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“Lesbians don’t get periods” and even more great insights into the enigma that is woman from the NotHowGirlsWork subreddit

We’re going back in!

There were way too many amazing screenshots of self-confident mansplainers of women’s bodies and sexuality to fit in my post on r/NotHowGirlsWork the other day. So I’m doing another one. Like right here, and right now. It’s the very post you are reading at this moment!

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MGTOWs declare coronavirus their “greatest ally” because it’s forcing women to return to the home

The 50s were wild, man

By David Futrelle

Not long ago, we met some Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists happily declaring that the coronavirus must be a TERF like them because it was disproportionately killing men — and (allegedly) making trans women sad.

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The “women don’t enjoy sex” dudes aren’t just owning themselves. They’re using the #SexStrike to push regressive ideas about women

Reports indicate that some women do in fact like sex

By David Futrelle

There are a lot of guys out there who think that women generally don’t enjoy sex. But it’s rare for guys to say this out loud, because they’re afraid of the obvious retort: “Maybe they just don’t enjoy sex with you!”