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Will “globalist King” Charles III make us all eat bugs?

King Charles III, not to be confused with Charli XCX

As the world mourns (or cheers, or jokes about) the death of Queen Elizabeth, some on the right-wing fringes are warning that the ascendency of her son Charles to the throne might just trigger the end of the world as we know it.

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Idiots react to Alex Jones having to pay at least $4 million dollars to Sandy Hook family for his “hoax” claims

Who, me?

So you’ve probably heard the news: Conspiracy theorist and professional yeller Alex Jones has been ordered to pay $4.1 million in compensatory damages to a family who lost a child in the Sandy Hook school massacre, which Jones had been calling a “hoax.” Jones is likely going to have to pay a much greater amount in punitive damages.

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No, the New York Times is not advocating cannibalism, you weirdo dingalings

The Manwich: Not what it sounds like, honest!

So the New York Times ran a trend piece today about cannibalism. Well, to be more precise, about an assortment of recent novels and films and TV shows that use cannibalism as a plot device. The piece, I shouldn’t have to say, is in no way, shape or form, a call for real-world cannibalism. Indeed, writer Alex Beggs points out that even the concept of cannibalism can be “stomach-churning,” and notes that several of the authors she spoke to had managed to seriously gross themselves out writing the cannibal portion of their novels.

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Three flavors of disinformation about the Buffalo shooter

Tinfoil hats — ON!

Every time some angry man with a brain poisoned by 4chan and/or Fox News guns down multiple innocent victims, the conspiracy trolls come out, spreading misinformation and disinformation about the shooter in an attempt to wash the blood off of their own hands by convincing others that the shooter was no right-winger but rather a government plant or an Antifa agent.

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Incel conspiracy theorist: The Jews want to turn us all into a “hybrid gender” of lady men

Do the Jews want to make us all into Sexy David Bowie?

Antisemites have it easy. If they run across anything at all that offends them, they can just blame it on the Jews. Can’t find a job? It’s the Jews. Can’t find a girlfriend? Also the Jews.

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Natural News says the COVID vax will make your DNA melt and basically kill everyone but anti-vax “purebloods,” so I guess it’s goodbye for you and me

Soon her DNA will be MELTING

Natural News describes itself as “a science-based natural health advocacy organization” dedicated to “empower[ing] consumers with factual information.”

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Men’s Rights Redditor: “A man in the west in 2021 is no different from a Jew in Poland in 1940”

A group of anti-vaxxers caused a stir the other day by wearing yellow stars of David to a protest — suggesting that the alleged oppression they face is analogous to that faced by Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

Naturally, one Men’s Rights Redditor has done them one better, comparing men in general to Jews in 1940s Germany.

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Reddit’s conspiracy-mongers are running out of conspiracies to monger

Scented shoes?

In this age of COVID and QAnon, you might not think conspiracy theorists would have any trouble finding new things to theorize about.

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Busy week for Satan: From “Luciferase” to the AstroWorld tragedy to … Big Bird?

Everyone’s favorite fallen angel has been busy!

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Misogyny can be the first step down the slippery slope towards fascism, new report confirms

A Men’s Rights activist, an incel, and an antisemite walk into a restaurant. The restaurant owner says, “hey Larry, do you want your usual table for one?”

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