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6 mindbending MGTOW memes to brighten your Presidents Day

It’s all a little confusing

By David Futrelle

Stretch your mind a little with these lovely memes, courtesy of some of Twitter’s most creative Men Going Their Own Way. While almost all of these images raise more questions than they answer, some are so thoroughly incomprehensible that they sort of broke my brain. If you can explain them, please do.

You might want to start with this one, which could keep you busy for some time. Maybe you could diagram it for me?

Speaking of diagrams, my brain shut down as soon as I even glanced at this one:

This one, thankfully, has many fewer words.

Then there’s this:

The big question I have about this one is what planet the author lives on. Here on earth, misogynists throw fits every time a woman declares herself independent. And I have yet to meet anyone other than MGTOWs who find the prospect of these guys “going their own way” even a little bit troublesome. Go your own way further!

This one made me a little queasy:

Why are the Berenstain Bears the first thing this guy thinks of when he thinks of sex? Leave the poor bears alone; they didn’t do anything to you!

In case you’re wondering if alt-right Nazithink has made any inroads into the MGTOW movement, this last graphic may provide a helpful clue:

Enjoy the rest of your Presidents Day, if you can.

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Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
4 years ago

MGTOW has nothing to do with Nazism. But what is commonly referred to as ‘second wave feminism’ by estrogen based parasites and their manservants was definitely used as a tool by adherents to cultural marxism.

“I’m not a nazi, but I will gladly pull a conspiracy theory about degenerates out of my ass and pepper it with anti-semitic dogwhistles.”


edit : ninja’d by WWTH

Scildfreja Unnyðnes
Scildfreja Unnyðnes
4 years ago


Okay! Two things for you, my saucy egg.

Feminism is an evil ideology. It’s also … It’s also … It’s about … It’s about … It’s about … It’s about … It’s everything and nothing.

What you seem to be saying is that a theory which explains everything can explain nothing – it’s unfalsifiable. Yes? I agree with you! Thing is, feminism doesn’t suggest an explanation for everything. Racism, wealth disparity, class disparity, environmentalism – there are lots of things in which feminism is non-applicable. Feminism has a fairly tight domain!

If you think that a thing is contradictory and all-inclusive, it isn’t always a sign that it’s invalid or without definition, my duck. Sometimes it just means that you don’t understand it.

I’ll also point out that, if you think a thing is everywhere and is used to oppose you at every turn, it could just be that you’ve got some unchallenged assumptions about women. Could be! Humility is important for the person who desires to be good. You might be wrong.

Second meme is self-explanatory.


Second meme is an unfiltered garblemess. I know how sociologists and psychologists model concepts. I turn those concepts into digital systems. This model is a steaming heap of garbage with no explanatory power. You might as well just write an unsorted list of complaints, if this is what you’re working with.

MGTOW has nothing to do with Nazism.

Nazism and MGTOW-ism both hold as a core premise the idea that masculinity is degraded and must strive to reclaim its faded glory; MGTOWs just apply that personally whereas the Nazis apply that socially (though most MGTOW’s have the follow-through and apply it socially, too). The whole fabricated Aryan mythos of the Nazis was about being a “real man.” In this fiction women are secondary members of society, focused on raising lots of children. MGTOWs don’t substantially differ in this regard, they just have less focus on the “women should raise lots of children” and more on “women who don’t want to raise lots of children are evil harpies.”

So, yeah. Same garbage. The individualist MGTOW philosophy, written to guide a society, is fascism.

But what is commonly referred to as ‘second wave feminism’ by estrogen based parasites and their manservants was definitely used as a tool by adherents to cultural marxism.

comment image

Citations please.

You do know what those are, I assume? Being a rational man whose thoughts are unclouded by emotions or the phases of the moon?

APA if you please, makes it easier to look up. No websites as primary sources, either. The internet is a cesspool of uncorroborated sources after all.

Looking forward to your replies!

The Real Cie
4 years ago

My response to that Joker meme where they claim that when men want to go their own way and be independent everyone has a fit is this:
I would be more than happy to have these “men” go their own way, sooner rather than later, and far away from me. However, I would also faint and/or die from shock, because, although they keep shooting off their mouths about “going their own way”, they have yet to get on with it. If they would do a lot more “going their own way” and a lot less complaining about all the women who won’t have sex with them, that would be wonderful.
I put “men” in quotes, because these are not men, they are manbabies.

Robert Walker-Smith
Robert Walker-Smith
4 years ago

TMI warning:

By a remarkable coincidence, I read the troll’s post just as I was expelling some melvin nuggets myself.

On a more upbeat note, today is my husband’s birthday. I got up early and made a batch of cranberry-orange muffins, which made a nice addition to breakfast. Now he and our son are going to watch a movie, and I’m going to get a little more sleep.

4 years ago

The first meme is interesting because it’s largely true, it’s just baffling that someone would think it’s an argument against feminism.

Yes, take any goal of a feminist and it turns out to be uncontroversial to 99% of the population, man or woman:

Women should be able to vote? OK.
Hold property? Of course.
Be paid a fair wage for their work? Who wouldn’t want that?
Watch a movie or play a videogame? If that’s what you like, sure.
Do any of the above without getting death threats? Why is this complicated?

Didn’t any of these MGTOW types have mothers?

(A)utonomist Escapist
(A)utonomist Escapist
4 years ago

Oh, late to the troll-party!

Can’t really add too much, other than the rainbow-crested spartan is a very confusing mix of imagery to me…

The rainbow’s usually straightforward enough, but in this context, I don’t get it. The Greek helmet could be a few things. I usually see it used by SHARP-skinheads (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice, AKA good-ish Skins), though it of course also pops up amongst sympathizers of the greek fascists from Golden Dawn. Lastly, the Identitarians seem to be running with any classicistic imagery, because they are against, *ahem* the Modern World…

Still, the coupling with unironic defense of nonsensical MGTOW-memes managed to take me by surprise. So at least there’s that…

PeeVee the Tired
PeeVee the Tired
4 years ago

Melvin is a repeat performer troll, who never imparts anything new that hasn’t been PRATT.

What Melvin doesn’t understand is that this is a blog that mocks misogyny, and as long as he and his He Man Women’s Hater Club keep putting out incomprehenisibly stupid memes that are not reflective of anything but their silly little fevered imaginations, they’re going to be mocked.

And yeah, Melvin, that includes you, no matter what cutsey little nym you post under. So the next time you appear here to “explain” shittily done memes, you’ll receive the same mockery.

4 years ago

‘being a MGTOW automatically results in getting a college degree’

reminded me of all the men of a certain age that I know (including my father) who got their degrees because their wives a) cooked, cleaned, and took care of the kids to give their husbands time and mental space to study and write, b) supported them financially while they were getting their degrees and/or c) helped them with their research, organised their notes, arranged logistics, typed up their papers, etc. etc. (one thing that really burns me up is the acknowledgements pages of academic books that say something like ‘and finally, to my wife, who did my research, typed up and proofread my manuscripts, contacted sources, organised my notes, critiqued my work….’–then why the hell isn’t she listed as a coauthor?).

4 years ago

SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice, AKA good-ish Skins

How. what.

Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

@ autonomous escapist


You might enjoy this. Don Letts looking at the history of skins; with some great interviews.

2 years ago

It’s also a political/social/cultural movement. It’s also a distraction to keep men ignorant about female nature and gynocentrism. It’s about equality. It’s about female supremacy. It’s about being sex positive. It’s about being sex negative. It’s everything and nothing.

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