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Pickup artist Roosh V edges ever closer to neo-Nazism with an attack on “cosmopolitan,” “degenerate” Jews

Graphic borrowed from the Blue Pill subreddit; click for link to the discussion there
Graphic borrowed from the Blue Pill subreddit; click for link to the discussion there.

Pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh continues his long march to literal Nazidom. Roosh’s far-right leanings have been obvious for some time, and he’s not exactly shy about his racism. But so far he’s managed to avoid one topic of great interest amongst those who think Hitler had some good ideas, if you think about it.

SPOILER ALERT: It starts with a “J.”

Well, Roosh has now rectified that failing with a post today titled “The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture.” No, really.

It seems Roosh has been reading a book, and would like to share its, er, insights with the rest of us. The book, titled The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements, is the third in a trio of books on the wily Jew by Kevin MacDonald, a retired Evo Psych professor at California State University, Long Beach who’s been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “the neo-Nazi movement’s favorite academic.”

That’s a pretty fair assessment of the guy, a white supremacist with intellectual pretensions whose fans include Holocaust denier David Irving and former KKK Grand Wizard/Neo-Nazi pinup David Duke. His writings appear on assorted “race realist” web sites and on his own Occidental Observer, a site devoted to “white identity and white interests.” They love him on Stormfront, the popular Neo-Nazi discussion forum.

And if you look on Amazon, you’ll see that people who bought MacDonald’s book also bought such lovely contributions to the historical literature as “The Track of the Jew Through the Ages,” by a prominent Nazi party “thinker,” and the anti-Semitic nonsense classic “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”

Roosh’s post is made up largely of quotations from MacDonald’s book. Lots and lots of quotations. MacDonald’s argument, in essence, is that Jews have been pursuing a sneaky “group evolutionary strategy,” maintaining a tight-knit group identity while trying to undermine the group identities of white Europeans through the promotion of multiculturalism and other “cultural marxist” evils.

McDonald sees anti-Semitism as an understandable reaction to outsized Jewish influence on culture and politics, and has gone so far as to describe Nazism as a “group evolutionary strategy” that “mirrored Judaism” in many key ways.

In his post, Roosh reiterates McDonald’s main arguments about what both see as the baleful cultural influences of Jews on their “host cultures,” decrying their alleged “promotion of cosmopolitanism, individualism, and decadent lifestyles.”

A few of the “lessons” that Roosh draws from the book:

  • “Sigmund Freud, a Jew, pushed psychoanalysis to break down traditional pair bonding in gentiles.”
  • “A race to degeneracy hurts Jews less than gentiles because they still retain guiding ingroup values. Gentiles are left in the cultural winds that Jews help create.”
  • “Jews were originators of the “social justice” movement that we now have to deal with, but they lost control of it after Jews were no longer seen as minorities in need of social justice but as privileged whites who are part of the power structure.”

Roosh, more circumspect in his language than your typical Stormfronter, professes to admire the tenacity of the Jews even while decrying the “degeneracy” they have allegedly promoted.

What amazes me is how methodical, patient, and determined Jews are in promoting their group interests. Such efforts should be commended and modeled. Why isn’t there such a group of Americans that do the same for Christian interests?

As Roosh sees it, the so-called “Red Pill” movement has already started fighting evil Jewish influences.

A lot of red pill truth is concerned with dismantling myths that have been institutionalized by intellectual Jews over the past century. … The bulk of what I criticize about Western culture was in fact ushered in by intellectual Jewish movements.

Even after making what is in essence a neo-Nazi argument — and echoing old school Nazi rhetoric identifying Jews with “cosmopolitanism” and “degeneracy” — Roosh doesn’t see himself as a Nazi but rather as some sort of “truth bomber.”

Before opening this book, I wondered if it would turn me into a neo-Nazi, but instead it served as a historical truth bomb that has made me skeptical of the ideas, behavioral actions, and teachings of prominent Jews and where their true intentions and loyalties lie … I feel both outrage and admiration at the same time.

Roosh’s readers, for the most part, seem overjoyed that he is finally coming out as an opponent of the wily Jew. They’re a bit more blunt about their anti-Semitism than Roosh himself is. Here’s one, er, instructive exchange from the comments to Roosh’s post.

doktorjeep • 7 hours ago This is an article geared for "that which needs to be said, but it not".  I'll say this much: the Germans didn't just wake up one day and decide to hate Jews for no reason. The Germans had a front row seat to what communism was doing to Russia and German Jews were big on communism.  Let the sparks fly. Let the heavens fall. Truth must be known. This must be discussed once and for all. 36  • Reply•Share ›  Avatar Simon Wolfe  doktorjeep • 5 hours ago They have been expelled from 109 different territories over the years. But everybody else is the problem. 16  • Reply•Share ›

Notice the upvotes.

One commenter was moved to contribute this not-so-little rant:

FlabbaBabbaWabbaJabbaNoonga! • 5 hours ago The Jewish people control our government.  They own our financial institutions.  They manage public education.  They own so much of the media as to essentially control the dissemination of information and thought throughout Western society.  We make them rich.  We fight wars for their interests.  We die for them.  You're not living in a free country, or a white country, or a black country, or a Christian country. You're living in a Jew owned slave colony.  Your television is not entertainment. It's a Jew owned apparatus for the mass desensitization of viewers to degeneracy of thought and action. It's a tool used for the cultural, religious, and moral deprogramming of you and your family.  But none of this is new. It's happened hundreds of times throughout history. Wherever the Jews are allowed to take root, they establish their own separate "nation within a nation" and then take to poisoning the wells of their host culture.  The US is simply the latest casualty, another victim of a war tribe that has been attacking the rest of humanity for thousands of years.  The only thing notable about the Jewish conquest of the US and through it, the Western world of our era, is the ease with which it was conquered, and the totality of that conquest. 7  • Reply•Share › rooshjew3

But Roosh may find it a bit more difficult to win over white supremacists who aren’t already fans of his site. Why?

Well, here’s the irony: because many of them don’t see Roosh, of Armenian and Iranian descent, as white.

Indeed, several years ago, one regular on Stormfront site warned unwary Estonians that “a really nasty sex tourist from America … name[d] … Daryush Valizedeh, nickname – Roosh” was entering their country in hopes of seducing “beautiful, young white women of Baltic and Nordic descent … this person is not white which makes it even more problematic.”

Over on The Daily Stormer, another white supremacist site, one commenter snorted that Roosh “looks like a typical sand n*gger Iranian … who obsessed with with white women.” Another suggested that Roosh wasn’t even a “Real” Persian:

This butt ugly so-called Persian Roosh is pure khazar. Just look at his morphology; Receding forehead & chin, humongous ears, drooping face, heavy lidded eyes, prognathous median section of face, and let’s not forget the mentality. I’ve met many Real Persians, and he ain’t one of them.

Still another suggested that Roosh might even be a … you know.

Roosh might be styling himself as ‘Persian’ and maybe his parents were born in Iran. Jews are also born in Persia.

He looks, sounds and acts like a secular Jew.

Tough crowd, huh?

Does any of this matter? Men’s Rights activists often dismiss Roosh as a “marginal” character in the Manosphere, but nothing could be further from the truth. According to Alexa, his Return of Kings site gets a good deal more traffic than A Voice for Men, the most influential site in the Men’s Rights movement. Indeed, perhaps hoping to divert a little bit of that traffic to itself, AVFM recently ran a puffball interview with Roosh, whom the interviewer described as “a deep thinker, a powerful communicator … I got nothing but respect for the guy.”

Huh. If AVFMers want to convince the world that their site isn’t a hate site, they should probably apologize for running that interview.

It will be interesting — by which I mean both horrifying and cringeworthy — to see how Roosh’s budding anti-Semitism develops over the months and years to come.

170 replies on “Pickup artist Roosh V edges ever closer to neo-Nazism with an attack on “cosmopolitan,” “degenerate” Jews”

When you’re talking about a large population of intermingling and intermarrying humans, every small genetic subsection of that population is going to be “genocided” over time. It only seems scary if you’re so self-absorbed that you see everybody that isn’t you as an invader.

Ah well. As a white man, I echo pandapool. Down with the White nations! They were jerks anyway.

[insert Finding Nemo Nigel saying: “What did I miss? Am I late?” Gif here]

Gotta give kingofignorance props for calling us mra trolls that’s original ain’t it? And Nick is just a white supremist.

“We’re witnessing the collapse of all White nations – starting with South Africa and now progressing to the United States and Europe.”

I am done with you, Roosh. I believed you were something you are not. I think feminists and SJWs are all fucking idiots, but you are no joke either. Until now I had ignored all your badmouthing immigrants, migrants, people living on welfare, and now I found out you are even anti-Semitic. I am not a Jew, but now I can see that you are just another myth I had construed. Instead, you are just an intolerant asshole. I am now happy that you are getting all the stress caused by all these other idiots who are your enemies. What’s next? The Holocaust being a fabrication? I judged you way too positively, but actually these idiots who are your enemies, are giving you what you deserve. I agree about how unlikeable are women in America and most parts of the world, but I will not associate with low lives who despise other people because they are Jew or whatever, or because they are on welfare. Your circle of idiots will be short lived, all the hatred you are sowing will only reap hatred for you, and you deserve it.
Man, I didn’t know you were just an asshole, but now I do. Congratulations. Bowing out.


I am glad a tiny bit of awareness was left in your brain, enough for you to at least notice there’s something fishy there. It’s concerning how your line was drawn at “antisemitism” and classism, racism, misogyny and even advocating and confessing rape were “tolerable” before you knew about antisemitism, but still, it’s like, half a first step into becoming a better person. Perhaps if you read more of this website you can keep evolving as a human being.

It seems this site, run by a Jew, is here only to spread white hate and Jewish degeneracy. I know you won’t allow this post, because Jews can’t handle free speech. Their natural aversion to truth [exposing their crimes against humanity] makes it so. Just more of the same old “group cohesive strategy” in play. It is amusing and poignant in that you know you are losing the battle. That day of reckoning grows nearer each passing one

That day of reckoning grows nearer

Heard that before. I’ve heard bullshit like that for as long as i can remember. I’m sure it’s coming real soon though./s

I didn’t even know I was a Jew. I mean, I had begun to suspect, but I couldn’t be sure.


I think technically you can assume they are since they predate sin (and also the creation of the world).

Haha. I missed Sjwsareidiots the first time around. “Hating women is one thing, they’re only half the population, but I draw the line at anti-Semitism and am shocked! Shocked! Who would have ever thought that someone who is bigoted against one group would be bigoted against other groups too!?”

here only to spread white hate

Actually, we condemn white hate. White people shouldn’t hate people of color, immigrants and non-Christians. Right?


1) The learned Professor Valizadeh has reminded us that cats are “purring Jews.”
2) Everyone knows that you’re just the pen-name that your cats write under.
3) Ergo, you count as Jewish. I think. That’s how logic works, right?

I’m sorry, WHO has committed crimes against humanity? Your thoughts aren’t worthy of the processor power wasted on transmitting them around the globe.

I’m not an Andrea Dworkin fan, but I thought her Right-wing Women a generally thoughtful work, moderated (I think) by her love for women’s strengthening her resolve to understand some women who disagreed trenendously with her. (I found her, for example and unsurprisingly, kinder toward them than she was at times to feminist women with whom she differed.)

At one point, she has a discussion of anti-Semitism as it relates to sexism, and makes the point that Jewish women and men are routinely painted as traitors to ‘traditional’ ‘American’ gender rôles, Jewish men as simultaneously effeminate and over-sexed and Jewish women as ‘mannish’ and over-assertive.

Of course, a lot of it is, as others have pointed-out here, just a natural consequence of looking for scapegoats and finding some conveniently ready-made.

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