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Paul Elam claims he DIDN’T tweet that women’s suffrage was “America’s biggest blunder.” I think he’s lying, and here’s my evidence

Screenshot of Paul Elam appearing on a YouTube gabfest hosted by his long-time friend and collaborator Tom Golden. Notice the Twitter handle next to Paul’s name. (I added the arrow and the highlighting.)

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, I posted a screenshot from a Twitter account that appeared to be a not-so-clever attempt by Paul Elam, founder of the Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, to evade a Twitter ban.

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“Guys who are 7s are on the hunt for 6s but they’re actually 5s,” Red Pill mathematician explains

Math is hard

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By David Futrelle

One thing almost all online misogynists can agree about is that makeup is a lie — a way for women to hide their true ugliness and capture the attention of men who are objectively better-looking than them on that ten-point scale that these dudes are so obsessed with.

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