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Not Completely Off Topic Sunday: A Musical F*ck You to five members of the Supreme Court

Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t like people controlling what she can do with her body

On Saturday, singer Olivia Rodrigo, performing at the Glastonbury festival, offered a literal “Fuck You” to the five Supreme Court members who voted to kill Roe — by doing a duet with Lily Allen of Allen’s song of the same name. Kudos to both of them. Here’s video of the performance.

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Other songs by Kate Bush that should be #1

Off Topic Sunday is here, and the off topic today is Kate Bush.

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Kyle Rittenhouse has inspired musical tributes, and they’re cringey as hell

Let’s start with the worst.

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The greatest incel anthem ever was written and recorded by Chads

In 1967, these men were considered quite dashing

By David Futrelle

“Here Comes My Baby,” is a deceptively cheerful-sounding song of unrequited love, written by Cat Stevens when he was a teenager. And it has the stink of high school heartbreak all over it. It occurs to me that it might be the ultimate incel anthem.

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Retro French Femmes Dance Party and Open Thread

Brigitte Fontaine

By David Futrelle

Some days I just can’t, when if comes to the misogynists. So instead of one of my regular posts, here are a bunch of fantastic French singer ladies, mostly recording in the 1960s, starting with the amazing Brigitte Fontaine (whose later, less poppy stuff with the Art Ensemble of Chicago is also great).

Oh, and consider this an open thread. Obviously, there’s a lot going on. No trolls.

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Porn, “lustful music” and “vulgar clothing” are lowering men’s “vibrational state,” angry New Age no-fapper declares in epic dumb rant

Lower vibrational energy

By David Futrelle

If you’ve ever wondered what the “precious bodily fluids”-obsessed General Jack D. Ripper from Dr. Strangelove would sound like if he were, like, really into crystals and auras and shit, well, he might sound a bit like this dude I found in the Semen Retention subreddit today, warning his fellow semen-retainers of the alleged spiritual war being waged against their good vibrations.

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Are we good? Music sharing Sunday

Modified screenshot from Eleanor Friedberger’s Are We Good video

By David Futrelle

It’s Sunday, so I thought I’d take a break from the terrible and share some good, in the form of some music I’ve been enjoying a lot lately.

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Hot new Jordan Peterson music video drops!

Angry Jordan Peterson fans react to someone saying something vaguely critical about him on Twitter. (Artist’s conception. The fans are the giant monster, BTW)

By David Futrelle

A reader alerted me to this hot new Jordan Peterson video. No, not a video of him going on about women being chaos or “cultural marxists” trying to destroy civilization with gay marriage and trans pronouns. No, this is a song about Peterson and what a shit he is.

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Mix: Music Donald Trump Would Hate feat. Nancy Sinatra, Pussy Riot, Kendrick Lamar

The Donald is not amused

By David Futrelle

It’s been a long week. So today let’s forego the usual dissection of misogynistic asswipes and instead rock out to a little music video mix that Donald Trump would almost certainly hate.

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Return of Kings: Contemporary classical music is like a feminist yelling about rape

Not a fan of Ludwig Van (Click on pic t see entire piano-smashing video)
Not a fan of Ludwig Van (Click on pic to see the entire piano-smashing video)

Max Roscoe, a self-described ‘aspiring philosopher king” who writes regularly for misogynistic garbage site┬áReturn of Kings, doesn’t like feminism. Or contemporary classical music.

So he’s decided to take down both of these allegedly awful things, by suggesting that they’re pretty much the same thing,┬áif you think about it.

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