Forbes Hails Success of Star Wars Boycott In World Where Words Mean Their Opposite

So this tweet happened:


Hmm. I hate to challenge Return of Kings’ legendary factcheckers, but they seem to have made a teensy little mistake here. Forbes actually thinks that the Star Wars “boycott” championed by assorted Internet reactionaries and racists didn’t cost Star Wars any money.

One clue here is the headline to the Forbes post stating that the boycott “Didn’t Cost Star Wars Any Money.”

In the post itself, Forbes contributor Erik Kain declares that RoK’s “claims about just how much of an impact their, ahem, “balanced, critical reporting” has had on the film’s financial success” were “even more ludicrous” than their claims that “The Force Awakens is little more than social-justice-warrior propaganda.”

Just a little heads up here, Roosh: Words mean what they mean, not the opposite of what they mean.

Unless the person saying these words is being sarcastic. For example, I was being sarcastic above when I mentioned “Return of Kings’ legendary factcheckers.” Kain was not being sarcastic.

H/T — @leyawn

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
7 years ago


You’re probably the only person who wil giggle as much as I just did about this comment in relation to taxonomy:

“one species sees you later and the other sees you in a while”

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
7 years ago


HAH! I’m totally stealing that one for later.

7 years ago

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My feet are actually a tiny bit longer.

I think that we believe our feet are much shorter than they are because we usually see them only from the front of the ankle to the toes.

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