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Daily Stormer: Alyssa Milano’s #SexStrike proves that “women exist purely for the purposes of sex and reproduction”

The Daily Stormer wants women to be sex machines and baby factories

By David Futrelle

Earlier this week, I wrote about misogynists using Alyssa Milano’s proposed #SexStrike as “proof” that women are manipulators at heart, continually using sex — and the withholding of sex — to get what they want from men.

Now Andrew Anglin. head skinhead at the Daily Stormer, is offering a similar if somehow even worse take on the not-very-well-thought-out #SexStrike. As he sees it, the hypothetical strike — which no one is actually participating in, as far as I can tell — is “an admission that women are all prostitutes, fundamentally.”

In Anglin’s mind, Milano is “openly admitting that sex is a commodity that women trade for personal gain.” Women have such “low sexual needs,” Anglin mansplains, that they’re less interested in sex for pleasure — outside of the occasional romp with a convenient Chad — than they are in trading it

for various things they desire. This is literally the only logical thing a woman is capable of working out. And it isn’t really logic, so much as instinct.

Anglin imagines that, in the Good Old Days,

[w]omen would trade sex to men in exchange for marriage, which amounts to a man making a lifetime commitment to care for a woman materially. … The species continued and people were generally happy.

We’ll just have to set aside the fact this this is basically nonsense, because Anglin evidently believes it’s true. And, like all reactionaries, he also believes that society has degenerated from this Golden Age equilibrium. He blames this Fall on the fact that women today have money of their own, and don’t have to throw themselves on the mercy of the first man who proposes to them in order to survive.

Anglin is so extravagantly misogynistic that he thinks this money is basically stolen from men to give to women, paid out either “through welfare [or] by forcing private companies to hire women for jobs they are incapable of performing.”

Yep, in Anglin-world, the jobs that women perform are fake, make-work jobs. The woman who taught you history in college; the woman who drove the bus you rode to work this morning; the woman who drew your blood at the hospital — apparently they’re all just play-acting. If you’re a woman and you think you have a real job, you’re evidently just kidding yourself.

Oh, and apparently you working girls are all using “sex or the unfulfilled promise of sex for the purpose of manipulating men in order to fulfill [your] personal goals in the workplace.” At least until you realize your looks are fading, at which point you all glom onto the nearest beta male who will marry you and “pay for [your] life.”

Hey, I read it in the Daily Stormer; it must be true.

Anyway, after all this, Anglin gets to the crux of his argument, which is that women are basically useless, shitty people who are only good for sex and making babies.

Modern society has created a gigantic illusion that [women] are contributing through various affirmative action and welfare programs, but anyone who steps back for even a minute and surveys the situation will recognize that they are worthless.

Women exist purely for the purposes of sex and reproduction, and for assisting men in menial tasks, such as picking fruit, cooking meat and washing clothing. Modern technology has made most of their functions obsolete. And yet there they are in the workplace, doing nothing, looking confused, getting in men’s way, making outrageous demands.

The only way to fix these (completely imaginary) problems, Anglin suggests, is through his own version of “enforced monogamy,” pushing women off welfare and out of their workplace and forcing them back into traditional marriages with hard-working woman-haters like him.

Alyssa Milano’s protest draws attention to the fact that women’s only real commodity is sex, and the sooner we all admit that her instincts here are correct, the sooner we can get back to a stable society, where families are strong and children are raised in a safe and healthy environment ruled over by a masculine father.

It’s always a little amusing to hear Nazis going on about creating “stable societies.” The Third Reich lasted 12 years. I’ve got underwear that’s lasted longer than that. (Well, t-shirts, at least.)

And, I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least the original Nazis had a slightly more reality-based notion of the contributions of women to society than Anglin, who’s going to have a hard time creating a stable anything with the motley assortment of delusional incels he’s going to draw to his internet Nazi club with posts like these.

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Weird (and tired of trumplings) Eddie
Weird (and tired of trumplings) Eddie
3 years ago

Off-topic, but fundamentally STUNNING, my home (on the range?) State surprises the hell outta everybody

The court continued that “this right allows a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body, health, family formation, and family life — decisions that can include whether to continue a pregnancy.”

3 years ago

Andrew Anglin somehow manages to be an embarrassment to Nazis.

3 years ago

@Christopher Green

Wait until you check out the neoreactionaries. You’d have thought they’d have realized the feudal system clearly didn’t work out the first time around, but apparently not. Hilariously, they also seem to think that they’d be exempt from becoming dirty peasants like the rest of us should said feudal system (complete with kings, no less!) inexplicably become a real thing. Imagine an entire community of people like Ignatius G. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces complete with the same inability to hold a real job, and you won’t be far off.

It’s like the unholy lovechild of the alt-right and the Silicon Valley technolibertarians, down to the obsession with transhumanism. Probably wouldn’t be easy to showcase them though, because they subscribe firmly to the “huge fucking wall of text, most of which is obscurantist gibberish” school of writing. You’d need an entire article just to define their terminology.

3 years ago

One of the more surprising and revelatory things I learned studying history was how incompetent the Nazi regime really was. Most Alternate History ‘Germans win WWII’ scenarios begin with some variation on ‘assume the German political leadership could find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight’. It’s particularly disturbing that they managed to inflict as much damage on the world as they did, despite that.

Troubelle: Moonbeam Malcontent, Bard of the New Movement
Troubelle: Moonbeam Malcontent, Bard of the New Movement
3 years ago

Well, I suppose growin’ up I didn’t learn a thing
Because every single teacher that took me under their wing
In elementary was a Ms. or Mrs., and while not all were a hit
By the logic presented here, they didn’t do shit

I suppose growin’ up, I starved in the second grade
‘Cause my mother just did make-work, played a fiction to get paid
Now, she ain’t that good a mother, when Dad got back I was by his side
But I guess in second grade, I straight-up died

I suppose before my time, there were some people in a malpractice case
That hired on a specter without bearing or a base
Grandma was a medical lawyer, and I’ll admit, we disagree
But clearly no-one got the legal fees

I guess nobody did shit and society’s on its knees
Instead of staggerin’ along
Nothin’s pollinated, nothin’ done by non-male bees
Except listen to this song
There ain’t no eggs, there ain’t no milk
The heifers and the hens don’t need their stalls
So where are the people who got money for jack diddly?
Apparently grazin’ in the malls

Now, I ain’t no woman, but let me say
The genderqueer population’s got it rough
The general consensus by the current society
Is that “female” is close enough

I guess the trash just piled up when I worked at Chik-Fil-A
And the dust just caked the floors
Guess everybody went thirsty without a hand to fill it
And with sauce, nobody could ask for more

I guess that where I’m goin’, I won’t put a finger to the keyboard
Who needs data, anyway?
Clearly I’m just jackin’ off, or feastin’ on mammoth stroganoff
For luxurious pay

Because clearly I’m a woman
And women don’t do shit
Half the population refuses to do labor
Or crawl out of their pit
And somehow that’s been the case
Since the time we can’t still see
Instead of the clearly ridiculous possibility
That we’re marred by the patriarchy


Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
3 years ago


Most Alternate History ‘Germans win WWII’ scenarios begin with some variation on ‘assume the German political leadership could find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight’.

The problem with such scenarios being that if that had been the case, they’d have made smarter choices in the late 20s and early 30s and there wouldn’t have *been* a World War 2. Our history books would talk of the Great War and the Japan-America War, or some similar names.

3 years ago

Whereas men have no purpose that a test tube of semen couldn’t do better. I am not sure they should be going down this rhetorical highway.

3 years ago

The #SexStrike thing may be badly handled, and doesn’t come across well, but it has the nugget of a good point. They want to end abortions, they want to end contraception. Given that, what choice do women who don’t want to be pregnant have but “Keep your knees together.”

I mean, that’s what they say they want, isn’t it?

3 years ago

The #SexStrike thing may be badly handled, and doesn’t come across well, but it has the nugget of a good point.

No, it doesn’t. They don’t want to end abortions, they want to control women’s bodies, and ending abortions is a way to do that. The sex strike is controlling women’s bodies, too, just from a different source and in a different direction.

3 years ago


Yup. The fact that they oppose all the things that do actually prevent abortions is pretty clear proof of that.

3 years ago

Ah, the good old days when a man’s choice in marriage was settled by his family on the basis of how rich his future father-in-law was. It reached its height in the chivalric romances of the Middle Ages, when a man who was married to someone else would compose poems of longing to a woman who was married to someone else (but don’t touch- that’s how blood-feuds get started). Dante dedicated his Divine Comedy to a woman he saw twice in his life for a total of twenty minutes, all from afar, and wrote nothing about the woman he was married to.

3 years ago

Exactly, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
The sex strike is exactly what conservatives want, and trying to use it against them only reminds me of this scene from Kill Bill, where The Bride has been captured by the bad guys but doesn’t say anything, just stare at them.

Bad guy: White women call this “the silent treatment”, and we let them think we don’t like it.

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