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Heartiste: Defeat Hillary by calling her male supporters “mincing betaboys”

Mad Magazine on Mad Max: Fury Road
Mad Magazine on Mad Max: Fury Road

I admit I probably write about pickup-artist-turned-alt-right-opinion-haver Heartiste a bit more often than he merits. But his combination of furious bigotry and purple prose is irresistible.

Consider his brilliant new plan to defeat Hillary Clinton by impugning the masculinity of her male supporters.

“All politics is gonadal,” he declares in a post on his blog today.

Given this reality, the most effective political persuasion techniques are those that evoke the ancient rhythms of the sexual market.


Heartiste ‘s favorite “persuasion technique?” Calling people names in order to make them feel bad about themselves. In this particular case, he hopes to make Hillary’s male supporters so ashamed of their alleged betahood that they can’t bring themselves to actually vote.

[I]f sufficiently shamed and ostracized by effective [counterpropaganda] that leverages the power of anxiety over one’s sexual market status, many nominal males who plan to vote for Inmate Hillary can be dissuaded from exercising their right to notarize the featherweight class of their shrunken scrotes.

Yeah, I don’t know why he writes like that.

Much as virulent homophobia can force gays into the closet, Heartiste suggests, shaming male Hillary supporters as “manginas” will keep them from going to the polls.

Just as a healthy and strong society with rock-ribbed shitlord norms can keep gays far enough in the closet that their petri dish flamboyance doesn’t creep out the kids, so can a fearless embrace of immutable and omnipotent sexual market law — and the exploitation thereof — cow mincing betaboys from pulling the lever for thec*nt.

In case you’re having a little trouble parsing the end of that sentence — I had to reread it several times myself — he’s using “cow” as a verb. “Cow-mincing” isn’t a real thing, though perhaps it should be.

Also, thec*nt (with its “u” uncensored) is Heartiste’s favorite nickname for Hillary, though you probably figured that out already.

You may be wondering how exactly Heartiste’s brilliant new strategy differs from the traditional alt-right strategy of calling everyone “cucks.”

For one thing, it uses a greater number of words, castigating Hillary’s male fans as “nominal males,” “mincing betaboys,” and “f*ggy Millennial manlets with incipient bitch tits.” Obviously this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than just calling them “cucks.”

Heartiste also suggests that his fans make use of a helpful visual aid in their efforts to shame the aforementioned “mincing betaboys” into non-voting. Namely. this little meme here.


The picture at the top of the meme is, as you’ve probably gathered, a still from Mad Max: Fury Road.

I’m guessing Heartiste has not seen the film.

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Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
6 years ago

Communism has to work on a global basis or not at all. Stalin fucked up the USSR by attempting to have communism in one country only. That and being a total bastard. Capitalism has proven itself for what it is, but tiny pockets of socialism won’t work out either.

Simon Hales
6 years ago

@Virgin Mary

I believe you are a member of a Trotskyist group derived from the old “Militant Tendency”? Do you refer to USSR etc as “Degenerated Workers’ States”?

I am a member of a group originally founded by people who left the Socialist Workers’ Party, and who use the description “State Capitalist” to describe these regimes.

One of the classic ideological battles within Trotskyism from the 70s and 80s 🙂

6 years ago

Which is one reason why I have so little patience for Trotskyists. The main one, though, is that y’all tend to be fucking Leninists, and as such have nothing to say about political economy that’s worth listening to.

@Virgin Mary
Stalin fucked up the USSR by implementing a totalitarian state centered on his cult of personality. Nothing to do with communism at all.

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