hypocrisy irony alert PUA rape rhymes with roosh

QUIZ: Does A Voice for Men think Roosh is a rapist con man or a super cool dude?

Found on Hail to the Gynocracy
Found on Hail to the Gynocracy


Here are two quotes about the lovely Roosh V, who has been in the news so much of late. Which one of them comes from a post in the formerly almost-influential Men’s Rights site A Voice for Men?

QUOTE 1) “I found Roosh, the man behind the hype and the controversy, to be a layered, tempered and earnest guy, who truly wants to help other men in their most basic and primal of life goals; a deep thinker, a powerful communicator and, even now in his more “settled” mode, a driven personality that nevertheless is a gracious host. … I got nothing but respect for the guy… .”

QUOTE 2) “The media has decided that confessed rapist RooshV is an MRA. He is not. He is a snake oil salesman peddling bad advice to confused men to pollute their bodies with dangerous barely-legal hormones and other dodgy supplements, along with equally bad advice on health, exercise, and women.”


Both quotes are from A Voice for Men.

The first is from the introduction to a two-part puffball interview with Mr. V, posted by prolific AVFM contributor Mumia “Obsidian” Ali a year ago.

The second is from something former AVFM number two boy Dean Esmay posted on AVFM yesterday.

What changed in the year between the interview and Esmay’s post? Roosh didn’t change. AVFM didn’t change.

I think what changed is that a year ago AVFM thought it might be able to win over some of Roosh’s followers, boosting site traffic and presumably donations as well.

And now, well, pretty much everyone in the world has discovered how vile Roosh really is, to the extent that Members of Parliament are making jokes about Roosh’s penis in the House of Commons.

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Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
6 years ago

My bg [sic] dick theories have more intellectual substance than the whiny shit they post on RoK.

I… I just agreed with Walter. I feel filthy. Quick, must go read Foucault to reestablish was intellectual substance is.

6 years ago

I suspect it’s mostly that I have been seeing a lot more of late which points to a rift between PUAs like Mr. V and MRAs like AVFM.

Based on what I see, PUAs have nothing but contempt for MRAs, and the feeling is reciprocated.

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