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Some incels are hailing the Oxford High School shooter as the new Elliot Rodger

I haven’t seen the incels this excited by a shooter in a long time.

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Incels: The Powerpoint challenge

It occurred to me, while browsing around earlier today, that a lot of incel posts would be a little less depressing to contemplate if they took the form of powerpoint presentations.

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Even if incels cease being incels, they’ll still be incels, incel claims

Feels bad, man

Some people think the solution to the whole incel thing is to somehow “redistribute sex” and get these sad boys the girlfriends they pine for s desperately — whether by cajoling or perhaps even compelling women to give these guys a chance, or simply by paying sex workers to take care of their unwanted celibacy.

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Incel: The only winner in the upcoming sexual revolution will be Chad

The domain is down, at least for now, but the regulars are still unhappily chatting away on the backup domain And they still have stories to tell one another about men, women, and Chad.

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Chad tech guru blames Reddit incels for sending GameStop’s stock to the moon

This marketing professor will beat up your marketing professor

So you’ve heard about the whole GameStop thing, right? The denizens of a stock trading subreddit have collectively levitated the stock price of troubled game retailer GameStop up roughly a kajillion percent since last fall, screwing over several hedge funds that were betting on the company’s stock going down the toilet. (You can get all the gory details of what’s going on here.)

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Women only breastfeed their male babies if they’re hot, incel insists

Not cute enough

I learn new things on every day. Today I learned that only Chad babies are breastfed.

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All women have at least six men at their beck and call, MGTOW explains

What easy lives women have today, at least in the fantasies of Men Going Their Own Way.

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Incel: Evil sluts are “murdering us by spreading the virus and they think it’s a joke”

Women: Always murdering?

By David Futrelle

Incels, deeply insecure narcissists all, are always convinced that they suffer more than anyone else on earth. So naturally they excel at coming up with reasons why the coronavirus somehow affects them the most.

chad thundercock coronavirus empathy deficit entitled babies incels men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny stacies

Incels celebrate the ways they think the coronavirus shutdowns will improve their lives

There will be a lot less of this going on

By David Futrelle

Social Distancing, however necessary in the fight against the coronavirus, is going to be hard for most of us.

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Incels are rooting for the Coronavirus to kill off Chads and Stacies

Chad and Stacy: Sealing their fate with a kiss?

By David Futrelle

In the morally inverted world of the forums, there’s a bit of a debate going on over whether or not coronavirus could possibly end up being, well, a very good thing for the incels of the world.