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Porn star and accused sexual abuser Mercedes Carrera: The only women the MGTOWs ever loved?

Carrera, in the middle of what she described as a “rant about feminists whining … about mean tweets while they ignore cultural child rape”

By David Futrelle

Mercedes Carrera — the porn actress recently charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse — has devoted much of her energy over the past several years to cultivating some of the worst people in the world, from the Gamergate mob to the fascist street gang known as the Proud Boys. And she’s won herself a lot of fans in the process — many of whom are now pretending they never knew her.

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4channers embrace YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam as “goddess of retribution,” dream girlfriend

Nasim Aghdam: 4chan’s “girl” (Meme from 4chan)

By David Futrelle

When rumors began to spread yesterday afternoon that the YouTube shooter was “a woman wearing a head scarf,” many on the right assumed that their gut instinct was right: the attack on YouTube, although it took no lives other than the shooter herself, was an act of Islamist terrorism. When the name of the shooter was released, and it turned out to be Nasim Aghdam, this was all the confirmation the Islamophobic right needed.

antifeminism antifeminist women chill girls misogyny

Marie Marvingt: Athlete, early aviator, world-class badass and … “chill girl?”

Marie Marvingt at the controls

The 4th quarter 2016 We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now WHTM pledge drive continues! Please send MONEY please? SERIOUS THANKS! 

Marie Marvingt was a world-class badass, by almost anyone’s standards. Just reading Wikipedia’s capsule biography of the women who became known in her native France as “la fiancée du danger” makes me a little tired. Born in 1875, Mlle Marvingt was, variously, an

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