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The best worst reactions to the news that the next Doctor Who will be a woman

Jodie Whittaker, the next Doctor Who

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By David Futrelle

A tragic day for whiny baby-men — the BBC just announced that the next Doctor Who will be a lady. Naturally, these sensitive souls took at once to Twitter to make their displeasure known. And to make jokes about Doctor Who turning into Nurse Who amirite fellas high five!

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Curious emailer wonders if I “embrace my masculinity,” nudge nudge know what I mean say no more?

Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?

So as the dude behind this blog I get a fairly steady stream of communications from, well, dudes who are not such big fans of the blog. Alongside the veiled threats and not-so-veiled threats and fat jokes and intimations of cuckoldry and predictions of an imminent “beta uprising” I also get emails from guys who profess to be just so confused as to why I even have such a blog, do I hate men or something? I’m not sure if any of them are asking sincerely; most seem to think their little notes will somehow shame me into quitting.

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Harry Potter pushes “willing cuckoldry as a moral imperative,” weirdo Nazoid pickup artist explains

Snape, what a beta!

The (alleged) pickup artist who calls himself “Heartiste” is a lot of things — a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, a bizarrely overwrought prose stylist, to name just a few of his more charming features. But one thing I never would have pegged him for? A Harry Potter fan.

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Alt-Right dudes are SUPER HOTTTTTT, according to Alt-Right lady

White supremacists: Sexy AF (Speakers at a recent American Renaissance conference)

In a recent post on, Alt-Right lady Wolfie James addresses what is perhaps the most important question facing Western Civilization today, which is: How TOTALLY HOTTTTTT are Alt-Right dudes?

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What the hell kind of sexual facts is Dr. Lawton teaching these men anyway?

I hate the f*ckin eagles, man

So I’m kind of obsessed with the images of burly men in peril that you find on the covers of vintage men’s magazines. One of the things that makes these old covers so charming, aside from the completely ridiculous animal attacks depicted on them, is that the cover art doesn’t always match the headlines that appear on top of it.

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Heartiste: Defeat Hillary by calling her male supporters “mincing betaboys”

Mad Magazine on Mad Max: Fury Road
Mad Magazine on Mad Max: Fury Road

I admit I probably write about pickup-artist-turned-alt-right-opinion-haver Heartiste a bit more often than he merits. But his combination of furious bigotry and purple prose is irresistible.

Consider his brilliant new plan to defeat Hillary Clinton by impugning the masculinity of her male supporters.

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Scott Adams: The DNC is literally lowering men’s testosterone levels and making them sad

Alicia Keys, destroying the men of America with her diabolical music
Alicia Keys, destroying the men of America with her Hoop Earrings of Great Misandry

Welcome to today’s episode of “wait, did Scott Adams really say that, Scott Adams the Dilbert guy, really?”

And the answer to that question is, as always, “yes, yes he did say that.”

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Suspect in Baton Rouge cop killings: “Don’t get a woman if you cant keep her in check”

"Cosmo" explains himself on YouTube
“Cosmo” explains himself on YouTube

The man suspected of murdering three Baton Rouge police officers in what’s being called an “ambush” shooting earlier today has been identified as a 29-year-old ex-Marine named Gavin Long.

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NYMag’s Jesse Singal mocks America’s alpha male obsession; critics denounce him as a “beta”

What do you mean, "cartoonishly alpha?"
What do you mean, “cartoonish idea of alpha males?”

So New York magazine’s Jesse Singal — GamerGate bete noire and one of the central figures in Candace Owens‘ crackpot conspiracy theories  — has written a really quite fascinating piece on the history of the alpha male. Or at least on the history of the idea of the alpha male, from its humble origins in primatology to its current obsessional ubiquity amongst pickup artists and Red Pillers and cuck-calling Anime Nazi Trump fans.

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Men react to tragic news that Chris Hemsworth will play a dumb guy in Lady Ghostbusters

Chris Hemsworth: Misanderistic gender traitor?
Chris Hemsworth: Misanderistic gender traitor?

It’s a dark day for the world’s beleaguered male gender. Again. The Feminazi overlords at Sony have released a horrifying video of what appears to be actor Chris Hemsworth forced to play a buff hunky character who is sort of an idiot in the upcoming Lady Ghostbusters.

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