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Return of Kings calls for boycott of all-lady Ghostbusters because ladies can’t science

Dogs and cats living together ... female ghostbusters!
Dogs and cats living together … female ghostbusters!

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Fresh off their wildly successful boycotts of Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the fellas at Roosh V’s internet garbage site Return of Kings have now set their sights on the lady-fied Ghostbusters.

Oh, wait, I’m being told that their previous boycotts were not so much “wildly successful” as “hilariously ineffectual,” and that The Force Awakens took less than two months to generate more than $2 billion in worldwide ticket sales. That’s BILLION, with a “b” and an “illion.”

Well, let’s just set that aside for now, because Return of Kings contributor David Garrett Brown has new marching orders for Roosh’s cuture warriors:

We urge readers and others to boycott this film at all costs. Do not add to Sony Pictures’ feminist-loving coffers or help pay for Melissa McCarthy’s next cheeseburger.


Sorry, drifted off for a moment there thinking about cheeseburgers.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time RoK has attacked the as-yet-unreleased all-lady Ghostbusters. In a post last year, RoK’s JD Unwin attacked the ghost-based comedy on the grounds that Ghostbusting has traditionally been an all-male profession, or something:

Like the proverbial kid sister who would fume at the fact that her brother and his friends would lock her out of the male only clubhouse, the feminists and their mangina accomplices in the media once again demonstrate their need to forcibly intrude upon any perceived male bastions.

Oh, he was also deeply offended that Melissa McCarthy, one of the new Ghostbusters, is fat, so having her “run around the city with a 35-lb proton pack strapped to her girth defies the laws of physics.”

This is pretty much what Brown thinks as well. How dare a film depict women as scientists, when everyone knows that in the real world women are incapable of STEM logic.

No one has adequately explained why, in a world where everything from Microsoft to Snapchat is male-generated, the new globe-saving paranormal clean-up team is all female. Just because is what we have been told. Is it not enough, for example, that women, without superior qualifications, are prefered 2-1 for STEM faculty positions? Evidently not.

Meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy is still fat.

In multiple areas, including gender, race and the celebration of obesity, Ghostbusters 3 is a symbol of more or less everything that is wrong with both society and the filmmaking industry seeking to protect it. For your own self-respect, we vociferously recommend you keep further away from this film than Melissa McCarthy does from diets and good exercise.

Weirdly, I don’t recall any Red Pillers ever criticizing, I dunno, John Candy or John Belushi or Kevin James for “celebrating obesity” by existing while fat.

Brown also tries to piggyback on the fairly widespread criticism of the film’s rather troubling racial politics — casting white actresses as scientists while making Leslie Jones’ character a street-smart stereotype.

That’s a pretty, er, ironic criticism to find on Return of Kings, a site run by an unashamed racist who was openly flirting with the white supremacist “alt-right” up until he realized, fairly recently, that the white supremacists he was trying to win over actually see him as a “greasy” Middle Easterner and suspected “muzzie” (Muslim).

Apparently untroubled by this massive hypocrisy, Brown charges that

Leslie Jones’ Ghostbusters 3 character is exactly the sort of readily angered black woman liberals want. Beat-ups like in Ferguson, Missouri depend on this drastically dumbed-down caricature of African-Americans.

Wait, what?

Brown is also angry — and I’m not kidding here — that the four lady Ghostbusters visited some sick kids in a hospital last year. How dare they!

Naturally, the Return of Kings commenters are as excited as Brown is by the prospect of not going to see the film, and celebrated by posting, well, the horrific bigoted crap they always post.

Some highlights:

Bigotry poupourri!

John • 25 minutes ago Fatso can pay for her own bacon double cheese burgers with a side of extra large fries & gravy. • Reply•Share › Avatar DieSocialJusticeWankers • 26 minutes ago The black chick looks like RuPaul...trans box checked. Which one is the lesbian? We can see who plays the fatty!

Women are all a bunch of welfare cheats/affirmative action hires eating bon bons!

Clark Kent lolknee . • 7 hours ago It's also kind of interesting that the characters in this movie appear to all be entrepreneurs. This is ironic considering this movie is pandering to SJWs and the "modern woman", who seem to love government handouts and affirmative action policies.

“They” all just want free stuff!

JBPoqueliche • 11 hours ago Why we make them angry? It boils down to this: - We believe in merit, they think they should be given free stuff - We believe that respect should be earned and not given away like pizza coupons - We are not fragile and we will say what we please. They get triggerend by words ( a sound wave) This turd of a movie will be a fiasco. People are waking up. Let's hope it is not too late.

Ha ha women can’t science!

Rainvainz • 10 hours ago Look at their masculine stances. Is this what women really want to become? Instead of embracing their feminine nature (well, these woman have none, but still) many women resort to being a man-lite version. If they are just going to pretend to be men then why not just give us men? If women are so proud of being female then why pretend to be men? Self-esteem issues abound! Wait until we get Predator with an all female commando squad. Realistically, they would die in a short time, but watch them all survive by utterly destroying and humiliating the masculine predator, who symbolizes patriarchy and rape culture because he preys upon the females and stalks them.

The ladies look like dudes!


This one is my favorite one:

kingodysseus • 2 hours ago I think this is the perfect movie for people who carry purses or men who hold them while women are out at the club making moves on other men. Its the ideal date night movie for white knights. I suggest the earlier show as after he pays for tickets, dinner snacks, baby sitter (for her 3 kids) and gets that very nice thank you at the end of the date, she can be on her merry way to be with her male fwb for a good lay. Its perfect date night. Everybody wins!!! Go Girl Power!!!

I really hope that Sony’s publicists use some of that for the movie posters.



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6 years ago

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen Predator but looking over the plot summary I’m remembering right. Pretty much everyone who isn’t Arnold dies in a quick amount of time.

shay simmons
shay simmons
6 years ago

I sure hope the next time one of these dudes finds himself in the Emergency Department for some stupidity or other, he tells the responding trauma female nurses to go away because women can’t science.

6 years ago

So that dude complains that a fat woman carrying a not terribly heavy object defies the laws of physics in a phrase that also refers to a proton pack that sucks in ghosts.

What is this feeling? It must be my feeble ladybrains being stunned by the might of his STEM knowledge.

Paradoxical Intention - Resident Cheeseburger Slut

Supermeerkat | March 8, 2016 at 2:25 am
Cheeseburger slut ghost, anyone?

You rang? (No, I did. Trick or Treat~!)

EJ (The Other One) | March 8, 2016 at 3:02 am
After watching Guardians of the Galaxy and arguing* about it for hours with friends, we coined the Angsty Firearm test. Like the sexy lamp test, it asks whether a female character couldn’t just be replaced with a gun which kills people for the male character in exchange for receiving reassurance from them.


*I not only hated that film, but to this day feel insulted by it. Every other geek out there seems to disagree with me.

I do like the Angsty Firearm test.

And I didn’t think GotG was too bad, and I did enjoy it, though the whole bit with Rocket Raccoon stealing people’s prosthetic limbs did make me shake my head disapprovingly.

I can see why you didn’t like it though. Gamora felt remarkably lifeless and pointless in the movie, and should have been treated way better, especially considering the comics.

And of course, there’s also the fact that it’s debatable if it counts as PoC representation if Zoe Saldana (or Dave Bautista for that matter) is covered in so much makeup that you can’t tell if they’re PoC.

Razwick | March 8, 2016 at 8:59 am
Sorry if this has been said but I feel the need:

*fat person exists*


*fat person exists and doesn’t hate themselves*


I really like this, but allow me to add on:

*fat person becomes successful*


*fat person encourages people to love their bodies*

Assholes: Stop telling people to love being gross land-whales! Fat people don’t deserve love! No one wants a fatty!

*fat people object to being fetishized*

Assholes: You should be grateful that anyone would want to sleep with you!

*fat person is raped*

Assholes: You should be grateful that anyone would want to sleep with you!

*fat person can’t find clothes that fit because clothes companies don’t have uniform sizing, will openly discriminate against fat people, or are forced to go to tacky “plus sized” stores, quarantined from the “normal” people*

Assholes: Why don’t you just go on a diet and lose some weight? Then you can wear nice clothes!

*fat person goes on a diet and exercises, but has a cheat day every once in a while, or is eating something other than a salad with water or nothing at all*

Assholes: You have NO SELF-CONTROL! How can you eat that?! You’re destroying your body!

*Fat person starves themselves and only has one meal a day, and eats a large helping so they don’t go hungry later*

Assholes: You should really eat less, you’re gaining weight! I can tell just by looking at you!

Yeah. Just some observations from a fat girl. And that last one was very personal, and came from someone in my family.

6 years ago

Dudebros: a fiction film that revolves around ghosts and the supernatural can’t feature women scientists because women can’t science?

It strikes me that dudebros tend to be the most unscientific and illogical group that exists on the internet.

They also generally seem to be men that have never achieved anything of significance, unless trolling the Internet can be called significant

6 years ago

Yeesh… it’s bad enough getting that kind of crap from random strangers, but from a family member? That is beyond messed up.

Hugs from a fellow fatty if you need them.

Crip Dyke
Crip Dyke
6 years ago

Wait until we get Predator with an all female commando squad.

Realistically, they would die in a short time

Exactly. When I go see Schwarzenegger armed with a knife stabbing a space alien armed with interstellar-traveller-level technology and a portable fusion generator, I WANT CINEMA VERITE, DAMMIT!

Also, where the hell in the original Ghostbusters was there anything that might plausibly be described as “breaking the laws of physics”? Huh?

Is there anything as physically impossible as a fat woman carrying a heavy backpack? No, of course not. Sure, there’s levitation and a refrigerator that contains an entire alternate dimension, but those are well-understood physical phenomena, even if they are a bit more rare than heavy backpacks.

The point remains, what I like in my science fiction is a world where everything is more realistic than a woman lifting 35 pounds. When Hollywood starts portraying events that are more improbable than a woman lifting 35 pounds, it is only ruining the common connective experience that makes movies economically valuable enough that people pay $10 to go to one.

They dare much when risking the very source of their value in McCarthy’s backpack! They will rue the day when they started making science fiction movies that neglect everyday realism in favor of the impossible! And I will see them pay! Pay, I tell you! PAY!

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ crip dyke


You’d probably enjoy the original Dogme 95 version of a Star Wars even more than the Lucas remake.

6 years ago

You guys are reminding me of Hard Sci-Fi Movies.

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
6 years ago

Apologies for the necro, but this video’s both awesome and relevant and I don’t think it’s been posted yet:

(TW: A lot of it gets pretty heartbreaking, featuring everything from Holocaust survivors to Vietnam vets to child sex slaves. Also, don’t read the comments.)

6 years ago

“Oh, he was also deeply offended that Melissa McCarthy, one of the new Ghostbusters, is fat, so having her “run around the city with a 35-lb proton pack strapped to her girth defies the laws of physics.”

What? Since when is 35 pounds too heavy for a woman to lift (especially when carried on the back, like McCarthy is doing), and since when does being fat cancel out being able to lift weights? When I lifted weights with my mom (who’s larger than McCarthy), she easily outlifted me (35 pounds on the biceps, and over a 100 each on the leg press and back press) when I’d been training for months and she was trying it for the first time.

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