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MRA Bingo Brainstorming Thread!

In it to win it.
In it to win it.

A couple of years back. with the help of the commentariat here, I put together an MRA Bingo Card Generator. I’ve been meaning to do a new and improved version of this for a while — as well as a companion PUA/Red Pill Bingo Card Generator, and possibly even a couple of others (Derailing Bingo? Dark Enlightenment Bingo? GamerGate Bingo?).

I know some of you all have been playing Troll Bingo in the comments. So let me know which of these card generators sound like the most amusing to you. And then let’s brainstorm about what to put in the list for each!

Also, if you can come up a way to actually play MRA Bingo, let me know. Certainly in every big thread with trolls in it, commenters could print out cards for themselves and see how many squares they can fill. Or we could set a specific time, and one of us, acting as Bingo Boss, could send you all to a particular MRA post or discussion thread elsewhere and you all could compete to see who could get a bingo first.

I’m kind of thinking this could become a thing.

Anyway, let’s get brainstorming!

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7 years ago

Oh GamerGate/gamebro ones, I have a ton.

– “This isn’t about Zoe Quinn anymore, but here’s why hassling her was justified” (actually, any “stop talking about ZQ, this is bigger than her” garbage)
– “Anita Sarkeesian hates games/wants to take away games she doesn’t like/thinks all gamers are evil!” (because examining themes is apparently Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany rolled into one)
– Any attempt to ally themselves with a “silent majority”
– Any attempt to refer to GamerGate as a “movement” (sounds pretty appropriate, if they mean the kind you flush :D)
– Any impassioned call-to-arms about collusion/corruption that’s incredibly vague about what those words actually mean
– Any Twitter account or blog that claims GamerGate is a grassroots movement of people whose simmering frustration with journalistic corruption has finally boiled over … but that hasn’t once mentioned it (or existed!) before August
– Anybody who responds to claims of sexism by trying to focus on their ethnicity (you realise those are two different things, even if you’re NOT a sockpuppet, right?)
– Anybody whose dedication to “journalistic integrity” just so happens to coincide with a track record of hating on feminists/SJWs
– “GamerGate is much bigger than 4chan”
– “handful of trolls in an IRC channel”
– “Harassing Zoe Quinn/Anita Sarkeesian is obviously not okay, BUT…”
– Anybody who claims ZQ slept with people for good press but dodges any attempts to actually nail down the good press she supposedly received
– And my personal favourite, any time one of the SJW-battling tactics specified in the IRC logs is blatantly applied while arguing that their interest in GamerGate has nothing to do with ZQ.

7 years ago

… okay, that was less short bingo card boxes and more me just venting. Sorry.

7 years ago

-I have the right to start a conversation
-You can’t stop people from looking
-Sexual harassment laws are misandry
-All countries are US (or England or Germany, etc. We just seem to get a lot of US laws are everywhere trolls here)
-X country has been ruined by Feminism (extra bonus if includes France/Australia don’t allow paternity tests)
-The Hobby Lobby ruling in US isn’t misogynistic because of religious freedom/I shouldn’t have to pay for your birth control
-Periods are gross, therefore women are

7 years ago


– Spermally bonded (my least favourite. Has me crossing my legs up to the neck every time.)
-Hate fuck.


– Anita is a liar.
– Demonising every man who ever played a video game.
– Troll baiting 4chan
– To get sympathy/money

There’s a bunch of others being repeated by young women at the moment (fake geek girls, anyone?) but it’s too obnoxious for me to waste the memory on.

Shaun DarthBatman Day
7 years ago

Dawkins, Hitchins, and Harris.

Can we do an athiest dudebro Bingo? They seem to be fans of evopsych which totes proves that women are inferior…

Shaun DarthBatman Day
7 years ago

ADB examples

-Dear Muslima
-Pig Abortions
-Women aren’t funny
-Stay at home moms are heros!
-I’m not sexist, you’re just too emotional to see that.
-Men are just better at critical thought
-But I love women (Male tears)

7 years ago

I like.


– Hard science solves everything
– Men have solved everything
– Hyper-rational argument
– Doesn’t use critical thinking on own arguments (stolen from mildlymagnificent in the other thread)
– Won’t learn anything from others POV
– Contradictory studies are politically biased
– Wild extrapolation

They’re usually libertarian as well, though not all I suppose.

(I’m not good at keeping these short)

Shaun DarthBatman Day
7 years ago

I just think limiting this to Dawkins and his fan club removes responsibility from the group as a whole and they continue to prove how misogynist they (as a group) are.

Remember Elevatorgate, aka the Atheist Dudebro Alamo.
Also the anal rape threats to the child on Reddit because she got a book and was excited and wanted to share her joy with the atheist community.
We really need a square to be Not All Skeptics (NASALT), point is that atheism is rife with systemic hatred of women and even when women are *asked point blank* how to improve gender equality they are almost universally dismissed and despised for having opinions.

7 years ago

For gamers or for atheists – males, being “objectively” right, entitles them to defend their rightness by any means necessary. Objective logical opinions trump subjective, emotional opinions, even those with supporting data.

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