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Incel has a brilliant plan: Why don’t we just date blind women?

Helen Keller wants nothing to do with your sorry incel ass

Incels think it’s the way they look, not the terrible things they think and say, that is driving women away from them. But over on, one new member has what he thinks is a brilliant end run past the looks issue: what if incels decided to date blind women?

It’s a couple days i’m having this idea: should we start seeing blind/deaf-blind feraloids? I mean, my idea is that by being blind and possibly deaf, they won’t notice out horrible subhuman face and voice. And that they would be easier to assault, since they can’t see and possibly hear. Not sure, what you think about it?

Well that escalated quickly.

Ignoring the bit about rape, one commenter suggested that the real problem with Joystr0’s plan is that blind women only like men with huge dicks. According to gigacel123, blond women

have ridden their fair share of normie-chadlite-chad cock over the years. They are probably the biggest size queens if anything because they are more touch oriented than normal.

Er, what?

This has been today’s broadcast from Planet Incel, which is clearly vastly different from the planet you and I live on.

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37 replies on “Incel has a brilliant plan: Why don’t we just date blind women?”

sigh,they still haven’t figured out its not their looks that repulse Women and decent people in general.

Dangerous thinkin’ in the echo chamber.

This simple workaround (which I pondered about myself about 5 minutes after learning about incels) puts their primary tenet to the test.

It’s like a “let’s talk about our telepathic powers” club suddenly decided that they should take the James Randi million dollar challenge.

*Starting out* “Well, this isn’t a bad idea if you really want to test this out in good faith…”


Incel: *jumps from date to assault in the span of 46 words*

Incel: “Why do women not like me? IT MUST BE MY LOOKS”

No, my ducks. Women do not like you because women do not like that weird feeling that their date is CALCULATING THE DIFFICULTY LEVEL of causing them bodily harm.


Tried to google “Feraloids” but all I got was a WoW character on the Malfurion server.
Now, trying my expierience in incelese, I guess that’s just another layer of spite against women. Not just “foids” but “feral foids” -> “Feraloids”. Like an alternate universe Dr. Seuss book.

I was going, “Ok, ok, this one seems internally consistent at least” and then whoops, he said the quiet part out loud. I’m sure it’s this guy’s horrible subhuman face that’s off putting to women, not his horrible subhuman rapist soul.

Oh look, the OP is a mafiacel. I guess those are the criminal incels. Ha, ha. Actually, all incels either are or are plotting to be criminals.

I note “feraloid”. That’s a new one, but I guess the euphemism treadmill also work in reverse to make more and more bizarres and insulting euphemisms.


“Well, this isn’t a bad idea if you really want to test this out in good faith…”

I feel like the issue is that incels never do anything in good faith. Bad faith is a key part of how they and the alt right as a whole operate.

I keep thinking it would be pronounced as “feral Lloyd’s” so I keep picturing a forest full of wild insurance bankers. I assume it actually means women who they perceive as less “civilized,” ie “feral,” and apparently that’s what they think of blind or dead women.

@ banned @ 4chan

Anyone else read Red Dragon by Thomas Harris? 

I’m a bit of a fan of Manhunter; it’s such a stylish film.

You raise a relevant point. Dollarhyde is obsessed with the thought he’s ugly; yet when he dates the blind woman, she points out that all her girlfriends think he’s pretty hot and are quite curious about him and envious of her. But that doesn’t detract from his own delusional self image. Apposite.

OK, there is so much wrong with this… Ugh.

Look, blind people tend to use their other senses more extensively so things like voice or body odor can be a lot more important when it comes to attraction. (It’s not that they have ‘stronger senses’, they generally use them more consciously). The way you look isn’t a factor, true, but that means the other factors carry more weight. And then there’s still a lot of differences based on personality etc. Because, you know, people.

Oh wait, he’s talking about assault. Well, in that case I’d advise him to snort 5 kilograms of Carolina Reaper.

Not in Employment, Education, or Training. In the case of incels I’d imagine they mean something similar to hikikomori.


Not in Employment, Education, or Training. In the case of incels I’d imagine they mean something similar to hikikomori.

Cheers. Don’t see what’s wrong with calling them idle layabouts and scroungers, like we used to, but I guess an acronym’s OK. 😛

@threp : initially, NEET designate something a bit less actively evil, which is youngster who just stop trying to get a job or a diploma.

I have known well three different (french) people who were basically NEET. All three looked heavily depressed when they were in that phase. Two out of the three were extremely unpleasant and had common points with the average MGTOW, even if not quite as extreme.

That one little comment effectively captures the whole incel journey into about two sentences.

Incel: “I’m so sad and lonely because I’m too ugly and shy to ever find a woman.”
Me: “I can definitely sympathize. There have been times in my life where I wasn’t in a good place and had difficulty making connections. It’s a tough thing.”
Incel: “My solution is rape.”
Me: “Nevermind. Sympathy obliterated.”

@Threp: As far as I know NEET as an abbreviation started life as piece of jargon used by unemployment offices etc to describe a particular demographic they were trying to target with job and training programmes, rather than a slur (though it has rapidly became one). It can equally apply to someone who is far from a layabout, but has nevertheless been unable to get a job after leaving school.

@Threp I know an awful lot of disabled people who would be classified as NEET. Nice to know we’re considered ‘layabouts’ by so much of the population. People are quite honest about considering us lying scroungers, because PIP and ESA are soooooo generous.

@North Sea Sparkly Dragon : I had read Threp’s comment in context as him talking of the MGTOW neets, but re-reading it, it’s at best ambiguous

Also, while I don’t succeed to quite put it into words, NEETs isn’t just people who don’t have a job, it’s more specific than that. The closest would be “people that could do stuff, but don’t”. Saying of someone who is permanently bedridden that he is a NEET would be a misuse.

@North Sea Sparkly Dragon.

I apologise. I was unclear and I did mean just the Miggies, but that is irrelevant – intent ain’t magic.

It was hurtful, and I am sorry.

@Threp, Thank you. I am a bit sensitive to it, what with the government making it clear they want disabled people dead.

Ohlmann: yeah, nah. NEETs/shut-ins can and do include disabled people. NEETs aren’t bad people in general.

@mouse : I agree ?
I guess the misunderstanding come from the fact that disabled aren’t more likely to be like the stereotype of a NEET, but can be.

The specific NEET I have known were more liklely to be entitled and more toxic than average. They also were apparently depressed, and they were white and male, which probably are factors too.

That being said, the main link I see is that NEET seem to often be depressed. As in, a society that create a lot of NEET probably should double check if it isn’t creating dispair and hopelessness, and why people try to retreat from it. It can be for innocuous reasons, but it also can be because of big internals problems.

@Ohlmann: The subset you’re describing are that way because of a broken social contract. Let me guess, mostly late genX/genY? So they grew up being told that a university or college degree would entitle them to a decent, full-benefits salaried professional job that did not involve asking people if they would like fries with that, but when they did graduate, it was after the 2001 recession (and possibly the 2008 one) and a lot of people with fresh degrees were not offered, or accepted for, any of those white collar jobs they were promised. Some of those people got burger-flipping jobs or are driving for Uber or whatever anyway, but some (rightly, IMO) refused to acknowledge the one-sided rewriting of the social contract and said “give me a white collar job with decent health care and etc. or I refuse to work”.

So yeah, they felt entitled, but for a good reason.

The disabled sub-subset have the added justification that they probably couldn’t hack it in any sort of manual labor job, but could have handled office paper-pushing just fine had they gotten those promised white-collar jobs.

Society invested in them and then just threw them away. Of course they’ll feel bitter and in many cases angry. I expect a fair fraction of them became Trump supporters, not out of any real ideological attraction to the right wing but simply as a hoisted middle finger. Shut out of the social circles and decent prospects they had been promised, they would as soon burn that whole system down if they won’t be permitted to enjoy its benefits.

Not all of these NEETs will have gone that route, though. Ones with decent levels empathy for other people would not throw women and minorities under the bus because of something like that. They might also end up radicalized, but it’s likely to be left wing …

As always, the ultimate villain in all of this is capitalism.

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