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Incels offer touching Mother’s Day tributes to all the “whores who opened their legs”

By David Futrelle

Today is a very special day on the forums, because it’s a day of celebration for the women that incels love the most, their own mothers.

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MGTOWs: Ban Mother’s Day because women are the rectum of civilization

Happy Mom Jeans Day to all my MGTOW readers!

So this Mother’s Day I got two very thoughtful gifts from a couple of my MGTOW readers, who evidently decided to take a few minutes off from their busy schedule of Going Their Own Way to write me a couple of epic comments about how Mother’s Day should be banned and “the women of society responsible for gynocentrism enslaving men” summarily executed. Also something about rectums.

evil moms men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny

Happy Spawn of Satan, sorry, Mother’s Day from the MGTOW subreddit!

Unhappy Spawn of Satan Day! (self.MGTOW) submitted 7 hours ago by DigitalDegenerate614 Thankfully, I won't be celebrating this glorified post wall narcissistic hag fest tomorrow that most normie plebs call "mothers day." In which I have better things to do with my own time than to acknowledge the evil piece of female subhuman shit that I'm supposed to call "mother."

You know, dude, you’re allowed to not like your mom, and maybe you even have good reasons for it. But damn, dude, why do you have to hate everyone else’s mom, too?

READERS! Stay tune tomorrow for a look at a much longer and in many ways even nastier MGTOW disquisition on motherhood and mother’s day, which was helpfully left in the comments here by a very angry dude!

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For Mother’s Day, give the gift of Mike Cernovich’s stupid face!

Mom will love it! (Snoop Dog not included.)

Looking for last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? Look no further!

As we all know, there’s nothing that moms love better than t-shirts featuring the disembodied heads of horrendous dudes they’ve probably never heard of, so why not get them this ACTUAL T-SHIRT YOU CAN REALLY BUY NO REALLY featuring the grim visage of ALPHA JUICE GORILLA MAN and famous “journalist” Mike Cernovich!

MGTOW misogyny

MGTOW: “My vaginal entryway into this world deserves no special attention”

Mother's Day, through MGTOW eyes
Mother’s Day, through MGTOW eyes

More MGTOW Mother’s Day thoughts, this time from the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

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MGTOWs celebrate “Incubator Day” with attacks on mothers, vagina-related slurs

Happy mother's day?
Happy mother’s day?

Never let it be said that Men Going Their Own Way lack a sentimental side. Or that they’re the sort of oafish clods who forgot that today was Mother’s Day. Far from it!

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Vox Day: Honor mothers. Yes, they're women, but without them the "Western sub-species" of Man would go extinct.

Mothers: Yes, they're women, but they sometimes give birth to boys.
Mothers: Women, yes, but without them we’d have no babies.

Happy Mothers’ Day! In honor of this special day let me share the sweet sentiments of the mother-loving Vox Day, who took time out of his busy schedule of woman-hating to write a post urging his readers to “Honor the Mothers” of the world. Or at least the non-feminist mothers of the “Western sub-species” of the human race.

Vox starts out his paean to motherhood by noting that women are mostly shitty and need to be constantly reminded of their shittiness by right-thinking fellows like him:

We are, quite rightly, very often hard on women here at Alpha Game. We need to be, because they spend most of their lives having smoke blown up their pretty little asses by people of both sexes and all ages who want to curry favor with them.

Oh, but even though women are terrible, don’t give in to the temptation of misogyny!

But never be tempted into misogyny by the bad behavior of one, one hundred, one thousand, or even one million women. They are the fate of the human race. They are the fate of the Western sub-species. They matter.

Take the day to honor the mothers of our sub-species. Well, some of them.

So, honor those who reject the nihilistic hedonism of feminism despite being literally inundated with its dogma from their earliest years and fulfill their primary destiny, that of motherhood. Whether she fulfills it gracefully and well or grudgingly and incompetently, she has done her duty. Respect that she has played her part in the miracle of life, honor her for doing her part in turning back the dark void of universal entropy.

It’s not nothing. It’s not a minor thing. Without women, there is no Man.

So even if you hate women, you need to remember that they serve a useful role as incubators of future men!

Happy Mother’s Day.

And a happy mother’s day to you too, you racist, misogynistic piece of poop.