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Let's play Richard Dawkins Twitter Meltdown Bingo!


With Richard Dawkins rapidly accelerating his schedule of Twitter meltdowns recently, it’s clearly time for some RICHARD DAWKINS TWITTER MELTDOWN BINGO!

The rules are simple:

#gamergate a woman is always to blame antifeminism are these guys 12 years old? BINGO! boner rage evil sexy ladies evil SJWs evil ugly women geek girls harassment men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny no games for girls no girls allowed oppressed white men playing the victim sarkeesian! the c-word white knights whores zoe quinn

#GamerGate Bingo is HERE!

Uh oh, women are taking over BINGO too!
Uh oh, women are taking over BINGO too!

The long wait is over! #GamerGate Bingo is here! Well, here, actually. Go there for your very own randomly generated bingo card, and get playing!

Also, I can edit the list of phrases that’s being used to make the cards, so if you have ideas for new phrases, or you want to improve the wording of one that’s already there, or you think one of them should be removed for being redundant or too obscure or too obvious or whatever, let me know in the comments!

MRA and PUA/Red Pill Bingo are coming soon!

announcements BINGO! MRA PUA red pill

MRA Bingo Brainstorming Thread!

In it to win it.
In it to win it.

A couple of years back. with the help of the commentariat here, I put together an MRA Bingo Card Generator. I’ve been meaning to do a new and improved version of this for a while — as well as a companion PUA/Red Pill Bingo Card Generator, and possibly even a couple of others (Derailing Bingo? Dark Enlightenment Bingo? GamerGate Bingo?).

I know some of you all have been playing Troll Bingo in the comments. So let me know which of these card generators sound like the most amusing to you. And then let’s brainstorm about what to put in the list for each!

Also, if you can come up a way to actually play MRA Bingo, let me know. Certainly in every big thread with trolls in it, commenters could print out cards for themselves and see how many squares they can fill. Or we could set a specific time, and one of us, acting as Bingo Boss, could send you all to a particular MRA post or discussion thread elsewhere and you all could compete to see who could get a bingo first.

I’m kind of thinking this could become a thing.

Anyway, let’s get brainstorming!

BINGO! misogyny MRA

MRA Bingo is here!

OK, folks, here we go: Here, without further ado, are the Man Boobz MRA Bingo cards!

Click right here to get your very own randomly generated card! Print it out, or just keep the window open while you argue with trolls here on Man Boobz or peruse the various sites in the Manosphere. Or if you want to get aggressive about it and get a quick bingo, use Google to track down examples to fill your squares.

Click here if you want to play with two cards at once.

If you get a bingo, shout it out in the comments – and give some details of where you found each item! Everyone who gets a bingo gets an Internet! Whoever gets one first gets five Internets!

Heck, post each time you get a hit. And give yourself half an Internet each time you get more than one hit from a single MRA comment or post.

If you want to save your card between sessions, you’ll need to make a screenshot, as there’s no way to bookmark a particular card.

You’ll notice that the squares of the card go grey when you mouse over them. If you hold down the Ctrl key and click, the square you’re on will go blue around the edges, and you can use this to mark your squares. (Just don’t click outside the card, as this will erase all the blue on your card.)

If you notice any weird glitches or typos, let me know so I can fix them. And if you have more suggestions, either for the MRA Bingo cards or for the upcoming PUA, Evo Psych, and Man Boobz Troll cards, post them below as well.

If you get “misandry” more than once on a card, don’t worry — that’s on purpose. Just mark off one of them each time you get a hit.

Let the wild bingo begin!


BINGO! evo psych fairy tales MRA PUA

The Man Boobz Bingo Card Project!

I’d like to announce the start of the Manboobz Bingo Card project!

I’m going to use a custom bingo card generator to produce personalized Bingo cards to add to your enjoyment of Man Boobz threads and general Manosphere browsing.

And if you all are into it, we could even use them for a sort of Man Boobz Bingo scavenger hunt – that is, threads in which we all arm ourselves with bingo cards (or maybe all share one Bingo card) and search the web for examples to fill up our own cards.

Here are some of the cards I’d like to generate:

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