kerfuffle about financial transparency in his site’s comments section, Elam has finally admitted what a lot of us have been assuming but that he’s been loath to admit: that he’s been living off of his supporters’ donations — and a generous girlfriend. As he explained in a post yesterday:

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Attention-seeking manosphere guru Roosh V posts article on “Why You Should Beat Your Kids” [UPDATE: Was it plagiarized?]


So it seems that some Men’s Rightsers and manospherians, reveling in the negative attention they’ve managed to get from the mainstream for some of their more reprehensible postings, have decided to up the ante a bit, posting stuff that’s so deliberately over the top in its despicableness that even some of their readers have been taken aback.

A case in point: A paean to child abuse recently posted on Roosh’s Return of Kings blog. (Let me put a big TRIGGER WARNING on all the quotes from it that follow.)

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