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Now the Daily Stormer is mad at … Stargate Atlantis? For portraying women as competent?

Torri Higginson as Stargate Atlantis’ Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Dangerously competent?

By David Futrelle

In today’s edition of Nazi Mad Libs, the [DAILY STORMER] is mad at [STARGATE ATLANTIS] for [PORTRAYING WOMEN AS COMPETENT.]

Andrew Anglin, the Stormer’s head boy, starts off his post on the subject by admitting he’s a fan of the long-defunct show, whose final episode aired more than a decade ago.

Nonetheless, he’s distressed by one element of the show that he thinks strains credulity much more than the idea of “ancient pyramid civilizations building wormhole portals.” It features women who are good at their jobs,

He laments that the commander of the Atlantis base on the show is a woman Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and that one of the other main characters is, in his words, “a sultry mulatess who is a master of martial arts.”

Never mind that in the real world there are plenty of women running important institutions. And there are others who are masterful martial artists.

As Anglin sees it, Stargate Altantis’ terrible artistic defect — the inclusion of female characters who know what they’re doing — has infected TVland generally. “You all know this is in every single show,” he whines. “There are always super-competent women.”

Indulging in the same sort of extreme misogyny we see amongst MGTOWs and many others in the manosphere, he’s convinced that in the real world, women can’t do anything well.

“[I]f you look around you,” he writes,

you will not find a woman who can manage a McDonald’s. ..

In real life, women are virtually incapable of doing anything, at all. They cannot handle any situation that involves pressure or stress without having an emotional breakdown. And this is universal.

His evidence?

You all know this from your own experience.

No I don’t. I’m pretty sure that’s some sort of logical fallacy. Ad Populum? Consensus Gentium? Something along those lines.

You have all seen women who are put in positions of authority and are completely and totally incapable of handling the situation, and end up having men prop them up at every turn.

Yes, and I’ve never ever seen this happen with a man *cough* Donald Trump. Although, to be fair, the men propping him up are nearly as incompetent as he is.

It is more likely that you’ve seen a Stargate portal than a woman capable of competently managing a complex situation.

The only thing that women can do competently is sit around and gossip. And you’ll notice that this is the main thing that you witness them doing in real life.

With the exception of a few clear thinkers like himself, he asserts, everyone is willing to believe in what he sees as the myth of female competence, even though the evidence against it is all around them.

But everyone in society has this concept that women are capable of being competent, and that it is just the ones that they meet in their personal lives who just are – by coincidence – completely incompetent.

So how does Anglin explain this? He thinks everyone has been secretly baboozled by the “subliminal” power of the media — in particular, all those shows portraying women as competent.

This is a mass psychological phenomenon, that is purely the result of exposure to entertainment media.

“Entertainment media,” huh? Can you see where this is going, because I can see where this is going.

We need to be aware of the way TV tropes have invaded our psyches.

But somehow they haven’t invaded Anglin’s psyche?

And we need to ask why, if these women are incapable of doing literally anything at all, we have a massive and massively expensive education complex existing for the ostensible purpose of educating them to put them in jobs where they will take on responsibilities they are biologically incapable of managing.

When Nazis start asking these sorts of loaded questions, it’s pretty much a given where they are going. And Anglin, though he disappoints the world in so many other ways, does not disappoint us in this regard.

[W]e may ask ourselves: is this all part of a Jewish conspiracy to keep us from breeding by ensuring that the creatures which should be carrying our children – white women – are playing a children’s game where they pretend to be men?

Ah, yes, The Jews put the fictional Elizabeth Weir in charge of a fictional Stargate base in order to … keep white women from, er, breeding by inspiring them to get jobs?

Anglin isn’t the only Stormer writer arguing that women are by nature incompetent. A recent post by “Pomidor Quixote” — the Daily Stormer’s go-to contributor for all things misogynistic — takes aim at the recently deceased Sue Lyon, an actress most famous for playing Lolita in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of the (in)famous Nabokov novel.

Quixote notes that the five-times-married Lyon had a child with one of her husbands who happened to be black. In Quixote’s view, this proves that women aren’t capable of making rational choices.

“Treating women as equals and allowing them to make choices results in life stories like Sue Lyon’s,” he writes.

Women can theoretically rival men in IQ, but their brains never mature into proper adulthood. They are eternal children enslaved by their feelings. …

Yet we pretend that women are the same as men, we pretend that they are adults, and we pretend that they are capable of making good choices for themselves. …

People nowadays see all these women ruining their lives, betraying their people and hurting future generations and they shrug it off with some cookie-cutter slogan like “their body, their choice.”

That’s right; he’s mad that women have the right to choose who they love and who they have sex with.

We can only pray now. Pray that the collective soul of our people will be strong enough to come up on top of this sick trial.

Pray that your soul will endure walking through this hellscape of unbridled succubi.

Succubi, huh?

I’ve said this before, but when it comes to their views on women, the Daily Stormer is actually worse than Hitler.

I rather suspect that the Daily Stormer crowd would consider this a compliment.

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3 years ago

How is the daily stormer still up? I thought it was take down a while ago?

I expect alot of DS readers and writers to have ulcers by how much theyre upset at everything and everyone. What a pitiful existence.

This whole article sounds like he’s projecting so hard onto women. I think if anything he’s upset at himself for having mental breakdowns because of the choices he made in his life. He left his country and is hiding out somewhere, never to have a normal life. He feels incompetent at everything because he has nothing to show for his life right now. I think he’s in his 20s going into his 30s still with nothing, absolutely nothing of merit. Accomplished men are discarded and women are bashed. He’s an emotional wreck, the antithesis to his idea of what men should be, but this is the bed he made, he has to lie in it.

Pope of Discord
Pope of Discord
3 years ago

It says so much about his own personal set of insecurities that this was the thing about Stargate Atlantis he chose to be outraged by, instead of what you’d think was the more typical far-right outrage target of the primary antagonists being interpretable as an overly on-the-nose metaphor for European colonialism.

3 years ago

@Jesalin, Goddess of Lust & Pleasure

Sam Carter was also one of my favorite heroines in media, as well as Military Media at that.

3 years ago

The most offensive thing about TV depictions of leaders in general (men and women) is how competent they all are. Real life is more like Spaceballs. We’re surrounded by assholes.

Note: I include myself in this.

3 years ago

Man, I loved Atlantis a lot.

I reckon this guy would have liked it based on the fact Richard Woolsey takes over from Sam Carter (Yeah, spoilers but it’s over 10 years old now), becoming the first man to lead Atlantis.

Also Dr Wier was done wrong by the showrunners, getting shoved out like she did hurt my heart, I loved her character.

Lynn R
Lynn R
3 years ago

Stargate, the movie and the series, all are very well written and produced! I never tire of viewing all of the shows! I love Dr.Weir, Samantha Carter along with Teyla and the other women on the shows! I’d be thrilled if they were able to produce more shows,
I realize that the characters are older, however there are ways around that. They could find Actors that resemble the current stars as their children and still have the existing cast included in the film. I don’t know if this is feasible. There are many days that I’d love to have a Stargate to walk through! Women Unite!

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