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“Being an abuser appeals to me more than being a murderER,” incel sociopath explains

Not all incels spend their time fantasizing about being the next Elliot Rodger. No, some of them are less interested in contemplating mass murder than they are thinking about rape and other forms of abuse.

Over on the forums, a prolific commenter calling himself SlayerSlayer argues that murder isn’t as intrinsically interesting as ongoing abuse. It’s “all so calculating,” he writes.

Nothing about it is animalistic or hedonistic. I don’t even consider murder that evil. I mean, in some ways you are putting people out of their misery. The tendency is that you don’t even know the people you murder too. How is that satisfying??? There is no more gratification killing a random human than there is to murder a dog, or a cow. Murder is generally a fast death compared to the many ways you can die.

So you’re almost doing people a favor by killing them.

By contrast, he continues,

An abuser abuses all his life and lives happily. They abuse because they don’t have a care for rules at all. There’s just something more alpha and masculine about abusing those weaker than you and wanting to live and be happy and naturally have your way thru sheer physical force and intimidation. You look forward to your life being better at the expense of others. There is a satisfaction in basking in the meekness of others.

But abuse can’t be truly satisfying unless there’s some sort of real connection between the abuser and the abused.

Abuse isn’t torture, and for some reason I am not into it. I am not a pure sadist in that I would not find it satisfying to inflict pain on others for its own sake. There’s no connection there. No context. Abuse is abuse BECUASE of some kind of strong, lasting bond that tethers you together. It’s being a happy retard tard socking a tetherball on a stick all day. There is tactile sensation in a punch or choke.

Abuse is almost loving.

In a fucked up way, abuse is a form of love. It’s about feeling secure that you can be a really flawed person and still be enough to hold that relationship together.

In a followup comment, he elaborates on his love for “redneck” abuse.

The abuse I find more appealing is about being a trashy wife beater, not a Havery Weinstein sort of power boss sort of thing. It seems like Harvey became a slave to the power.

Well, that’s one (incredibly wrong) way of looking at it, I guess.

Whereas if you are a fucking redneck who fucks his cousin and punches her when she doesn’t make me a sandwich– thats more about a man asserting his dominance

A better way to put it– harvey’s style of abuse is something arises out of insecurity. He abused them because he never got the girls as a teen, and wants payback. Redneck abuse comes out of a place of security, He does it because the bitch was stupid, and needed to be put in her place.

A self-describes “fascel” called Lv99_BixNood agrees with Mr. Slayer’s argument:

There’s probably nothing more satisfying than beating the shit out of a hole and knowing she will still stay because she’ll never find a guy as good-looking as you again. Only works for Chads of course.

Anyone who thinks incels can be “cured” by finding them girlfriends, or even just encouraging them to visit a sex worker, should reconsider. No one deserves to have to put up with these guys and the swirling rage hiding (not very successfully) behind their façade of normality.

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GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
2 months ago

@Elaine: Yeah, that guy doesn’t know rednecks. And doesn’t listen to country songs.

I have known about:

a woman who took her kids and left for another state, where she promptly informed the Feds about her abusive ex’s extensive mail fraud, with all the proof.

a guy who was strung up in the barn, beaten close to death, then thrown in a corral with a bull so bad-tempered they were fixing to slaughter him for burgers, then his existence was blotted out of the family Bible and his marriage certificate, kid’s birth certificate, and mother’s tombstone.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
2 months ago

@Lizzie: Agreed on kittens, capybaras, and the wonderfulness of Jorts. He (and Jean) are the only thing I read on Twitter.

2 months ago

@ Mrs Morley

Well… I went to a chiropractor. He said I had bad posture, but after a few sessions I stand corrected.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
2 months ago


One of the directions that the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe voice director gave He-Man’s voice actor John Edwin was “Be strong enough to be gentle.” That may as well be moon-speech to these people.

A bit tired, so reading that made me suddenly envision He-Man giving a Sailor Moon style speech. Rather amusing.

@Vicky P

“Their logic is not like our Earth logic.”

Mr. Parasol is wise. Of course, I think most alien lifeforms would be baffled (and repulsed) by their ways of thinking as well.

Mrs Morley
Mrs Morley
2 months ago



1 month ago

😬 I just want to note that there’s a slur in the “fascel” guy’s username. It’s a bit obscure but “b*x n**d” is an antiblack slur/meme that originated on the chan boards something like 15 years ago. I’m surprised to see someone still using it, but maybe I shouldn’t be.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
1 month ago

Sex robots and prostitutes won’t work for these guys because their major complaint is that they have low status because they ‘canʼt get a girl’; sex for money or with an object doesn’t address that at all. The poster, in his sick and sickening way, has hit on it, since a mark of status is the ability to abuse others without negative consequences. (Rightists hate comedians’ getting flak for ‘punching down’ because it’s all but the only form of humour they find satisfying.)

Fred B-C
1 month ago

And this exposes Peterson’s chickenshit hypocritical “enforced monogamy” and the general obsession of the right with marriage for what it is. They’re demanding that someone have to deal with people who proudly admit they would be physically and emotionally abusive so society doesn’t have to. Negotiating with terrorists just leveled up!

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