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Meet the Kittens 3: BFF Edition

Some more shots of the kitties, sacked out between campaigns of destruction. They are actually cuter than this in real life.

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They are actually cuter than this in real life.

That is not possible. There’s no such thing as “bigger than infinity.”

The old saying applies to blockquotes: the only way to win is not to play. πŸ˜›

Wow – your black kitten looks a lot like an American Bombay – copper eyes, wide head, shiny black coat. Bombays are cats of excellence. (I’ve got a Bombay so no bias there).

Wish I could send you one. Have 3-week-old named Velveeta because he’s orange, full of fat, and shaped like a brick.

I love when they sleep with their tummies turned up and their little paws curled in like that (pic 3). So very sweet!

Soooooo cute! Black kitteh looks just like my darling Hadjijimjams (long gone home to Ceiling Cat).

I’m currently trying to find a foster home for my neighbor’s kitty. He just passed away after a 9 year fight with cancer and she’s tiny and only 8 pounds full grown and all alone in this world. His sister would like to take the cat home to New York with her, but she’s looking for two months to put the legal stuff in order (because New York has various laws in place when you bring in out of state animals), so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do. We want to keep her out of the shelters- Santa Cruz is notorious for being overly inundated with cats- even the “kill” shelters are full. She’s spayed, chipped, vaccinated, and only a couple years old. The only thing she does that’s a little annoying is that she has a pretty prominent kitty-snore because she has a non-cancerous polyp in the back of her throat, but other than that, the sweetest kitty ever.

Any suggestions would be heartily welcomed. I don’t want to see this poor little kitty get shipped off to the gas chamber. πŸ™


Call local cat rescue orgs, explain the situation and that there is a home waiting for her, ask if they have anyone who can foster her for a while.

@Cassandra- I really appreciate the suggestions. I’ve never had to do this, and the lady who is asking me to help her is unfamiliar with this area. I want to make sure kitty is safe, but I just can’t take her in right now, especially since my cat would go into angry jealous mode, already has litter box issues, and we have absolutely no room in a 1 bedroom apartment for 2 more litter boxes. πŸ™

I wish I could offer to take her, but I have a very territorial cat and a landlord who won’t let me have more than one. If you aren’t familiar with any local rescue orgs I’d start by looking on Petfinder – working backwards, I know, but if there are any local orgs they’ll probably have cats listed for adoption on there and you can find them that way. It’s also worth asking around to see if any friends would be willing to take her just for a while.

Cool that the kittens have found new staff! πŸ™‚ (Cats do not have owners, they have staff.) Aka “grats on having purring bundles of joy back to your life”. Your kitties are absolutely gorgeous and just begging to be scritched and petted.


Kitty snores are the best! I was invaded by cats last night (funny how much space two small furry creatures take up on a bed :O), and one of mine started doing her little wheezey snore thing.

I was also dreaming at the time, so I had a post-apocolyptic themed dream punctuated by kitty snores. It was surreal. If only it had lasted longer.. I wonder how the dream would have explained all the noise.

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