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#ResistTrump: Protest the Inauguration in your city!

An Anti-Trump protest in an alternate checker-based dimension

If you’re not going to Washington to protest the inauguration, don’t worry! There are literally hundreds of local protests scheduled to take place across the country — local marches scheduled to coincide with the Women’s March in Washington on Saturday. as well as plenty on inauguration day itself.

FRIDAY: Inauguration Day

I haven’t found a central directory of all the marches planned for Friday. But the Huffington Post has information on dozens around the country here.

If you don’t see one near you on that list, don’t worry; it’s a very incomplete list. Check your local alternative press for other protests and events near you.

SATURDAY: The day of the Women’s March

Find one of the more than 600 sister marches in cities across the country here. You don’t have to be a woman to participate.

And if you ARE going to be in DC for the Women’s March, and have some extra time or energy, see here for other anti-Trump protests in the area on and around the inauguration.

If you have info about any other Trump-related protests and events, or if you want to see if any other WHTM readers are going to a protest near you, please post in the comments below.

Let Trump know that he’s Not Our President.

43 replies on “#ResistTrump: Protest the Inauguration in your city!”

There’s a protest going on in my city as well. I’ve started picking up the local free arts-leaning paper because there’s lots of stands by my internship, and they’re promoting using the hashtags #WomenMobilizeNC and #NoisyMajority.

And they also published an article reporting that yet ANOTHER report was published on the wage gap, specifically here in NC.

White women make an average of 86 cents to their male counterparts’ dollar, and it gets worse as you go by race.

Asian American women: $0.78
Black women: $0.64
Native American women: $0.58
Latinas: $0.48

Oh, and they even broke it down by specific counties, and found that one county had an average Latina pay at 11 CENTS to a white man’s dollar.

This magazine is great, even if there was a letter from a reader arguing that it was okay for Elvis to steal music from PoC because he gave them exposure, and he never would have noticed them if it wasn’t for Elvis stealing their music!


As a Brit, I will be marching on Saturday in London. If any local Mammotheers want to march, but would be marching alone otherwise, let me know and we’ll make plans to meet up beforehand.

For people unable to march (for whatever reason), this website might offer some achievable activist alternatives:

I’m really looking forward to Saturday. I’ve had rage boiling up in me ever since the Brexit result, and it feels good to be doing something constructive. Plus I haven’t been on a woman-centred march since Reclaim the Night marches at university (early nineties), and I’m looking forward to seeing whether the experience is notably different from other political marches. I went on a Refugees Welcome march last summer and there were many more young families present. It felt quite different from other left wing marches I’ve been on.

I’ll be attending the protest in Ottawa. I want all liberal Americans to know that Canadians stand with them. I also want any of my fellow Canadians dreaming of a Trump-like prime minister that they will face widespread and determined opposition.

Bad hombres and nasty women unite!

I’ll be at the Seattle march on Saturday.

Also, don’t forget about the general strike tomorrow! No work, no shopping. Obviously only if you’re able.

I’ll be at a sister Women’s March in Whitehorse YT. We’re meeting 10:30am Sat. at l’AFY building, if anyone here can make it. March starts @ 11:30 @ KDCC.

Incoming White House spokesman Sean Spicer defended President-elect Donald Trump’s commitment to diversity, saying that highlight the fact that the new Cabinet will be the first in 30 years without a Latino is “a very narrow way to look at it.”
“It is a priority but I think it is a very narrow way to look at it to say: ‘If you don’t appoint people to this particular position that’s a problem,’ ” Spicer said Thursday at a news conference. “The No. 1 thing that I think Americans should focus on is, ‘Is he hiring the best and the brightest? Is he hiring people that are committed to enacting real change?'”

You have to be a special kind of privileged, economically and socially sheltered to even ASK that question…

(oh, and the answer? FUCK, NO!!)

@Weird Eddie

It’s amazing how often the best and brightest turn out to be rich white men, isn’t it? And as for “enacting real change”, yes rich white men are excellent at that.

@ Weatherwax

Yeah… and that “privileged, socially and economically sheltered” thing seems to be very efficient at shading white people’s attitudes… two of my friends have told me since the un-election how grateful they are to be white (and male in the one case)…. Two people I had thought would at least have the good taste not to fucking SAY it…. Yeah, the vultures will take away my health coverage, and it looks like they’ll get a yuuuuuuuge chunk of my social security, but my whiteness male-ness will insulate me from the brunt of what’s likely coming. My kids and grandkids don’t have whiteness to shield them, and I have friends who don’t… some of them were on the sharp end of ALL of the dumpster’s “campaign rhetoric”…

How can people just not care?????

ETA: Laura Wortman singing

“You say we’ve been put to the purpose
What we gave gone on to the greater good
But the giving was never about us
The greater good was never for the greater good”

I’ll be at the Rockford Women’s March on Saturday. Carpooling with a friend, but if anyone’s in the area and needs a ride, I do have a vehicle at my disposal.

Oh, and this happened on our Facebook page:

I couldn’t help but laugh at the very lost MGTOW’s complaints–“I have to do housework, like literally every human who lives in a house!” Meanwhile, the friend I’m carpooling with is decorating her daughter’s stroller for the march because she takes care of her and her boyfriend’s kid (because her boyfriend is a firm believer in evo-psych gender roles…BARF) and does all the housework on top of working a high-stress 9-5 in a welfare office, volunteering with the YWCA and doing any project she can for any organization who needs it, and performing in a Scottish bagpipe group with her dad. No one’s sad about you having to wash your own dishes, miggy.

I’ll going to the DC march with my son and his girlfriend. I am very much looking forward to it.

OT bit

I have been massively distraught over the results of this fucking election since the early hours of November 9, which is why I disappeared for a while from the comments. That night I had to take a Xanax to stop screaming at my computer as I watched the results unfold. For a couple of Tuesdays afterward, I had an anxiety attack at the same time of night. This election may well have legitimately traumatized me. Like, psychologically.

End OT bit

I’m marching in Atlanta on Saturday, and a friend’s mother made me a pussyhat. WOO!

I’ll be at the march in L.A. Other SoCal Mammotheers, look for the sign that says “MY PUSSY IS NOT UP FOR GRABS AND NEITHER ARE MY RIGHTS”!

I know there’s a bunch of Albertans who frequent here – there are marches both in Edmonton and Calgary. I’ll be at the one in Calgary!

I really want to go Saturday, but I only realized my area would have one today and of course I have to work. No way I could ask off now :[

@ Weird Eddie

Yeah, that’ll be why I’m marching.

My privileges (ie why it’s easy for me to march): I’m white, cis, middle class, (in Britain it helps) reasonably south east England spoken and raised, well educated (Oxford still counts, right?), able-bodied.

Not so much: bisexual, woman, depressed and anxious, currently unemployed (as a result of previous), asthmatic.

I’m grateful that I can march. I also feel it’s my responsibility. My dog will be helping me do it. I’m marching for people who can’t.

ETA Forgot to say I also experienced Free School Meals and second hand school uniforms, which has an effect.

Forgot to mention, I’ll be bringing two extra copies of my sign in case I meet people who want one, and several pieces of cardboard and markers to give out so people can make (small) signs of their own with any slogan they choose.

I’ll definitely be at the Womens’ March in San Diego. News is promising huge rainstorms over the next few days…considering we didn’t get the rain we needed last year (fuck 2016), I’ll take it as a hopeful sign.

I’ll be about an hour late to the rally in Seattle tomorrow evening. (Goddamn work schedule.) I won’t be able to make it to the march on Saturday, though.

For what it’s worth, in the final hours of the Obama administration, Santa Ana, CA gave Trump a huge middle finger by declaring themselves a sanctuary city. Orange County, California has been going bluer in recent years and for the first time this past election the majority voted for the Democratic candidate.

It’s cold comfort but I’m taking what I can get right now. And looking into being in the Women’s March there with my husband Saturday.

@Banananana dakry

Are you going to the one in L.A. or does Santa Ana have its own? I know I’m not the only Mammotheer in L.A. and I’m really hoping to meet others in person on Saturday.

I’ll be in Cardiff tomorrow if anyone reading this is planning to be there and wants to meet up.

I’m going to the one in Melbourne tomorrow. This is the first protest I’ve ever gone to, and, to be honest, part of me is afraid that [A]; we’ll get into a street fight with neo-Nazis, or [B]; that I’ll inadvertently do something that renders me a target of alt-right harassment for years, in the same vein as “Big Red”, “Carl the Cuck” or “Trigglypuff”… Ah well, you can’t let that stop you – that’s precisely what they want.

@Weatherwax, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it to the London march, but if I do I’m 1.72m (aka about 5’7″) with short grey hair and very probably a slightly battered and discoloured old brownish fedora-type hat (dammed if the PUAs are going to ruin my favourite hat for me); if I make it I’ll look out for … well, a dog, and would you mind saying what colour your hair is?

Obviously I know the chances are vastly against spotting any one individual in the crowd, but anyway, you know 🙂

Is anyone aware of a similar level of simultaneous protest of sister marches? Maybe during the civil rights era? I think this is amazing.

I’ll be in London tomorrow.

Not planning on a sign, was tempted to do Father Ted “down with this sort of thing” / “careful now” – but I’ll just be wearing my pussyhat (not pink) and gloves!

thanks for that link Alan, will watch later.


Last I knew there was one in Santa Ana and we’ll probably be going to that one. It’s from 9 until 1, I think.


I’m 5’2″ and will be wearing a purple coat that resembles a duvet. Toby is a black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. My pussyhat is possibly more cherry red than pink.

Hope to see you both in the crowds.

I’ll be at the Women’s March in Austin on Saturday. Can’t make it to the Inauguration protest today because of work, but I’ll do what I can.

Republicans have majority and soon will have the Supreme Court so suck it up!

Soon Roe vs Wade will finally be overturned. Thank God!

Try harder, Joaquin. Compare the crowds that went to Trump’s inauguration to the crowds that were at Obama’s. Your penny-pinching cranberry-loaf toupee stand is the most hated president in modern history, and he just started. The American People don’t want him. You’re waking the dragon. This isn’t gonna turn out the way you want it to.

Go back to 4Chan, your shit don’t fly here.

Your president is the most hated in history in day fucking one. And you should know enough of history for your general trends. BTW /pol/ man your pres is going to sign TPP with a shit eating grin on his face when he isn’t eating Putin’s shit with a grin.

I think we need to start lobbying for rich, cishet white men to be forced to endure medical conditions they could easily get treated were it not suddenly made illegal for them.

“It’s not just your body, though. Think of the tick’s life for once! What were you even thinking going into the tall grass like that?”

Hello, Joaquin RL3!
Usually, I don’t like to assume just on the basis of a similarity in names, but: are you related to JoaquinRL1?
The JoaquinRL1 who said

Wednesday my Criminal Law professor told that he visited Sweden and he learned that many men refuse to take an ELEVATOR alone with a woman in fear that they might be accused of sexual assault or something, just the accusation of the woman is enought to, at least, put him in trouble

And when challenged on the cool elevator law professor story, said

Technically i didn’t lied, i just repeated what someone else told and i shared what i felt about it, bu yes i will apologize WHEN i get to confirm o disprove it, i failed to obtain any information and i’ll have to wait to next wednesday to talk to this guy.

The reason I ask is: because of all the other yuk your cousin RL1 trotted out on that thread, he was banned
and couldn’t come back after next Wednesday to report back on the elevator law professor story. Enquiring minds want to know how that turned out! Please ask your cousin RL1 for me, and say hi to RL2 from me if they are a less douchy member of your family.

ETA: oops! forgot to caps-lock ELEVATOR!!1!1!!. Sorry.

Londoners: I’m about 5’7″ and have hair down to my butt dyed blue (fading, also purples and greens and red streaks.) If I make it I will almost certainly also have my cane (black) and pussyhat (very dark pink). I look a lot younger than I am – late teens, as opposed to mid twenties. I’m pretty distinctive so please approach me if you see me! I’ll need a friendly face, the last march I went on my cane got kicked out from under me a lot and it was very stressful.


Inquiring minds need to know:

Republicans have majority and soon will have the Supreme Court so suck it up!

Are you an asshole?

Soon Roe vs Wade will finally be overturned. Thank God!

Or are you pious?

Pro tip for trolls: Stick to one philosophy per incursion into enemy territory. You’ll have to trust me on this one: your opponents are always way smarter than you think they are.

I’ll be going. (I didn’t have time to get a pussyhat, sadly.) I’ll be the 6’3″ man with a short beard wearing the warmest coat he owns, accompanied by a 5’2″ Frenchwoman.

I’ll look out for the rest of you.

::waves:: hi Londoners! Hi Mammotheers! Well no surprise that I wasn’t able to pick any of you out of the crowd – that crowd was (ha) HUGE! 🙂
Arrived at Bond St. at about 11:45 – and the crush started on the platforms inside the station; it took well over an hour to get as far as the starting point in Grosvenor Square! People were so tightly packed in the street just trying to get to the start that we could barely move; by the time we eventually got to Trafalgar Square (at about 2:30) it was almost impossible to get into the square – and there were a huge number of people behind us. Estimated 100k, and in all honesty I suspect that may turn out to have been a conservative estimate.
I think it was partly “thanks” to the fact that Trump and everything he stands for is dire on so very many fronts; people were protesting on all of them, some focusing on climate change, or austerity, or racism, or bigotry – and all focused on the protest against misogyny.

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