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The GOP is working overtime to make Florida a hellhole for trans kids, unintended consequences be damned

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Under Ron DeSantis, Florida is rapidly getting worse for trans kids and LGBTQ+ people generally. And the collateral damage from ill-conceived GOP legislation could hurt a lot of others too.


Jesse Singal is not mad. Please don’t put in the newspaper that he got mad

This is not Jesse Singal, so it’s just more proof that he’s NOT MAD.

Jesse Singal has ostentatiously quit Twitter–at least for a couple of weeks, he promises–penning not one but two articles explaining this momentous decision. You can totally tell how much he simply does not care about this because he joked in his second piece that he was “writing this from prison. Internet Prison, which is the worst kind.”

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Anti-trans crusader Michael Knowles thinks literal demons live inside artificial intelligence

I knew this computer was a bad choice

Today, a glimpse into the mind of Michael Knowles, the Daily Wire host who caused such a stir last week by calling for the eradication of “transgenderism.”

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VIDEO: Anti-LGBTQ+ Tennessee Lt. Gov’s cringe apology for thirsty comments on nearly nude pics of Instagram twink

Gay love or anti-gay hate? Randy McNally can’t decide

Tennessee is known for passing more anti-LGBTQ+ legislation than any other state, with 26 such bills currently making their way through the state legislature. As state speaker, Republican Lt. Gov. Randy McNally presided over the passage of a recent bill banning gender-affirming care for minors, and another bill making drag performances a felony.

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Is it all just projection? Alleged anti-“groomer” vandal now charged with child porn

It’s not really about “protecting the children” at all, is it?

A man who was previously charged with hate crimes for spray-painting the word “groomer” on the front doors of two libraries during Pride Week has now been charged with seven counts of possessing child pornography.

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“Trans eradication” is Republican policy

The right-wing mob is coming for trans people.

The Daily Wire’s Micheal Knowles inspired alarmed headlines, and deservedly so, when he declared that “transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely” in a speech at CPAC on Saturday.

homophobia reactionary bullshit trans genocide transphobia

On Michael Knowles, “transgenderism” and genocidal rhetoric

If someone were to call for Judaism to be “eradicated from public life entirely,” would you doubt their genocidal intent?

homophobia reactionary bullshit transphobia

Want to legally discriminate against LGBTQ+ people? Move to Alaska!

Alaska’s state government has quietly changed a policy banning discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, making it perfectly legal to deny queer people housing, loans, and government accommodations. A new report by ProPublica and the Anchorage Daily News uncovers the gory details of this recent policy change.

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Liberal pundits promoted a lurid account of alleged abuses at a gender clinic. Now the whistleblower’s case seems to be falling apart

Last month, ex-New York Times columnist Bari Weiss published a melodramatic account of alleged abuses at a gender clinic in her online publication, the Free Press. The account, written by “whistleblower” Jamie Reed, a former case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, charged doctors and administrators at the center of pushing children into premature or unwarranted gender transitions and bullying parents and staffers who objected into silence or acquiescence to the allegedly abusive treatment.

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It’s not trans genocide if there are no trans people to genocide, Daily Wire brain genius explains

When is trans genocide not trans genocide? When you define trans people out of existence before legislating them out of existence. At least, that’s the logic of Daily Wire brain genius Michael Knowles.

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