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MGTOWs celebrate “Incubator Day” with attacks on mothers, vagina-related slurs

Happy mother's day?
Happy mother’s day?

Never let it be said that Men Going Their Own Way lack a sentimental side. Or that they’re the sort of oafish clods who forgot that today was Mother’s Day. Far from it!

Over on, one thoughtful fellow has opened a thread to honor mothers and motherhood. Well, sort of. In a thread titled “Happy Incubator Day,” the MGTOW who calls himself womanhater — you’ll see why in a second — has a message for the mothers of the world.

On this holiday of tw*t worship, I just wanted to point out to any potential tw*t lurkers who’ve excreted a f*ck trophy or five that men like me are the inevitable result of being raised by militant feminist mothers.

A lovely sentiment, and one that should be widely shared, although I suspect it would be a bit too long to fit on a greeting card.

My mother nor my sister nor the mother of my children will be getting gifts or phone calls from me today. Want your grown sons to give the slightest inkling of a f*ck about you once you’re too old and wrinkled for any attention from other men? Then you should think very carefully about whether you’re more loyal to your son or to the sisterhood – because we do not forgive or forget.

In your FACE, wrinkly old ladies!

A fellow called The Signal offers his support to womanhater, even though he personally hasn’t declared war on all the women in his life.

Dude, I’m genuinely sorry to read of your trials. My own upbringing was actually pretty ordinary and happy, but were I in shoes like yours, I’d be Fed Exing dead rodents and rusty razor blades today.

The Notorious GIT posts a YouTube video of a song called “I love watching you die,” declaring it to be the perfect “motherf**kin mood music for this motherf**kin day!”

He continues:

My mother is today, alone. Left by my father after she tried to trap him with a kid (me) and divorced by the man she succeeded in trapping with my sister. Said sister hasn’t spoken to her in years. I haven’t spoken to her in 14 years. Well, except when she found out where I worked and called, but only to tell her to go the bloody fuck ahead and try to come visit the pistol and shotgun armed combat veteran powerlifting 240 pound professional martial artist.

And if, after the inevitable violent incident, the police demand an explanation, he’ll tell them that

I teach kids here, and she has a history of violence, child abuse and substance abuse.


Notorious GIT’s notes that his mother might already be dead — he’s asked other family members not to tell him is she dies. But he prefers to imagine that she is still alive.

I like to envision her in a large empty house she’s mortgaged to the hilt to pay for, empty but for the detritus of her constant snacking and boxed wine binging. Perhaps a cat …

He imagines his mother Googling his name today

in futility over a box of tissues as I am outwardly cursed as a monster for doing this to her. But inwardly, in whatever deeply flawed logic center must be present in order that these animals may survive to post wall spinsterhood, I know she knows, and I know it must hurt, and it makes me smile a sneering, baleful smile.

Now, I don’t know the details of womanhater’s or Notorious GIT’s childhoods. They may well have been subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of their respective mothers, and however poisonous these men are today they obviously didn’t deserve whatever abuse they faced.

It’s perfectly understandable that these two men, if they did indeed face the “trials” that The Signal alludes to, would cut off all communication with their allegedly abusive mothers. And neither one owes his mother forgiveness; you’re allowed to hate those who abused you.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be rough on those who had crappy or abusive parents. But it’s not healthy to blame an entire gender for actions of one woman.

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“I’d take mrex’s words into account, too. Maybe you could see about a compromise – staying somewhere else at first, if that’s possible? Could your friend help you look for a different apartment there? Of course, I’m not you and I don’t know!”

I agree, getting her own apartment could be for the best, but none of us here are close enough to know the whole situation. 🙂 Not knowing the whole situation, there may be ways for her to BOTH live with her friend and keep a plan B alive. Or maybe not? 🙂

What I do know, is that money means options, and power, and control. If I am financially dependent on someone, that person has a lot of power and control over me. Just look at how her mother is jerking her chain around by threatening her student loan! These are bitter lessons I learned from bitter life.

Someone else’s control ends where our options begin. Life itself limits our options enough, the nail in the coffin is when we believe ourselves to be helpless. But now I’m just rambling. 🙂

*”I agree, getting her own apartment could be for the best, AND none of us here are close enough to know the whole situation.”

AND not BUT. ><

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