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Roosh V denounced as degenerate “muzzie” by white supremacists he’s trying to woo

Genetically superior Matt Forney and Roosh V at the NPI conference
Matt Forney and Roosh V: Looking for love in all the white places

Pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh continues his attempts to woo the white supremacist crowd.

This past weekend, he attended the annual conference of the white supremacist National Policy Institute with his longtime pal Matt Forney, the odious fat-shaming blogger who is himself a little big-boned, if one’s belly counts as a bone.

Roosh tried to butter up the white power crowd with a bit of flattery:

But his attendance at the conference didn’t go over well with everyone on the racist right. When Forney Tweeted the pic above of him and Roosh at the conference, some suggested that Roosh wasn’t white enough to be a white supremacist.

Torsten Sjöberg ‏@tor_sjoberg 23h23 hours ago @realmattforney @whitereddit >White Rights >Hanging out with Roosh Pick one 1 retweet 6 favorites Reply Retweet 1 Favorite 6 More Wolfgeist ‏@whitewolfgeist 23h23 hours ago @tor_sjoberg @realmattforney @whitereddit Interesting, I could have sworn NPI was for whites. Oh well.

Others were a bit, er, less polite in their rejection of Roosh.

Sallie Parker ‏@ComeRetribution 3h3 hours ago @ScarlettOStone @LadyAodh @FrankJ1232 @rooshv Time to call Roosh out. A non-European, non-Westerner. Has foreign, toxic, wog ideas. View conversation 1 retweet 6 favorites Reply Retweet 1 Favorite 6 More Fashy Frau ‏@3Dw4ifu 3h3 hours ago @ScarlettOStone It's interesting @rooshv thinks he can criticise the alt right after promoting degeneracy for years... and being a shitskin

Oh, but there’s more.

Gatorfella32 ‏@gatorfella @rooshv @ShaoDowMusic this dude is just another self hating Arab who is sexually and racially insecure and jealous of black men w/ hot ww

Torsten seems to have a bit of a hate-boner for Roosh.

Of course, Torsten is’t the only one suspicious of Roosh. Searching a bit further back on Twitter, we find this fellow, upset that Roosh’s cartoon avatar depicts his skin color as yellow.

Plato Rising @Rusted_Ovum @tor_sjoberg @rooshv @YonaOlson his avatar is even yellow. wtf white people, stop sending traffic his way.

Plato Rising ‏@Rusted_Ovum @LadyAodh @2wo2wenty8ight @BiteLeg @rooshv @Angry_White_Goy He is a Semite in behavior; uses yellow-faced avi, identifies as non-white

Others think he’s a Muslim.

KSWhiteChick @KSWhiteChick @BiteLeg @AngeloJohnGage @Angry_White_Goy @Gigglemittens @LadyAodh @mkapp_ Roosh is not White, he is a Muslim, our enemy!


And that he’s infecting white men with his non-white ideas:

Ann Kelly @LadyAodh @BiteLeg @KSWhiteChick @AngeloJohnGage @Angry_White_Goy @Gigglemittens @mkapp_ Yes! He's teaching White men how to think like Mid-Easterners

While “defiling” white women in the process:

I almost feel sorry for Roosh. Who on earth would have thought that members of a hate movement could be so hateful!

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As a Londoner I would never claim that this city is free of racism. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the professionals in my office are 70% male and 98% white, and the cleaning staff are 80% female and 100% black.

Meanwhile in Portland there’s a HUGE teen and child sex slave trafficking problem…..

WWTH Yeah, I moved a few hours away, still in MN but more rural. And I still hear it; about how the Somalians are coming! With the attitudes expressed around here, I am literally surprised that we have POC living here at all. It both baffles me and gives me hope that *maybe* some people aren’t racist assholes and (like me) just don’t feel safe in letting others know that.

Also, good job on the election work? I hope that’s the right thing! I got to do some activist work with regards to MN’s gay marriage policy and election stuff. It sucked me absolutely dry and became a very dark time in my life. Hearing bigots whine over and over on the phone about those Ebil Gayz and insulting me for ‘championing the evil’: not a time I want to repeat in life. Hope your time was better!

Most Indian languages are Indo-European as well. That’s where the “indo” comes from.

Thanks dhag85! I like to learn stuff, one reason I like to come here! Never know what you are going to learn.

witchcat, “Her draft report findings were later independently corroborated by the formal inquiry headed by Professor Alexis Jay that was published in August 2014.”

brooked, ” In US and, I presume, in Britain people in authority are always making excuses for adult men having sex with under-aged teen girls.”

What stands out in that report Witchcat is how many investigations and “operations” went on but so few arrests and convictions. The video I posted above about Portland grooming and human trafficking details why this is so. And brooked, the vice squad investigator in that video makes the same assessment as you do.

The actual triad is fire setting, bed wetting, and torturing animals — three traits often correlated with criminal behavior. So while I hadn’t heard of him, I find it epically hilarious that he’s claiming this is some magic key to unlocking the world when it’s really a trio of personality traits fucking no one would want to be around.

Arson, animal-abusing, and peeing the bed…much alpha, so wow. BRB, fapping to pix of Ted Bundy in shackles.

[/sarcasm, in case needed]

Tim G regarding Roosh, “As he continued his study of internet marketing, he noted that other PUAs were having success by expanding from PUA territory into ideologically driven communities on the right. ”

– Which PUAs did that? The only *real* PUA who tried to branch out (and failed) was Owen Cook aka “Tyler Durden” of Real Social Dynamics who said a few years ago he’s quitting pick up to become a “mainstream motivational speaker”. I’m unaware of any PUAs expanding into the right wing but there are plenty of right wing Manospherians trying their hand at “game” (and failing). Even the so called “Christosanglosphere” (yes its a thing) seems to idolize PUAs and game. They say they have a thing called “married game” where they instill “dread” in their wives which causes said wives to worry about losing said husbands. LOL. They also have “soft dread”. That’s not the name of a reggae artist either. 😉

“When Jay wrote the 2014 Rotherham report, the chapter that gave her the most sleepless nights was about the ethnicity of the perpetrators. Almost all of them were from Rotherham’s Pakistani-heritage community which she described as coming from possibly three villages in Kashmir where previous generations had a different view about women’s place in their culture and their society that “certainly wouldn’t accord with any sense that we have”.”

From toddlerhood onward everyone needs a feminist education. Who doesn’t get it then, well, they need it when they grow up then. But everyone needs it at some point.

@Paleo – I had no idea…honestly, I was on my phone while waiting for my dog to go and didn’t want to navigate away from the page.

Thanks for the answer 😀

Things can get so non-respondy that I half wonder if my posts are visible only to me ○_○
It’s easier on the noggin’ than thinking that no one likes me.

In Quebec we’ve had the joy of the last two or three elections having as one major issue that of women wearing the niqab. The anti-niqab groups are all talking about how this is an assault on women’s rights to dress as they please, therefore we must ban the niqab (say what?). Also it’s a barbaric religious practice of Islam which must be feared, and it’s not about religious freedom because the niqab isn’t in the Koran.

The supposed logic totally escapes me, so I conclude that it’s pure islamophobia wrapped up in paternalism with a thin veneer of fake feminism.

@numerobis – ugh, yes. And then with the federal election Stephen Harper went in for the whole anti-niqab thing to try to win votes in Quebec from the “identity politics” crowd – i.e., the thinly-veiled (so to speak!) racists. I mean, there are good discussions to be had about not allowing religious rights to push aside more universal rights such as gender equality, but this wasn’t what the niqab kerfluffle was about (as far as I can tell).

Anyway, goodbye and good riddance, Harper. 🙂

/Canadian politics

The white nationalist homeland already exists on paper. It looks like regular blank office paper. You can’t see all the white nationalists living there, on white paper, because they’re so white.


Ah, thank you for the precision. I am at lost with english conjugation, I am sorry.

@Arctic Ape and @katz
The picture of katz is interesting. And I think that the Byzantine and some Orthodox Icons are not depicting people too “white” (but maybe it’s due to the support of the picture ?).
But i get the point of Arctic Ape. As “whiteness” of the skin, at the Courts, was some kind of aristocratic/royal trait, they may have wanted to depict religious stories with a whitey layer. Well, it is just supposition, i fear we may never know.

@Arctic Ape
I do not say that the impact of the sun and all is genetic. I speak about percieved color of the skin. As an example, my grandfather, when prisoner in a stalag during WWII, was called the “Schwartzen mann” (the black man). He had not a black complexion, but a mediterranean one (probably a bit darker than the usual one, though), and i suppose that he was standing out among the english and other french soldiers.
But you are right about the natural selection and the evolution. Just that i think the white supremacists are more on the percieved color of the skin than the real complexion (neither is a good point, anyway).

Have a nice day.

Arctic Ape, you made me laugh so hard I spilled my drink and had to change my waistcoat.

“Roosh may be going by the fact that the U.S. Census currently counts Iranians as Whites.

What did they count as before?”

I think it’s more of “what will they count as in the future?” There have

Like Hispanics, many Middle-Eastern people do identify as white, and many do not. There’s a large range of skin tones, ethnicities, and experiences. And many who see themselves as white have an unpleasant realization when they go to a European-majority country and find out they’re counted among the scary brown people. The US Census may consider them “Non-Hispanic White,” but apparently no one else got the memo. No one looks at my dad and thinks he’s just “a regular white guy,” despite his very American liking of American football. Instead, they joke that he’s related to Osama bin Laden. And of course, race and ethnicity are actually different things, so……

“…The question is inexact. If you are asking somebody simply what their skin color is — that’s how some people understand the question. Some people say they are asking me about my ancestry. Others think they are asking me about how I’m treated when I go outside.” (

re:Roosh: Ugh, he’s one of those. There are in fact Persian supremacists (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but less funny); there’s a weird racist concern with being “pure Persian” (my sister, who is half and said so, once got the…”compliment”… “It’s okay, you look full Persian.”) and some of the more obvious bigots make a point of how they’re “Aryan” (Iran comes from the word Arya-nam).


“Also, daily reminder that musilm isn’t a race, it’s a religion.”

Muslim, terrorist, Middle-Eastern: synonyms, apparently. Color me unsurprised that white supremacists conflate religion and race.

Muslim, terrorist, Middle-Eastern: synonyms, apparently. Color me unsurprised that white supremacists conflate religion and race.

I think it’s amazing that Islamophobes can say things like “being anti-Islam can’t be racist because Muslim is not a race!” while their buddies just a bit to the right are saying “Roosh is not White, he is a Muslim, our enemy!”

I think it’s amazing that Islamophobes can say things like “being anti-Islam can’t be racist because Muslim is not a race!” while their buddies just a bit to the right are saying “Roosh is not White, he is a Muslim, our enemy!”


Best thing I’ve read all day.

“there are good discussions to be had about not allowing religious rights to push aside more universal rights such as gender equality”

This. Everything is up for deconstruction. While we can respect a person’s legal right to choose whatever religion they want, it doesn’t mean we have to respect that religion. Each religion, each ideology, needs to be analyzed. I’m with Sam Harris on Jainism.

Hitler borrowed a few things from Indo-Hindu culture such as आर्य (arya) and the swastika. Arya is a Sanskrit word meaning noble. Loosely translated. It has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, skin color or anything like that. Swastika is a symbol of shubh and labh, auspiciousness and prosperity. He inverted it to symbolize the Nazi Party. The swastika is used widely in Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temples and rituals. When you travel throughout South and Southeast Asia you see a lot of them, in their proper position, not tilted like the Nazi symbol. Nevertheless its such a shame a beautiful and well-intentioned symbol has such a bad rap in the West. Let’s reclaim it, put it right, and may all sentient beings be happy!

The niqab discussion has a very strange undertone of “we must ensure women’s freedom by dictating what they can and can’t wear.”

@mockingbird I wouldn’t have thought that Gaelic is related to Basque as one is classified as Indo-European and the other an Isolate.

As far as I understand linguists have not been able to establish a genetic (in a linguistic sense) relationship between Basque and any extant language.

“The GOP may accept POC who are full of internalized racism.”

Some people in my family were Ron Paulers and he was running on the GOP ticket wasn’t he? I also have some fam who voted for Bush back in the day.
Nope, they weren’t self-haters nor had they internalized racism. They just agreed with many of their policies. Can’t recall what those policies were. I don’t follow politics.

Saying you feel sorry for the antisemite , serial rapist . rape advocate , homophobe Daryush Valizadeh is a dissapointment, David.

RooshV also recommends to everyone terrorists manifestos

Are you getting soft David ?:( RooshV is the lowest scumbag, don’t start to paint him in positive ways

Persian + Armenian? That’s technically white, but Persians are near the threshold of whiteness. Armenians are clearly white. Roosh is white, and eyeballing him doesn’t win against 1 million SNPs:

Back to the post about RooshV for a moment, see (basically about parents going “don’t worry about racism!!! *we* think you’re white therefore *they* won’t hurt you!!!”).

From what I’ve experienced, at least one of the cultures in this diaspora also has the Tiger Parent ting going on (basically “don’t worry about social skills!!! *we* just want you to study math and science hard therefore *they* will befriend and marry you for it!!”). Now imagine what happens to people who grow upo believing that stereotype.

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