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Bill Gates’ boobies, and the alleged secret plot to feminize men with the COVID vaccine, according to some dumbass

Bill Gates: Boobies not depicted

The editor of the right-wing “news” site Headline USA thinks he has sussed out the possible next phase of the global conspiracy to sterilize the human race: the global elites will use vaccines to feminize men and cause them to grow man boobs.

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Scientists test whether giving men estrogen could help them survive coronavirus — and conspiracy theorists run wild

By David Futrelle

Cis woman are much more likely to survive coronavirus than their male counterparts, and we don’t know why. Could if be differences in lifestyle? (Men are more prone to smoke and less prone to wash their hands.) Or could it be something more basic — like the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone — that offer cis women special protection from the deadly virus?

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Bazinga! Globalists are trying to feminize men with weed, robots and The Big Bang Theory, internet dumbasses charge

Sheldon, what exactly are you up to?

By David Futrelle

You may have already heard of the alleged globalist plot to feminize cis men by seducing them into drinking soy lattes, thus turning even the most macho dudes into easily controllable “soyboy” cucks. You may have heard that the government is (allegedly) putting chemicals into our water that turn frogs (and presumably male human beings) gay. You may have even seen videos of young boys in dresses happily singing songs from Frozen with their dads.

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