elliot rodger incel mass shooting misogyny member arrested for plotting a mass shooting at an Ohio university

Another one.

Today the Department of Justice announced that

A federal grand jury has charged a self-identified “incel” with attempting to conduct a mass shooting of women and with illegally possessing a machine gun.

Tres Genco, 21, of Hillsboro, Ohio, allegedly plotted to commit a hate crime, namely, a plan to shoot students in sororities at a university in Ohio.

The indictment noted that Genco had been a regular commenter on an unnamed incel site. It didn’t take long for one of the regulars at to identify him as one of their own. (They matched details in the indictment with his past posts.)

Genco — apparently known as Oedipus on — seems to have been quite serious about his (alleged) planned massacre. He wrote up a manifesto in which, according to the DOJ, he

stat[ed] he would “slaughter” women “out of hatred, jealousy and revenge…” and referring to death as the “great equalizer.” As part of this investigation, law enforcement agents discovered a note of Genco’s that indicated he hoped to “aim big” for a kill count of 3,000 people and intended to attend military training. Searches of Genco’s electronics revealed that the day he wrote his manifesto, he searched online for sororities and a university in Ohio.

He wasn’t bluffing about the military training: indeed, he trained at Ft. Benning, Georgia, from August through December 2019.

When police searched his home they found an impressive arsenal:

[in] the trunk of Genco’s vehicle, police officers found, among other things, firearm with a bump stock attached, several loaded magazines, body armor and boxes of ammunition.  Inside the residence, police officers found a Glock-style 9mm semiautomatic pistol, with no manufacturer’s marks or serial number, hidden in a heating vent in Genco’s bedroom. 

The DOJ also notes that in 2019, “Genco purchased tactical gloves, a bulletproof vest, a hoodie bearing the word “revenge,” [and a] a skull facemask.”

He idolized incel “saint” Elliot Rodger, seemingly preparing himself for his day of “revenge” by staging a sort of test-run in which, he told his incel friends, he sprayed a number of college women with orange juice from a watergun. The DOJ says that:

In one [] post, Genco allegedly detailed spraying “some foids and couples” with orange juice in a water gun. “Foids” is an incel term short for “femoids,” referring to women. According to the charging document, Genco compared his “extremely empowering action” to similar conduct by known incel, Elliot Rodger. … Prior to his mass attack, Rodger shot a group of college students with orange juice from a water gun.

Incels often dare themselves and one another to harass women in real life as a way of getting past their inhibitions and readying themselves for greater violence. Most of the time this seems to be just talk, though it seems clear that in at least some cases some incels do in fact carry out the ‘low inhib” actions they boast of.

On, Genco (posting as Oedipus) wrote that

I put some orange juice in a water gun, I was planning to spray some foids and couples like ER did, when I finally did do it, it was ER’s birthday and I didn’t even know that. Felt like I spiritually connected to the saint on that day. … I suggest it to all incels, extremely empowering action.

Today on the regulars reacted to the news mostly by worrying about the chances that their forum would be shut down, as well they should; some also worried that their “edgy” posts on the forum would lead the police to their door.

“We all should be more careful what we search and post online,” a commenter called Mecoja wrote, “he will maybe get a lifetime behind the bars without actually committing something, he should have been much more careful.”

BummerDrummer agreed: the alleged would-be killer

was talking about this in fucking 2019. Wtf? Low Iq. …

seems to me like he had the equipment and didn’t do it and law enforcement still raped his asshole. That’s what u get.

BlkPillPres took it a step further:

Wish he was actually smart and carried out the attack successfully, but of course most incels are attention whores and they have to “foreshadow” everything they do and do everything “boldly” rather than plan in secret and execute with proficiency

Incels are happy to embrace “successful” mass killers; they don’t much like them if they fail.

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mouse sparrow
mouse sparrow
10 months ago


I said what I said because I recognise the mentality you have.
It’s a mental illness that’s making you think everything is out to get you.
I get those thoughts, too.
But logically it’s not true.
WHY would the whole universe do that? To what end? None.
Please get checked out if you can.
I’m worried about you.

9 months ago

@mouse sparrow

Or there are a very literal person deep on the spectrum trying to logic their way out, not realizing how illogical people and systems can be.

I speak as a high functioning person on the spectrum. I recognize this trying to understand “why” so I can plan better. But sometimes there is no “why”. Shit just happens.

For instance, Surplus keeps looping back to “it would not be in the interest in the business for the rep to do X”. That may be a strict logical assessment, but it is not how people IRL capitalist hierarchical systems work. If I were to guess, someone screwed up and lied to cover their ass. Happens all the time. Surplus and Dad got caught in the cross fire.

There’s really no reason to suggest mental illness, which, even when true isn’t helpful.

mouse sparrow
mouse sparrow
9 months ago


Nope, it can be helpful if you don’t shy away from the mere mention of mental illness and treat it like it’s a bad thing.
Surplus could have a mental illness even on the spectrum.
There’s nothing wrong with that.

Maybe stop telling me what to do.
Mentioning a possibility of mental illness isn’t the end of the world, nor is it unhelpful.

Pretending it’s not a possibility IS unhelpful.

ETA: I mentioned mental illness at all because I see something similar to mine, so YES I DID have to mention it.

Last edited 9 months ago by mouse sparrow
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