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Wherever there’s a “gracious female presence,” Chad has been there first (The MaleForeverAloneFiles)

Bad Boy Chad is everywhere, even in the arms of Great Prim Congress Woman Linda Miles

By David Futrelle

The MaleForeverAlone subreddit is every bit as hateful a place as the banned Incels subreddit was, but it’s small enough that it seems to have flown under the radar, avoiding the ban that would be sure to follow if it started to give Reddit the same sort of bad publicity that r/Incels did.

So I’ve been highlighting some of the lovely content that can be found there. Today’s entry in the MaleForeverAlone Files is a bit milder than most; I’m including it to show how deeply the evil Chad has penetrated into the minds of many so-called “involuntary celibates.”

The guy who posted the comment I’ve pasted in below evidently thinks about Chad every time he sees a woman he finds attractive. And, well, let’s just say this OP has a very vivid imagination, especially when it comes to a certain substance that is a standard byproduct of Chad-related sex.

Oh, and by the way, when this fellow refers to “normans” it is a reference to “normies” – that is, everyone who isn’t an incel. And while I’m oh by the way-ing, ignroe the downvotes on this comment; pretty much everything in the subreddit, including posts by the mods themselves, are heavily downvoted by outsiders.

Chad really gets around, huh?

Here’s the text of the comment with a few little reactions from me:

BlindedbyOnanism -13 points 2 days ago 

Cool name, dude!

In order to show the normans the true light they need to walk a mile in your shoes so to speak. I would suggest that you have your friends try this simple mental exercise every time they go out:

When you go shopping, you acknowledge that the cashier you’re using still has Chad’s c*m leaking out of her ass as a leftover from last weekend. When you talk to a female therapist, you realize that she has gargled on some bully Chad’s c*m when she was in her prime.

Why, why, why are incels so obsessed with Chad gravy? Yes, dudes, most adult women have had sex with a man before — though not as many as you imagine have had sex with the kind of guys you like to call Chads. And yes, some have had anal sex — though probably with a condom — and quite a few more have performed oral sex. Get the fuck over it. Unless you have sex with Chad yourself, the chance you will ever encounter Chad’s sperm in real life is basically nil. Women aren’t sperm storage facilities.

When you do group assignments at school, you perceive that the females are dying to get rid of you as fast as possible so they could go fuk their current Chad.

If you’re an incel, it’s safe to say that this is not the main reason women want to get rid of you. It’s much more likely they want to get rid of you because you’re the type of guy who spends his whole day bitterly and obsessively imagining women having sex with Chad , and then getting mad about all the imaginary sex in your head. Which means that the vibe you give off is a creepy one indeed.

If you’re trying to pursue a girl to get a date, it dawns on you that she is responding to your desperate messages while fuking Chad, who gets her without any effort.

Wait, she’s literally tapping away on her phone while Chad “fuks” her? Is this some new kink I don’t know about?

Any crush you have at any moment is more content having a four-way with two other females and Chad than even kissing you, and you understand this when fantasizing about them.

To be fair, there are a lot of things women would rather do than kiss the sort of asshole who posts comments in MaleForeverAlone. Undergoing root canal, being audited by the IRS, pouring a small container of bees into their pants. So, yes, most women would probably prefer a FFFC (Female, Female, Female, Chad) foursome over kissing you. For what it’s worth, group sex is much more a male fantasy than a female one; one recent survey of Canadian college students showed that more than 80% of male respondents thought threesomes were cool as opposed to only about 40% of their female counterparts. So BlindedByOnanism is projecting, as incels are often wont to do.

If you fuck a prostitute, it’s apparent that she, before ending up as a prostitute, has given much better, loving sex along with her virginity to a dominant Chad.

Yes, it’s true that prostitutes tend to prefer sex with their boyfriends (Chad or not) than with the random and often quite sketchy dudes who pay them for sex. There’s a shocker.

Wherever there’s a gracious female presence, it is overshadowed by the obscene reality of Chad’s cancerous sexuality. No corner is left unravaged by the ugliness of Chad, it’s all ruined.

I think it’s much more accurate to say that no corner of the incel imagination has been left unravaged by Chad.

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3 years ago


Oh man, two solid meme ideas:

1. Somebody needs to translate the Bayeux Tapestry entirely into Edgelord.

“Supreme Gentleman Harold was pwned! TopKEK!”

2. Can we get Virgin Norman/English Chad meme going? Or would it be the other way around given the outcome of Hastings?

Being the total history dork, any references to Hastings gets me on a giddy rant.

This one’s probably my favourite doc on the subject. The issue I have with a lot of docs on battles is the tendency to overly dramatize and sensationalize it. The nice thing about this one is that it’s fairly low-key and uses some handy computer animation to demonstrate terrain and tactics:

Also something I just recently learned about the above doc. The “Aryck Nusbacher” who provides some of the expert analysis is a transwoman named Lynette Nusbacher now. Apparently she attended both my old school the University of Toronto and the Royal Military College of Canada:

And frankly, she was one of the most compelling of the analysts. She has the best final line in the Hastings doc: “Basically a bunch of Scandinavian ganger thugs were replaced by a bunch of European ganger thugs.”

3 years ago

Fuck indeed.

The open disdain in his description of “Miss S” and the horror that she was an actual client makes my blood run cold.


You did nail it. Thank you.
Not only are people who’ve experienced sexual abuse supposed to be “broken” and “dirty” they’re expected to stay that way and act accordingly. If those descriptors are transcended, it’s due to the efforts of a “stronger” outside influence, not a personal & individual result. It’s a profound insult to those who despite personal trauma, react in unique ways that defy glib categorization.

I didn’t think I could dislike him more. But hey, there’s no bottom to his pit of frothing bile.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
3 years ago

@ katamount

You might enjoy this rather excellent documentary series if you can find a way of viewing it. In the meantime there’s a few clips here.

I really liked this series as they went into all the context. My inner nerd especially liked all the legal stuff. Did you know William made an offer to Harold to let the courts decide the succession?

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
3 years ago

Why can’t I see LG’s 9:07 post to this thread?

3 years ago

@Alan Robertshaw

Did you know William made an offer to Harold to let the courts decide the succession?

I didn’t know that, actually. Doesn’t surprise me, though, as Harold’s claim to the throne was as Edward the Confessor’s brother-in-law, whereas William of Normandy was a cousin and therefore had a stronger claim as a blood relation. He probably felt confident that the courts would rule in his favour.

I would imagine this offer came before Edward’s death, as William’s designs on invasion were pretty immediate once Harold was crowned king.

I’ll see if I can find that doc, cuz it looks interesting.

3 years ago

@katamount: If you’re interested in that time period, you should so go read Sara Douglass’s the Troy game quartet. Specifically the second book God’s concubine. It’s historical fantasy, the title God’s concubine refers to King Edwards made-up wife for the book. Not only is the book good but if you’re interested in that time in history it’s a very interesting take on the story. Most of it stays the same but the small differences are very interesting and unique and engaging.

The Real Cie
3 years ago

I must admit, I quite admire Chad’s stamina. I need to bottle some of that up so I have the energy to get through my day. Not to go off banging multiple Staceys or even MILFs like the great prim congresswoman Linda Miles, mind. I’m a straight woman who at this point has all the sex drive of roadkill. I’d just like to have all that zippy stamina coursing through my veins as I went about my gobsmackingly boring day.

3 years ago

There must be something wrong with the way I’m doing the exercise. If I try to imagine that a woman I’m with has had sex recently, it makes me happy. If she wants to have sex I’m glad she’s having sex. I just can’t see the problem.

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