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Incels lose it (even more so than usual) after woman jokes about the “aborted girlfriend” meme


By David Futrelle 

Incels aren’t really very good at the whole “humor” thing. Last week, I wrote about the “Imaginary Girlfriend” meme in which an earnest stick-figure woman declares that if she hadn’t been aborted she could have grown up to be every incel’s dream girl. “Sorry I couldn’t be there for you,” she says. “But my mom had other plans … would have liked to have a lot of kids with you.”


To me, the meme looked more like the work of a troll doing a pitch-perfect parody of incel logic than an actual incel meme, but a lot of other people thought it looked real, and it certainly could be. One of these people tweeted this:

Well, long story short, some incel found the tweet and posted it to the Braincels subreddit. And the incels there, not all of whom knew what she was referring to, lost their shit.

fuckbitchesman 36 points 1 day ago Baby killing whore. Burn in hell. permalinkembedunsavereportgive goldreply [–]Zyklon_Bae 23 points 1 day ago Women are soulless Golem. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]Bobodzadza 14 points 1 day ago Fact

Detoxified- 19 points 1 day ago Daily reminder that women's rights were a mistake.

vrcodemonkey 27 points 1 day ago All woman's thinking is sick. They are a disgusting degenerate creature. Guarantee she finds another Chad and gets fucked first night and eventually aborts another. Horrible horrible fucking nasty creatures

AyeThatsAGoodNaggercucked beyond recognition 17 points 1 day ago Supporting abortion is the epitome of female illogic, narcissism, emotionalism, sexual incontinence, and unwillingness to accept the consequences of their own actions.

Huh. Not having a baby when you don’t want to have a baby seems pretty logical to me.

One fellow fantasized about beating her up — and her liking it.

futmut 11 points 1 day ago I would love to hear her jokes from her mouth while i punch her face like a sack of shit as she is...who knows, she might even get excited from that?

This lovely fellow suggested genital mutilation:

HailSatancel 3 points 20 hours ago She should get her pussy sown shut tbh

Still others reminded us that most incels are only a step or two away (if that) from being straight up Nazis.

based_meme 2 points 1 day ago Is this what you want , Western civilization? Is this this the kind of degenerate filth you want perpetuating society?

Inceller 5 points 1 day ago Women are subhuman trash. Lower than insects


Naturally she gained some new fans on Twitter as well, some of whom also appear to be Nazis or near-Nazis.

I’m still not sure why posting a picture of a delicious looking Arby’s roast beef sandwich, intended to suggest that a woman is a “roastie” who has had so much sex that her labia have mysteriously grown larger and more roast-beef-like, as if that’s really a thing, is considered an “own,” even by these idiots. Sex is good; Arby’s roast beef sandwiches are good. The two of them together would be fantastic, with the only real drawback being the slight danger of getting horsey sauce on a tender area.

It remains funny to me, in a sad sort of way, that incels — whose personalities are basically a collection of red flags — have managed to convince themselves and each other that women hate them for their looks.

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3 years ago

@Virgin Mary

Daaaamn, I didn’t know about that one. I’ll have to keep that in mind for further arguments with Bible-thumpers. Apparently abortion isn’t only not stated to be a sin in the Bible, it’s actively prescribed as a way to deal with infidelity.

Although, I mean, Thou Shalt Not Kill is one of the big commandments and Old Testament God also instructed people to make war against the enemy and kill those folks. So maybe it’s a case of “well yeah it’s a sin unless it’s JUSTIFIED”. And of course any actions taken by Good Christian People are Justified and any actions taken by any other demographic are Immoral and Sinful. The perfect way to maintain the moral high ground without actually having to do anything but be self-righteous.

I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with your identity! I hope that you can reach a point where you are happy with yourself, in whatever form that may take. You don’t owe anyone else being a Good Woman (or a Good Man), you’re only responsible for being a good person. The rest of it is up to you and how you feel most comfortable.

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
3 years ago

I am coming around to the idea that Yahweh is just the God of Israel, a local God, but not the creator. I tend to think that he is synonymous with the gnostic false god Yaldabaoth. It makes a lot more sense to me given his commands to commit rape, genocide and to mutilate animals in his name.

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