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Men’s Rights Activists respond thoughtfully to the upcoming “World Without A Woman” strike

Women: On strike or just lazy, amirite fellas high five

So the people who brought us the Women’s March on Washington have another big idea: A general strike of all American women. So far the idea looks to be just that, an idea; they haven’t even picked a date yet.

But if they pull it off, this act of collective resistance could have huge consequences. Ask the people of Iceland, or at least the older ones: That county had its own day-long women’s strike in 1975 which basically rocked the country to its core as a generation of men learned that women play an essential role in the economy, a fact that many of the world’s misogynists still refuse to believe.

Speaking of which, you may wonder what the misogynists of today think of the idea of a Woman’s Strike.

I took a peek into the Men’s Rights subreddit and found that the fellows there are mostly supportive of the idea, though for reasons far different than the strike’s organizers: MRAs, many of whom seem to think that women don’t do anything but gobble bon-bons while watching The View, are fairly confident that no one would even notice if each and every women vanished from the workplace and/or stopped doing unpaid work at home.

In the Men’s Right subreddit, our old friend ImnotMRAbut posted about the proposed ban under a headline written in the form of a question:

A Day Without A Women? One Has To Ask, Why Do These Misandric Idiots Think Men Won’t Cope Or Enjoy The Peace And Quiet?

Someone called liquid_j asked “is there room for negotiation? Can we call it like a week? Maybe two?”

Another old friend, ThePigmanAgain, offered a similar take, suggesting that

They should make it a whole year, in my view. Let’s face it, apart from the nurses, we really don’t need women for anything.

Meanwhile, factspissyouoff found himself feeling pretty pissed off at all those women who think their lives amount to anything:

These bitches are so ignorant and delusional it’s beyond retarded, beyond the pale. I look around me and I don’t see one thing or situation created solely by a woman that improves my life one iota.

The land, the infrastructure, the landscaping, the roof, the walls, the wires, the pipes, the power, the water, the internet, etc, ad nauseum…all built and created by men with the exceptions to that rule so fucking rare it’s dishonest to even bring it up.

My clothes were probably manufactured by women who make up 65% of the garment industry workforce, but shit, doesn’t that just also serve to prove my fucking point?

A few commenters acknowledged that women do some minimally useful work outside of the nursing profession. Like cleaning. Notacrackheadofficer predicted that

Hotels are going to be filthy, and no one will complain at the front desk more than women about it.

Maybe rich women from wealthy backgrounds can go out and see what having a job is like for a day, and the hotel maids can have a day off.

ThePigmanAgain returned to lament “all the sandwiches that will go un-made when women go on strike!”

Someone called Butt_Puncher420 worried about the effects of the strike on our nation’s penises. “I don’t know about you,” he wrote, “but my dick doesn’t suck it’s self.”

I imagine that no human being does either.

227 replies on “Men’s Rights Activists respond thoughtfully to the upcoming “World Without A Woman” strike”

I need a response too.

Is the Other Man in my relationship handsome? Smart? Funny? You’re the one who knows these things, so start talking.

Screw handsome. Is the other man in my relationship able to hold his fucking own in Puzzle Bobble? I can’t play that game against anyone unless it’s a tournament, and it would be nice if my Chad Thundercock could play worth a damn.

@Mizuki, welcome! At least I think welcome. I don’t recall seeing you around before!

Can Miggs keep his uneducated and absurd opinion on women, men, feminism, and Japan to himself? I know I’m asking something of a pile of garbage, but I felt like I needed to anyways. I really hate when people use foreign countries and cultures that they know nothing about to try to make their terrible points. If you can’t accurately give any of the surrounding context to a ‘fact’ or issue, maybe do some research or stick with stuff you know?

Unggghh god yes please. The problem with these douchebros is that they think they’re an expert in anything that they dip their pinky toes into. They think that every mouldy, fizzling thought that germinates in the fetid swamps of their brains is equal to the hard-earned expertise of actual experts, by virtue of their superior man-logics.

His twisting of the “herbivore man” phenomenon is so ridiculous it beggars belief.

The problem with these douchebros is that they think they’re an expert in anything that they dip their pinky toes into.

Yep. Infatuated with their own thoughts.


Screw handsome. Is the other man in my relationship able to hold his fucking own in Puzzle Bobble?

Given that we have our pick of men, why not hold out for both?

But I don’t mind at all if you disagree — more handsome men for me!

Also, if making things means you are God like, than aren’t people who’ve given birth to children the most God like of all? They made a person with a wonderfully complex brain and nervous system inside one of their internal organs!

Game, set and match.

But MGTOW! Like I said, the Other Man lives with me and my partner. He’s a great guy. Plays the banjo and mandolin, and keeps our kitchen knives amazingly sharp. Does that mean there’s an Other Other Man that she’s hiding from both of us? Or are there two Other Other Men – one for both of us, since clearly we’re neither very alpha?

Alpha Males are the men/boys are tend to be bullies in high schools or anywhere, they are the “assholes” and “bad boy”. Attractive because they are reckless and ooze “confidence” along with other highly alpha traits such as always taking the lead, or being the most dominant personality. Being muscular and extroverted, showing the least emotion. They are also mainly less afraid to commit crime and go into prison.

Which is why they have crap genes. Basically the chads and jerks in society.

Also when I was referring to transgenderism I am talking about how we don’t resort to the same inferior tactics as the “Lesbian Separatists” you so like to attribute us to. This all the more proves the resilience and rationality of men.

We learn from MGTOWCounterRevolutionary’s reiteration of Red Pill basics that “alpha” is basically “jock” for the new millennium. I am a very scrawny “nerd” type (according to innumerable films and TV series about high school, the sworn enemies of the “jocks”), but I never had any problems with “jocks” at all in high school! nor to any major degree previous to that! so I don’t harbour much resentment towards them, making me impervious to Crimson Capsule idiocy.

Counter-revolutionary’s “alphas” seem to very strongly resemble products of toxic masculinity, and Counter-revolutionary seems to recognize it for what it is. But the problem with the Crimson Capsule is that it does not teach its disciples to shun “alpha” (toxic masculine) behaviour; it teaches to emulate it. The progression of Crimson Capsule crackpottery runs thus:

The Men’s Rights Activist says: “Feminists are elevating women at men’s expense!” (Ignoring that men have had it quite good for most of human history.) “So far, I have learnt that women are getting too uppity for their own good. But,” quoth the RPer, “I still find women hot! Why is it that all the assholes, and only the assholes, get laid?” The Pick-up Artist appears and offers ‘3 Simple Ways To Bed Every Woman’, which always entail emulating the “assholes”. As it happens, women (like most people) don’t actually like assholes, so when the RPer-emulating-an-asshole attempts to obtain a girlfriend, his assholishness repels everyone whom he attempts to make his girlfriend. Despite the Pick-up Artist’s advice, the RPer (who by now has probably pretended to be an asshole so much that he has become one) has failed to satisfy his thirst. Accordingly, he leaves Pick-up Artistry, and becomes an Involuntarily Celibate Man Going His Own Way.

Stripped of Crimson Capsule jargon, the above paragraph is easily made more concise: “Being repellent to try and attract women is a fool’s errand, and will make you and the world hate each other.”

Whence the “crap genes”? How do “crap genes” make people repellent?

The only reference I can find of Counter-revolutionary’s to transgenderism is his calling David a “mangina” and “Debbie”, and even that is something of a stretch. In other words, bog-standard transphobia, and nothing to do with political lesbianism, and nothing at all that “proves the resilience and rationality of men”. This non-sequitur inference alone leads me to the opposite conclusion.

Alpha Males are the men/boys are tend to be bullies in high schools or anywhere, they are the “assholes” and “bad boy”. . . . They are also mainly less afraid to commit crime and go into prison.

Yeah, I definitely am cheating on my partner with an asshole who’s now in prison.

I’ve always had a thing for bullies. What woman doesn’t! What’s not to love!

Oh my god, did Miggs answer a question? The answer was pretty unintelligable (and yet, logical?*) but it was like they were reading our questions?

You’re putting out that women only go for alpha males, the bad boys and the leaders, even though many of the people here have said that is not what they look for in a partner. Perhaps (and i know this is a stretch) you are conflating the fact that women you like won’t go out with you specifically, and some bullshit you read on the internet.

Look. Women are PEOPLE and look for different things in the people they are interested in. Just like how you aren’t interested sexually in every woman you see, every woman is not obligated to be interested in you. Were you to come up to me and ask me out, i could say no for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps i am not into dudes, or perhaps i am panicking about what you were expecting vs what i could give. Maybe i just got out of a relationship, and not ready to start something new. Maybe i’m in a relationship. Maybe i’m not terribly interested in randoms off the street, maybe i had a long day at work and this is just one too many things, maybe you cornered me on the bus where i can’t escape unless i want to get off and wait for the next one that comes in a half an hour, maybe i have a boyfriend, maybe you’re trying to come off as ‘alpha’, and instead are coming off as pushy and frightening.

There are so many reasons that i would be not open to an interaction, and i promise you that the concept of ‘chads’ does not enter in to it. At least not the concept that i think you’re describing, which are the assholes that woman allegedly want.

Why are you shot down in your interactions with women? Because that is probably what this boils down to. You haven’t been going on about fathers rights or divorces, so i assume those matters are of less importance to you specifically. I’m going to give you some free advice. From me to you.

Women are people, with thoughts and individual preferences, just like you. This means that any specific dating advice i could give you, aside from spend time with her and find out what she actually wants/likes, isn’t going to work.

For example, i’m quite enjoying tabletop rpgs right now. I’m actually in three games, with another about to start up. I really enjoy talking about and listening to people tell the stories of their campaigns, and also getting in to the nitty gritty of why the game was designed in a certain way. Not always all the tiny little rules, but the design decisions. How similar systems are different, and how little tweaks to rules change the experience.

Were you to talk about that, WITH ME, and give me a chance to tell you about my character and how she’s searching for her best friend, and the dragon we just met, and her penpals across the land, we would have something to talk about.

Why does your character react like they do? How are you playing to and against yourself? (My character doesn’t care about loot, but me as a player wants ALL THE THINGS ughhhhhhh.)

We could spend a little while chatting.

But what if you aren’t into this, at all? That might sound boring, or tedious. Or what if the person you were talking to wasn’t interested in this, and you just launched in to a story of your latest game with them, without asking? In either case, the conversation would suck and not go anywhere, because you and this hypothetical person are having a conversation one person is not interested in.

(Though, as ladies, we are socialised to keep the conversation going with non-commital ‘uh-huh?’s and ‘then what happened?’s kind of things. Sorting out if someone is engaged in the conversation or just letting you talk takes some practise. One way is to check if the other person has contributed anything to the conversation in a little while. This bit is tricky!)

This is why ‘all women love chocolate and cut flowers and chads’ DOES. NOT. WORK. Assuming a woman is wanting someone, from a short one night of fun to a longer commited thing, there are NO CHEAT CODES that will get you there.

If women are only reproducing with chads, (and don’t think your dogwhistle wasn’t noticed) then you have these crap genes too. That is how genetics work, genes don’t only go to the girl babies and men get superior genes.

So…? How do you deal with all of these so-called crap genes that you obviously have, according to what you just said? Maybe they are just genes, and not crap…?

What on earth are lesbian seperatists??? What are you even talking about? You know that, just like how heterosexual people feel things when they look at a member of the gender they are attracted to, homosexual people feel attraction when they look at someone from their own gender, right? So lesbians might be ‘going their own way’, but it isn’t because they couldn’t find any dudes interested in them, it is because they want to be surrounded by a community of like minded individuals?

Like hetero people are, all the time????

I will conclude this unexpectedly long post by saying that for all your stated rationality and STEMness, you have yet to source bloody anything you’ve said. It’s taken you this long to define your terms so that an audience unfamiliar with them can understand.

You mention the tactics of lesbian seperatists, but don’t say a) what they are, b) how MGTOW tactics are different from these tactics, or c) who said the two movements were at all related, execpt superficially.

I am going to hypothsise that I have as much logic and rationality as you do. I have tried to explain my points, and respond to yours. My feeble ladybrain seems just as able to put forth statements and arguments as your mighty brain, no matter what ‘crap’ genes i have.

This wasn’t really for you, because while i hope you can figure out how to treat me as an individual person, i am not sure if i have been able to say anything you will actually hear, and believe.

I wish i could roll a nat 20, Miggs, just for you. You would be so much happier knowing that all the people you currently consider lesser are fully human, with dreams and ambitions and flaws all their own.

I would even spend an inspiration on this, and try the roll again. My DM is super cheap with them too, so this means something!

For any lurkers out there who are feeling kind of like Miggs, please take my ‘ladies and trans people and agender and others not on the binary are people too’ message to heart! Your life will make more sense.

*it was not.

Alpha Males are the men/boys are tend to be bullies in high schools or anywhere, they are the “assholes” and “bad boy”. Attractive because they are reckless and ooze “confidence” along with other highly alpha traits such as always taking the lead, or being the most dominant personality. Being muscular and extroverted, showing the least emotion. They are also mainly less afraid to commit crime and go into prison.

As EH said, ain’t no misandrist like a misogynist. I’m just going to compare PetulantBabyRevolutionary’s list of traits he bitterly associates with the popular boys in high school Alpha Male qualities to the actual qualities of a real, living man, my partner. As I am not cheating on him, he is, by MGTOWRevolutionary’s own definition, an Alpha.

Were bullies in high school: False. Boyfriend was rather viciously bullied in high school himself.

Asshole, bad boy: False.

Reckless: Maybe as a teenager he might have been, because teenagers as a group tend to be bad at judging risk. As a man in his 40s? No.

Confident: True!

Always takes the lead: Sometimes takes the lead. Sometimes follows. Understands that not every situation requires a leader.

Most dominant personality: This criterion is vague. It requires definition.

Muscular: True. Very much so.

Extroverted: Boyfriend is near the centre on the introversion/extroversion spectrum.

Shows little emotion: False.

Is less afraid of prison than the general population: He exhibits a typical level of fear of imprisonment.

It appears that Boyfriend does not display a majority of the traits that he, as an Alpha Male, ought to embody. Some of them, though, he does have. This is because human beings are complicated and individual, and we don’t actually fit into the 3 boxes that MGTOWRevolutionary has created for us: [jock], [nerd], and [evil conniving bitch].

That was nice of you to offer our troll sincere, helpful advice.

Even if he doesn’t appreciate it, I do.

Lesbian separatists? They were around mostly in the ’70s and ’80s. They’re lesbians who want nothing to do with men, which is pretty tricky (impossible) to pull off. I haven’t heard much about them in a long, long time.

EH is a better name anyway. No worries.

Your manfriend sounds lovely, Viscaria. I’m sorry to hear about his being bullied.

Sometimes we mention lesbian separatists while discussing MGTOW in order to point out that they actually did go their own from men. In comparison to MGTOW who obsess about women all day and troll websites with a lot of woman commenters to tell us about they’re going to go their way. They’re mentioned to highlight that MGTOW are not actually going their own way at all. How can we miss Miggs if he won’t leave? He even sockpuppets all the time to get around a ban. He’s that dedicated to spending time with us, the people he’s supposedly going his own way from.

Anyway. On to the content of Miggs’ latest post.

Alpha Males are the men/boys are tend to be bullies in high schools or anywhere, they are the “assholes” and “bad boy”. Attractive because they are reckless and ooze “confidence” along with other highly alpha traits such as always taking the lead, or being the most dominant personality. Being muscular and extroverted, showing the least emotion. They are also mainly less afraid to commit crime and go into prison.

Are you in high school? Or just out of high school, perhaps? Because if you’re older than 19 or 20, you really to get the fuck over high school and stop thinking about others in teen movie stereotype terms. As an adult, when I meet new people, the last thing on my mind is what clique they were in in high school. Who cares?

But thank you for defining alpha male for me. I pretty easily baited you into making the mistake I knew you would make. You got way too specific. I honestly don’t think I even know one single man who fits every one of these traits you just described. I’ve met plenty who fit a couple. All of them? No. There are domineering assholes who are skinny or nerdy. Former football players who are really nice. Stereotypical asshole jocks who have no police record and are typically considered upstanding members of society. Confident and extroverted people who are kind and generous. You really seem to have no idea how people work at all. Each of us, no matter the gender, are a mix of traits. I do hope you are still young and naive and will grow out of thinking that people are so easily stereotyped and categories.

I’m also wondering what crap genes are.

Seriously, though. I had a boyfriend who played football in high school and he was super nice. The most arrogant guy who I ever went out with (just a few times) and had sex with was a short physicist.

I was dorky and awkward in high school and maybe not exactly unpopular, but by no means popular either. I also earned a varsity letter in the sport I did. The only boy who I remember being mean to me when I was a teenager was an Asian guy in a wheelchair.

What universe do you live in where everyone is divided into jocks and cheerleaders who are all mean and nerds who were all nice? Who really thinks the world looks like this?

Thank you! Once you get me talking…. I need to remind myself to check if the person I’m talking to is actually enjoying my story, or is just making noises when they are expected to. That’s why I know this is a very tricky skill, I’m still struggling with it.

I keep reminding myself to throw the conversation ball back to them, by asking them a question about something they’ve said.

This is especially true if I’m venting my frustrations with things. I try to be funny, but sometimes it’s just me taking up all the conversation time and… Well.

Thank you for the clarification on the Lesbian Separatists! I had assumed it was something like that. I just googled it (I was on my phone before) and found on the wiki page that the SCUM manifesto is mentioned. Why they would chose that particular branch over everything else now makes more sense!

Also thank you to WWTH for the explanation.

@ kat

Lesbian separatists? They were around mostly in the ’70s and ’80s.

My old next door neighbour was a member of a ‘political lesbian’ collective back in the 80s. She says it was pretty hardcore. No interaction with males over six months of age etc. It was very much about the politics than the sexuality “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice” and all that. There was a lot of activism. Trips to Greenham Common, demos and occupations. And also a lot of practical stuff like working with DV victims.

In the end she decided it wasn’t quite for her. But she’s still in touch with a few of her old friends. Mainly it’s just commenting on Julie Bindel articles on Facebook. But they’re still out there. However the big difference with the MGTOW crowd is that they have genuinely gone their own way. They don’t constantly keep invading ‘male’ spaces and harping on about how they’re going to take over the world.

V is still very much involved in activism. But now she’s a campaigner for HIV rights. Much as I hate to plug the Daily Mail, there was a story about her the other day.

Echoing what Rhuu, Viscaria and WWTH said.

In my experience, a person who says something like “girls don’t like nice boys” is misunderstanding what niceness is. A nice person is someone who has a high sense of empathy and a willingness to help others. By definition, if you’re complaining about the fact that other people’s social preferences aren’t to your advantage, you are not a nice person.

The crap genes bit – isn’t the standard evopsych explanation for the supposed phenomenon of “alpha fucks, beta bucks” that alphas have superior genes, so women choose to mate with them, but betas are more nurturing so women force them to put their resources* into raising other men’s children? It’s not completely clear why beta traits continue to exist, but, uh… something something, women suck.

*in the MRM, a nurturing father is one who doesn’t allow his children to starve to death.

I’m assuming it’s a racist thing. Alpha thugs = black men and black genes = crap genes.

Although I guess it could be a nerds can’t be athletic and jock can’t be smart thing. If superior genes mean the genes of people with IQ to him.

Could go either way with this one.

You know I used to be guilty of seeing people in the simplest terms and most convenient definitions. Until one day at high school I had to spend a Saturday morning in detention.

Maybe it was sharing a spliff, or perhaps dancing in the library. But that day taught me that really, in our own ways, we’re all an athlete, a brain, a princess, a basket case and a criminal.

I don’t believe for a second these guys were bullied in school and that’s why they are selfish, misogynist assholes.
I think they were selfish misogynist assholes who no one wanted to hang out with because they were selfish misogynist assholes and they call that being bullied just like they call not getting laid by supermodels oppression.

As a nurse, I suppose I should be flattered that Pigman finds me somehow necessary.
As a nurse, I took an oath to help people in their time of need.
However, I’m fairly sure that Pigman isn’t actually a person, so I don’t feel sorry about saying that this nurse wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

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