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MGTOWs declare coronavirus their “greatest ally” because it’s forcing women to return to the home

The 50s were wild, man

By David Futrelle

Not long ago, we met some Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists happily declaring that the coronavirus must be a TERF like them because it was disproportionately killing men — and (allegedly) making trans women sad.

Today, let’s meet some Men Going Their Own Way who think the deadly virus is “MGTOW’s Greatest Ally” because it’s forcing women to return to the home instead of “wandering around” fucking Chads and having jobs and stuff like that. And maybe after the coronavirus goes away — these dudes think — women will want to stay at home instead of returning to the big scary world out there.

“Fear changes Women,” writes a Reddit MGTOW called Fourwordsalluppercase. “How many are going to want to stay at home after this is all done?”

Lots, he thinks.

I mean every Women I know is already on meds for anxiety and this is not going to make it better. Women going to be thirsty for that kitchen that has power and heat, running water and food all provided by and paid for by a Man and all they are supposed to do is cook it and clean after. Maybe take a dick once a week.

Such a lovely evocation of the joys of marriage.

And even if these women want to go back to work, other MGTOWs ask, who’s to say there will even be jobs left for them after “employers … get rid of these made-up positions created just for women that don’t bring any profit?”

Someone called RS67 adds:

One of the best things to come out of this whole coronavirus shit, is that society had been reminded who actually does all the work in this world.

Never mind that the vast majority of those on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus — healthcare workers — are women. And never mind all the women working in grocery stores and pharmacies and so on who are actually providing the food and medicine necessary for the rest of us to survive on a daily basis.

Not that we should expect MGTOW pronouncements to have much to do with reality.

Still other MGTOWs are convinced that the virus will “Red Pill” countless men who are now seeing what women are really like.

“This virus lets you see female nature raw and uncut,” comments Phantom_Spark.

Marriages collapse at an exponential rate. Children and family deemed to be an unworthy burden.

I can’t [wait] to see what’s next. What other red pill can women drop to further cement he idea that committing to them and even engaging in relationships isn’t worth it?

Not all MGTOWs are convinced that coronavirus will “fix” women and turn them into the docile and reverential creatures that MGTOWs and other manosphereans wish they were.

“In a few weeks this will be over and women will double down on their whoring to make up for lost time,” writes American__Jedi. “Nothing will change women.”

But even the most pessimistic MGTOWs can find their silver lining. Even if the conronavirus pandemic destroys governments and unleashes chaos on the world, a MGTOW Redditor called 21yeeet figures that at least he’ll get a chance to murder him some women — sorry, some “wahman.”

“[W]omen always like to say ‘wahmen first,'” he writes, “so if the purge happens due to coronavirus, im killing the wahmen first”

He got nearly three dozen upvotes for this lovely sentiment. Because of course he did.

The MGTOW subreddit has been quarantined by the Reddit admins for being full of hateful shit. It’s not at all clear to me why it it hasn’t been simply banned.

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1 year ago

If they really want to “go there own way,” why do they care so much about women wanting to stay at home with them. That makes no sense.

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