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Vice News: “Andrew Tate Was Arrested on Suspicion of Rape in the UK in 2015”

A chilling new story in Vice reports that Andrew Tate, currently occupying a jail cell in Romania, “was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and physical abuse in 2015 while he and his brother were running a webcam sex business out of the UK, VICE World News can reveal.”

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Why sex workers aren’t the “solution” for incels

Here’s a hint

Once in a while, someone will step forward with what they see as a “solution” for incels: hire sex workers to take care of their celibacy, the root cause of their hatred and bitterness.

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Twitter threads reveal Johnny Depp’s long history of violence and abuse (allegedly)

Over the last several days, a number of threads have popped up on Twitter providing evidence of Johnny Depp’s long history of (alleged) violence and abuse, aimed at intimate partners and random strangers alike. I found these very useful; maybe you will as well. Just be warned that there’s a lot of explicit discussion of abuse that could be triggering.

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The former A Voice for Men point man for “Judicial Accountability” was just arrested in Scotland, where he reportedly fled to escape rape and fraud charges in the US after faking his own death

Nicholas Rossi, Nicholas Alahverdian, Nick Alan and Arthur Knight.

It’s safe to say that A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam is not really a great judge of character.

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I’m back, for real this time, and I’ve brought Roosh with me

How I feel setting up a new computer

Ok, so I’m really back this time. I just needed to have a few more days to clear my head of manosphere nonsense. Also, did I mention that my computer had become basically unusable for anything involving the middle of the keyboard, like typing and doing searches and those sorts of things.

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