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Off-topic: Bjork now a bird

I've got a real post coming in a bit. In the meantime, enjoy this paparazzi photo which clearly shows that Bjork has been transformed into a bird.

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Bjork is kind of amazing, and watching you emotionally stunted shit-creatures make fun of her is unacceptable.

Bjork is an amazing person and will pretty much always have people that love her because she actually developed BEING A DECENT HUMAN BEING, unlike you sick cancerous bog dwellers.

Honestly, fuck you.

This is AMAZINGLY anti-woman, and it’s sort of thought process that lets slut-shaming exist.

You make me SICK, you mere pretender. You’re just as misogynistic as the MRAs you pull out of context quotes from.

Thanks FEMINISTS! You keep women down more than the patriarchy ever could.

You’re just as misogynistic as the MRAs you pull out of context quotes from.

Chance that “Garvan” is an MRA troll: 99.99%

Protip: if you want to sound like a real feminist, don’t repeat the standard bullshit MRA complaint about Man Boobz when trolling here.

Also, that bird clearly is Bjork. Have you ever seen it and Bjork in the same room together?

Since I read this post fifteen minutes ago, I’ve been listening non-stop Bjork’s songs. Your evil Bjork-hating post didn’t work on me, David!

Thanks FEMINISTS! You keep women down more than the patriarchy ever could.

Mocking one woman != saying women as a class belong in the kitchen, powerless and without agency. I concur: You’re a troll, and likely an MRA one since you specifically mentioned their powerless little group. I also mock* creationists: EVEN IF THEY ARE WOMEN GASPSHOCKHORROR. Amazingly, being female doesn’t override everything

*Though I don’t think Bjork is really being mocked much here aside from style, which is cool, but also weird.

I think garvan gave away hir MRA status with “out of context quotes”, implying that the overall MRA message is good but there are a tiny number of statements that could make the MRM look bad if taken at face value. Gee, I’ve never heard that one before. What’s next, a list of quotes from Dworkin? Nice try, garvan.

@garvan – obvious troll is obvious!

This feminist fucking LOVES Bjork, btw. She is one of my heroes, and I consider this post an affectionate ribbing of her uniquely eccentric style.

Here’s Bjork being awesome:

Aw, at least this troll is a little bit funny. Now, if only xie could get it through xir MRAbrain that actually treating women like creatures and slut shaming are bad things, maybe we’d get somewhere.

Also: That bird is pretty.

I’m kind of sick to my stomach at this point that you people just ended up trying to objectify Bjork more, come up with reasons it’s “okay”, and then try to say it’s not blatant woman hating by essentially saying its okay because the patriarchy is worse.

Wrong doesn’t work in degrees. Wrong is wrong.

Taking a woman, removing her agency, and objectifying her is always wrong.

I can’t believe I have to explain this to you.

Hey Garvan, could you name a single feminist book you read, and explain why you liked it?

My favorite Bjork video (and song):

I don’t actually listen to much Bjork, generally, but I really love the Volta album.

This thread made me LOL my head off.
I. don’t. even.

“removing her agency” WAT???
Too funny.

I’m sorry, but that bird looks like Bjork. So what?
“Blatant woman hating.” Hahahahaha.

So doing that to women is “always wrong”. Ok. Sometimes birds and animals look like people. Is it wrong to do that with men, too? Why not say, “claiming some animal looks like a person is always wrong.”

Say it.
You know all the misogyny posted on this site, and me checking it daily has been starting to get me down… that spell is now broken I think. Thanks for the laughs garvan.

Also, I believe you all are also objectifying the bird. Taking a bird, removing its agency, and comparing it to a quirky Icelandic pop princess is always wrong. It’s a pretty bird. It deserves a cracker. Yes it does.

I’m gonna tweet the Bird’s Rights Activist for more information on how I can help end this travesty.

The little matching “clutch bag” is killing me. I don’t know how many times I keep coming back to laugh at this picture, but I’m bookmarking it.

God it looks so much like her lol. I’m officially stealing Colbert’s Peabody and giving it you, Mr. Futrelle.

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