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Move to “Ooga-boogastan” where sex is more cost-effective, and other dating tips from the MensRights subreddit

Don’t spend “cash for gash” unless you can get it for a big discount

I found some lovely dating advice for frugal men in a discussion of dating apps on the Men’s Rights subreddit.

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Dating is so hard for straight guys that it’s like having a second job working for a boss you hate (but with a vagina)

Men: The workhorses of relationships

Reddit’s PurplePillDebate is a strange subreddit, a place where Red Pillers and Blue Pillers can discuss the alleged science of dating, though whenever I check it out I find it more filled with Black Pill incel types than with either Red or Blue Pillers.

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Disney is misandrificationizing Star Wars, Men’s Rights Redditor warns

Spaceballs: Far more masculine than Star Wars, anyway

Apparently if a movie series has female protagonists some of the time, it’s an outright cultural assault on men. At least that’s what one Men’s Rights Redditor is arguing. About Star Wars. Take it away, Vinniikii:

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If she can pick up pencils with her hoo-hah, she’s probably not a virgin, and other vaginal insights from dudes who don’t have one

Note: If your vulva looks like this, see a doctor immediately

Today, some vaginal wisdom from dudes who do not have vaginas of their own, which might have helped with the fact-checking.

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How to protect yourself from witches, sorry, I meant feminists, at work

Typical feminist on her way to work

Over on the Antifeminists subreddit. one of the brethren asks his subreddit-mates for their best advice on how to deal with feminists at work.

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The Men’s Rights subreddit declares war on topless women, if it can find any

First with the toplessness, then with the pinching

Men’s Rights activists have to stretch a bit to find new things to get mad about. Right now Men’s Rights Redditors are working themselves into a tizzy because a city in Colorado made it legal for women and girls to go topless.

In 2019.

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Feminism is a sexual orientation, explains wannabe Men’s Rights philosopher with his head up his ass

Be careful, men — because feminists want your banana

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about Men’s Rights Inactivism — the almost complete inability of so many so-called Men’s Rights activists to actually do anything like real activism in the real world. I was inspired by a discussion on the Men’s RIghts subreddit in which numerous MRAs reacted with defensive anger after another MRA called them out on this notable failure.

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Red Pill Redditors discuss “How To Use The Desperation of Ukrainian War Refugees to Your Sexual Advantage”

When disaster — natural or man-made — strikes, people of all sorts are roused to action. Some of them look for ways to help; others try to figure out how to take advantage of the situation for their own personal gain.

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Russian woman planned to kill boys at a kindergarten but was stopped by teachers before firing a shot

Polina Dvorkina in custody

On March 28, according to Russian press reports,19-year-old Polina Dvorkina shot and killed her father at their home in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, then headed to a nearby kindergarten intending to kill as many boys as she could.

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Monday memes: The Pro-Male Collective launches a war against feminists, tradcoms and the basic principles of graphic design

Meme posted on r/ProMaleMemes

Today, a brief tour of the Pro-Male memes subreddit, a tiny spinoff of the also tiny ProMaleCollective subreddit, and home to a dissident faction of Men’s RIghtsers that has declared war not only on traditional lMRA targets like feminists but also on most MRAs, whom the Pro-Male dismiss as a bunch of tradcons (traditional conservatives) who don’t hate feminism as much as the Pro-Malers think they should.

But the Pro-Malers share one thing in common with the MRAs they so often target with their memes: they are absolutely terrible at making memes.

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