evil sexy ladies gender policing makeup is a lie misogyny red pill

Makeup is essential, because women’s only job is to look pretty, Red Pill douchebags argue

Most manosphere misogynists have a love-hate relationship with cosmetics for women — they love to hate them. As far as the typical MGTOW or Men’s Rights Redditor is concerned, makeup is a devious and deceptive tool women use to look prettier than they really are. Using makeup is akin to fraud, and probably should be…

evil sexy ladies evil ugly women makeup is a lie misogyny red pill reddit

Devious women use makeup to “hide their true level of attractiveness” and gain “immense privilege” over men

To hear some incels and incel-adjacent Red Pillers explain it, the gravest human rights issue today is protecting the sacred right of all men: to date women exactly as good-looking as they are, no more no less. But what if one’s seeming “looksmatch” isn’t really one’s looksmatch at all, but a sneaky uggo who uses…

jordan "slappy" peterson makeup is a lie misogyny reddit

Jordan Peterson fans mansplain makeup: “You try to cheat men’s brains by presenting a more sexually attractive face than you really have”

By David Futrelle Reactionary Canadian fussbudget Jordan Peterson was roundly mocked for suggesting that women wearing lipstick are trying to mimic the look of sexual arousal, when women’s lips apparently all turn dark red or pink or perhaps No. 19 Fuchsia Rouge.

alt-lite alt-right beta males crackpottery empathy deficit entitled babies female beep boop irony alert makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA Stefan Molyneux twitter

Six fun and kicky makeup tips from YouTube racist Stefan Molyneux

By David Futrelle The last time we checked in on YouTube philosopher racist crackpot Stefan Molyneux, he was trying his hand at slam poetry, sort of. Now he’s become a beauty blogger. Or beauty tweeter, anyway, unleashing a veritable tweetstorm on the subject of makeup over the last several days.

cultural marxism entitled babies evil sexy ladies makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny

If women want equality, they need to stop wearing makeup, MGTOW political theorist contends

By David Futrelle You, in your foolish ignorance, may believe that men and women — and everyone else besides — deserve equal rights, because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings.

alt-lite antifeminism evil sexy ladies FemRAs FeMRAsplaining intellectual dork web makeup is a lie misogyny rape rape culture reactionary bullshit sexual assault sexual harassment slut shaming toxic masculinity

Women wearing “makeup that hints at orgasm” can’t complain that men leer, Intellectual Dark Webber Heather Heying argues

By David Futrelle So who’s more toxic: A dude who spends every lunch hour staring at women passing on the street like a hungry lion eyeing a wounded gazelle, or any of these women who take a moment to tell him to “stop staring at me, you creep!”

alpha males bad science beta males irony alert makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny reddit

Is makeup destroying the human gene pool by enabling ugly women to breed? One MGTOW twerp says “yes”

By David Futrelle Misogynists who have trouble getting dates have long warned of the insidious effects of makeup, which they claim enables ugly women to pass themselves off as hotties and sleep with hotter dudes, which is somehow a crime against humanity because, I’m not sure, I guess because this is unfair to ugly dudes…

incel men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny oppressed men post contains sarcasm rape rape culture rape is good actually reddit

Prevent future incel terrorism by banning makeup, forcing women to have sex with creepy weirdos, creepy weirdo suggests

By David Futrelle So here’s a screenshot floating around the internet that offers a sensible, common-sense solution to the problem of incels literally murdering people because they’re angry no hot women with have sex with them.


You wear makeup because you are a spineless, mindless c**t: Cosmetics Tips from the MGTOW subreddit

By David Futrelle Some straight guys like women who wear makeup. Others prefer the natural look. Still others think women are spineless, mindless consumerist c*nts trying to hide their ugly insides by painting their outsides.

creepy empathy deficit entitled babies evil sexy ladies incel irony alert makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny rape culture reddit

Incels demand a ban on public displays of affection, also high heels, makeup and female autonomy

The Summer 2017 WHTM pledge drive is on! Donate generously to enable our continuing coverage of women-hating women-demanders! Thanks!¬† By David Futrelle Never let it be said that Reddit’s incels lack a sense of civic engagement. Indeed, some of them seem to spend a lot of time thinking about things they would like to make…

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