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Men’s Rights Activists respond thoughtfully to the upcoming “World Without A Woman” strike

Women: On strike or just lazy, amirite fellas high five

So the people who brought us the Women’s March on Washington have another big idea: A general strike of all American women. So far the idea looks to be just that, an idea; they haven’t even picked a date yet.

But if they pull it off, this act of collective resistance could have huge consequences. Ask the people of Iceland, or at least the older ones: That county had its own day-long women’s strike in 1975 which basically rocked the country to its core as a generation of men learned that women play an essential role in the economy, a fact that many of the world’s misogynists still refuse to believe.

Speaking of which, you may wonder what the misogynists of today think of the idea of a Woman’s Strike.

I took a peek into the Men’s Rights subreddit and found that the fellows there are mostly supportive of the idea, though for reasons far different than the strike’s organizers: MRAs, many of whom seem to think that women don’t do anything but gobble bon-bons while watching The View, are fairly confident that no one would even notice if each and every women vanished from the workplace and/or stopped doing unpaid work at home.

In the Men’s Right subreddit, our old friend ImnotMRAbut posted about the proposed ban under a headline written in the form of a question:

A Day Without A Women? One Has To Ask, Why Do These Misandric Idiots Think Men Won’t Cope Or Enjoy The Peace And Quiet?

Someone called liquid_j asked “is there room for negotiation? Can we call it like a week? Maybe two?”

Another old friend, ThePigmanAgain, offered a similar take, suggesting that

They should make it a whole year, in my view. Let’s face it, apart from the nurses, we really don’t need women for anything.

Meanwhile, factspissyouoff found himself feeling pretty pissed off at all those women who think their lives amount to anything:

These bitches are so ignorant and delusional it’s beyond retarded, beyond the pale. I look around me and I don’t see one thing or situation created solely by a woman that improves my life one iota.

The land, the infrastructure, the landscaping, the roof, the walls, the wires, the pipes, the power, the water, the internet, etc, ad nauseum…all built and created by men with the exceptions to that rule so fucking rare it’s dishonest to even bring it up.

My clothes were probably manufactured by women who make up 65% of the garment industry workforce, but shit, doesn’t that just also serve to prove my fucking point?

A few commenters acknowledged that women do some minimally useful work outside of the nursing profession. Like cleaning. Notacrackheadofficer predicted that

Hotels are going to be filthy, and no one will complain at the front desk more than women about it.

Maybe rich women from wealthy backgrounds can go out and see what having a job is like for a day, and the hotel maids can have a day off.

ThePigmanAgain returned to lament “all the sandwiches that will go un-made when women go on strike!”

Someone called Butt_Puncher420 worried about the effects of the strike on our nation’s penises. “I don’t know about you,” he wrote, “but my dick doesn’t suck it’s self.”

I imagine that no human being does either.

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5 years ago

I don’t believe for a second these guys were bullied in school and that’s why they are selfish, misogynist assholes.
I think they were selfish misogynist assholes who no one wanted to hang out with because they were selfish misogynist assholes and they call that being bullied just like they call not getting laid by supermodels oppression.

The Real Cie
5 years ago

As a nurse, I suppose I should be flattered that Pigman finds me somehow necessary.
As a nurse, I took an oath to help people in their time of need.
However, I’m fairly sure that Pigman isn’t actually a person, so I don’t feel sorry about saying that this nurse wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

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