Pickup guru “Heartiste” hallucinates a quote from Stormy Daniels to prove the Donald is a total sex god

By David Futrelle Imagine being so invested in the idea of Donald Trump as a Sex Lord that you hallucinate — or simply invent — a quote from Stormy Daniels as “proof” of the Donald’s prowess.

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Pickup artist James “Heartiste” Weidmann wants Obama to be hung for treason

Once upon a time, the pickup artist who calls himself Heartiste (real name James Weidmann) actually provided his readers advice — terrible, backwards, and thoroughly misogynistic advice, but advice nonetheless —  on how to pick up the hot babes.

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Heartiste: Defeat Hillary by calling her male supporters “mincing betaboys”

I admit I probably write about pickup-artist-turned-alt-right-opinion-haver Heartiste a bit more often than he merits. But his combination of furious bigotry and purple prose is irresistible. Consider his brilliant new plan to defeat Hillary Clinton by impugning the masculinity of her male supporters.

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Alt-Right pickup artist Heartiste attacks “cuck f***ot” Paul Ryan for condemning Trump

Embattled presidential candidate/sexual predator Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal this morning that there is “zero chance” that he’ll be dropping out of the race, because “the support I’m getting is unbelievable.” Some of the most unbelievable support is coming from a longtime fan of his known on the Internet as Heartiste — an extravagantly hateful pickup artist…

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Heartiste: The Orlando massacre may be the first step in a “needed cleansing”

You probably haven’t been wondering what profound conclusions the racist pickup artist who calls himself Heartiste has drawn from the horrific tragedy in Orlando. But I’m going to tell you anyway. The first? That Omar Mateen was a pretty cool dude.

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Chateau Heartiste: If you want a good woman, you need to be racist as hell

Dudes! More specifically, white dudes! Are you interested in “locking down a good White woman” of your very own? These days, a commenter on Chateau Heartiste explains, you can’t just hypnotize the ladies with your buff bod and masterful pickup artistry. You also need to be racist as hell. Oh, sorry, you need “to reject the anti-White race-propaganda that’s…

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More manosphere miscegenation mania: Heartiste on losing one’s daughter to “dinduville”

Vox Day isn’t the only manosphere manbaby who’s been pitching a fit over the specter of “race mixing” in recent days.

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PUA douchebag Heartiste: “A typical American fatty has no chance against a sexbot with a pretty face [and] a slender BMI.”

The success of the Channel 4 renegade-robot drama Humans — playing on AMC in the US — has gotten people talking again about what some see as the key question of our time: Robots: How soon can we start having sex with them? One of the more ardent cheerleaders of the coming “sexbotopia” is our old friend…

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Pickup artist “Heartiste” seems to think the notion of “playing hard to get” was his idea in the first place

Heartiste — the pompous racist shitbag and alleged pickup artist of great renown —  is feeling a bit boastful again. In a post yesterday, he links to a two-year-old Business Insider post with the clickbaity title 12 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To The Opposite Sex. He’s interested in Scientifically Proven Way #8: “Men should play…

alpha males heartiste men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny PUA

Heartiste: Pick up prole chicks using ingenious "logo" ploy!

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is almost over! If you haven’t already, please consider sending some bucks my way. (The PayPal page will say you are donating to Man Boobz.) Thanks! Heartiste, of the Chateau Heartiste, isn’t just an unending source of ludicrously overcooked, try-hard bromides against fatties, liberals and “vibrants,” his favored…

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