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“Feminism is the clumsy attempt of lesbians to increase the pool of heterosexual women that would become bicurious,” MGTOW explains

Lesbian feminists stealing our women

Men Going Their Own Way have traditionally had a lot of trouble understanding lesbians — or even believing that they exist. But one forward-thinking MGTOW gentleman thinks he’s got lesbians all figured out — and feminism too.

Let’s let him explain:

Feminism is the clumsy attempt of lesbians to increase the pool of heterosexual women that would become bicurious.

Go on.

Because lesbians are for the most part masculine presenting women that are attracted by feminine heterosexual women.

I don’t believe you’ve quite captured the rainbow of diversity that is the lesbian world, chief.

All the hate against men, sexual freedom, sluttiness, propaganda to make boys take hormon therapy …

I don’t believe that’s really a thing, dude.

… and toxic masculinity are used to lower the competition for heterosexual women that only look to the top % of menliest men.

Well, none of that made any sense. But that’s par for the course when it comes to MGTOWs.

This is episode 432,245,578 in the series “Dudes Pontificating About Shit They Know Absolutely Nothing About.”

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1 year ago

I’ve also seen “womben”, which gets even further up my nose than the other two.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 year ago

@Dalilama: oh, me too. Defining someone by their internal organs is just not on.

Then a few go all-out for “wombyn”, which sounds like some sort of D&D monster or a pre-schoolers’ TV character.

Acid Kritana
1 year ago

I don’t know why, but this reminded me of the time a lesbian hit on me…

(I was oblivious, like always, but nevermind that)

Acid Kritana
1 year ago

Also, I know this wasn’t being talked about in this comment section (just a warning), but


Here’s a couple of MRAs that are LGBT:

There’s a whole group of gay male MRAs on Facebook

The Homosexual Men’s Rights Activist Alliance – Acid Men’s Rights (

The owner of Men Are Human (a Men’s Rights website) is a gay man

Home – Men Are Human

I have also come across others, but I’d need to create a list…

(I don’t know if Shoe0nHead identifies as an MRA, I know she identifies as anti-feminist, and she is bisexual.)

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