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A Voice for Men offers proof that it was a feminist who threatened Anita Sarkeesian. Minus the proof.

Snidely Whiplash, actual cartoon villain
Snidely Whiplash, actual cartoon villain

“Andy Bob” of A Voice for Men has decided that the recent threats against Anita Sarkeesian are fake because … they’re too melodramatic.

In a rather remarkable bit of logicking titled “Anonymous feminist provides Anita Sarkeesian with a potential new source of revenue,” Andy Bob quotes this line from the threat email:

“Feminists have ruined my life and I will have my revenge, for my sake and the sake of all the others they’ve wronged.”

And adds:

The only thing missing is the swish of “his” cape as he exits, stage left, with his “semi-automatic rifle, multiple pistols, and a collection of pipe bombs” cunningly concealed beneath “his” jauntily angled fedora.

Huh. You may recall that the most famous person to publicly declare that “feminists have ruined my life”– that is, Marc Lepine — followed that declaration with a shooting spree that left 14 women dead.

You may also remember a certain fellow named Elliot Rodger, who announced his shooting spree this spring with a video in which he, for all intents and purposes, did his best impersonation of a comic book supervillain, complete with evil laughs. Railing against the “girls” who committed the horrible injustice of not dating him, he declared in his final video that

I will punish all of you for it. (laughs)

On the day of retribution I am going to enter the hottest sorority house of UCSB… and I will slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blonde slut I see inside there. …

I will take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you.

You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one. The true alpha male. (laughs)

The fact is that mass killers often have grandiose visions of themselves as avenging angels/devils, and see the world in stark black and white terms.

I have no idea if the latest threats against Sarkeesian are “real,” or if they’re the work of some sadistic asshole trying to terrorize her into silence with words, or whether they were written by her cat, but the fact that these words are melodramatic is hardly proof that they weren’t meant sincerely.

The “if it’s melodramatic it’s fake” argument is also a highly, well, ironic one to make in an online publication that’s home to some of the most melodramatic writing this side of a #GamerGate manifesto.

Here, for example, is John Hembling, then the managing editor of AVFM, writing about the efforts of feminists to get Facebook to take down gender-based hate speech (whether directed at women or men):

They are not simply adherents of an ideology of hatred and violence, wrapping itself in the increasingly transparent veneer of false and pious humanism. … They are fascists, and if you support their cause, that of censorship, you may be a fascist as well.

And here is an actual sentence from an AVFM post by August Løvenskiolds:

Cunt-power is cunning but every now and then, it peeks through the veil to expose a fetid maw of endless hunger and hatred.

So, yeah, Men’s Rights activists in general, and AVFMers in particular, are not exactly strangers to melodrama.

But Andy Bob evidently never reads the publication he is writing for, as he goes on to, er, argue:

There is no doubt whatsoever that this email was written by a feminist posing as an MHRA. The entirely fictitious character, who is supposed to have written it, conforms so closely to the feminist mischaracterization of MHRAs as dangerously violent psychopaths who dream of brutally silencing women that it could only have been written by someone whose goal was to maintain and embellish this outrageously slanderous threat narrative.

Yeah, it’s not as if MRAs and #GamerGaters ever present themselves in a menacing manner.

The character created as the author of the email is an artful pastiche of those mythical MHRAs, Elliot Rodger and Marc Lépine, neither of whom had any connection with known MHR organizations, despite fraudulent feminist claims to the contrary. …

The feminist author promises to “write my manifesto in her spilled blood” in order to raise the spectre of Rodger, who wrote a lengthy manifesto that primarily detailed his inability to get laid and revealed that he was the kind of sad and crazy pussy-beggar who would probably have been persona non grata in the MHRM had he ever attempted to gain entry—which he never did.

Given that Lepine lived and died long before there even was an Men’s Rights movement, it seems a bit weird to brag that he wasn’t a member of any “known MHR organizations.”

And while Elliot Rodger didn’t, as far as I know, identify as a Men’s Rights activist, he was a reader of and a commenter on PUAhate, a website connected to regular A Voice for Men contributor Jalon Cain (aka “Aaron Sleazy”), who volunteered as a moderator on the site and promoted it on his own site. Both Lepine and Rodger shared many of the beliefs of the current Men’s Rights movement.

Even more to the point, there’s no logic to Andy Bob’s argument. The fact that neither Lepine nor Rodger were card-carrying MRAs doesn’t prove that the author of the latest threats isn’t an MRA. Nor does it prove that the writer of the threats is a feminist. These are logic fails as big as Paul Elam’s ego.

The “MHRM produces crazed murderers who target women” threat narrative has been so closely observed throughout the text of the email that it could only have been written by someone who assisted in its construction. Two of the reasons why feminists posing as MHRAs are so easy to detect are the style of language they employ and the fact that their purported representation of MHRAs has the unmistakable tone of caricature that frequently devolves into the realm of pantomime.

Well, aside from the fact that the writer actually used a lot of specific phrases that are used often, and in one case almost exclusively, by MRAs.

“Anita Sarkeesian is everything wrong with the feminist woman, and she is going to die screaming like the craven little whore that she is if you let her come to USU.”

Really? And her little dog too?

This statement sounds more like it came from Snow White’s wicked stepmother as she raises a Sarkeesianesque eyebrow in envious rage than a real-life psycho.

Or from Elliot Rodger — who gleefully announced that “I will slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blonde slut” he saw, before attempting to do just that.

There isn’t the slightest hint of articulated performance in the glib and terrifying words of genuinely deranged psychopaths like Elliot Rodger and Marc Lépine.

Apparently Andy Bob never watched Elliot Rodger’s extravagantly melodramatic final video.

The only question that remains is: Who has a history of making death threats via emails to venues hosting talks on potentially contentious issues and has a vested interest in publicly demonizing the MHRM by maintaining a false threat narrative through attempted character assassination and misrepresenting everything we stand for?

Could it be …. Satan?

Well, no. He means AVFM’s version of Satan: Feminists — as the title of his post proclaims even more categorically.

Of course, A Voice for Men has never offered proof that any of the alleged threats made against its conference came from feminists. Or that these threats even existed. Indeed, even while AVFM was raising literally tens of thousands of dollars for “security,” the site’s lawyers were accusing the Doubletree Hilton hotel of faking the threats for money. Indeed, in the comments on AVFM, Andy Bob himself sneered at the Doubletree employee that Elam suggested might have faked the threats. But now Andy Bob has conveniently changed his mind and is presenting the alleged threats against AVFM as real. The irony meter level here is over 9000.

Several of the commenters to Andy Bob’s post go on to accuse … me of writing the threats.

 Bryan Scandrett Andybob • 18 hours ago  Maybe I'm stuck in some MRA group think vortex here but a brief scan of that article flags Futrelle as a person of interest as author of the threat. Looks a lot like someone over working a frame up, trying to lead the law to the "crims" he wants punished.  "I went through the email – the full text of which I found in this Pastebin – cutting and pasting some of its more memorable phrases into Google to see just where – if anywhere – these phrases showed up online. And I found that quite a few of them are phrases that are used almost nowhere else but in the misogynistic subcultures I write about on this blog – specifically, in the Men’s Rights and “Game” subcultures. This is someone, like Elliot Rodger before him, who has been reading if not actively participating in these subcultures"  Google misandrist harpies and mostly you get Anita and David. In 50+ yrs of this shit I don't recall ever seeing those two words put together.Huh.

 Paul Bryan Scandrett • 12 hours ago  They should definitely examine his search history to see *when* he did those searches.  Is examining the email in such detail the internet equivalent of returning to the scene of the crime?Yes, that’s right. He’s claiming that the fact that I analyzed the language of the threat means that I wrote it. And posts this as a comment to an article in which Andy Bob … analyzes the language of the threat.

Andy Bob, for his part, is happy to add to all the insinuations:

I have to admit that this thought crossed my mind. All of the lies about Elliot Rodger being a MHRA link back to David Futrelle as the original source.

Huh. Except that I never said he was an MRA, and in face went out of my way in my writings and media appearances to point out that he wasn’t an MRA — just someone who shared a great number of beliefs with MRAs.

If he is heavily invested enough in publicly demonizing the MHRM to fabricate this kind of obvious fraud (E.R. being a MHRA), it isn’t that much of a stretch for him to go one step further and actually fabricate a fake E.R. clone sending threatening emails to maximize his investment.

The only fraud being perpetuated here is by you, dude. Well, you and the Honey Badgers.

He stops just short of accusing me of literally writing  the threatening email.

Then, I wondered why he would take the risk of exposing his act of terrorism by writing what is, essentially, an account of how he went about doing it. Futrelle is too much of a coward, and not quite stupid enough, to be so obvious about committing such a serious crime.

But then, based on nothing more than his own “feels,” he goes on to accuse me of trying to encourage others to write similar threats:

My guess is that he knows the email is a fraud, thinks it is wonderful, and hopes to encourage others to commit similar frauds by offering instructions on how to accomplish them. After all, who knows better than he just how many loony feminists have access to keyboards? …

Futrelle’s post indicates that he is playing a very dangerous game in which he is dancing closer to the abyss of disrepute than ever before.

Yes, the guy who just wrote a post analyzing the language of the threat is accusing me of “playing a dangerous game” by … analyzing the language of the threat.

It’s only a matter of time before he missteps, and falls in, hopefully taking the perennially smirking, and equally appalling, Sarkeesian with him.

Dream on, dude. I’m not going away. She’s not going away. You’re utterly transparent in your insinuations. You have neither logic nor evidence on your side. All your accusations are nothing but ideologically driven fantasies.

But then again, that’s pretty much all the Men’s Rights movement is.

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7 years ago

Got me, too. Twice.

kittehserf - MOD
7 years ago

It just struck me that ctiminy would be the perfect word for Cthulhu to use when he’s cross.

7 years ago

Hmm. Having access to a keyboard alone wouldn’t be too useful. I’d need a monitor. And a computer. And an internet. I can haz internets?

Because I iz obviozizly a feminizt mizandrizt stoopid kitteh who wrote u a threats but eated them!

7 years ago

I’m still amazed that I haven’t been trolled yet, considering I’m doing the crime of existing openly weird on the Internet.

Yeah, a lot of the internet tries to look like this beautiful place for weirdness, and then when someone gets *too* weird- like being non-white or non-heterosexual or trans or non-neurotypical or fat- they only want a *little* geeky, a *little* chubby, a *little* shy. You know, enough to be cute but not to, you know, ever be too much of an issue interacting with this messed up, rigid society.

I love this place. This place is all the awesome internet places come together in one. It doesn’t fat shame, it isn’t racist, it (obviously?) isn’t sexist, it isn’t homophobic, isn’t transphobic, doesn’t trivialize mental illness, doesn’t patronize non-neurotypicals, doesn’t slut shame, doesn’t hate geeks…

(Being autistic but generally mentally healthy, I tend to put mental illness and non-neurotypicalness in different categories. Correct me if this is wrong!)

kittehserf - MOD
7 years ago

(Being autistic but generally mentally healthy, I tend to put mental illness and non-neurotypicalness in different categories. Correct me if this is wrong!)

From where I stand, I’d agree.

7 years ago

Christ. I’m actually up at eight in the morning, shaking because of this. I’m saying my piece and then going on break.

Kittehs, please stop bringing up trans people’s genitals in other discussions. I do not appreciate my genitals or my friends’ genitals being discussed by cis people.

This idea that trans women have male privilege does not ring true with my experience. The queer trans women I know were the people who taught me how to bear homelessness, because they’d been there. They were the people who taught me how familial abandonment worked, and how to survive it, because they were the ones who most experienced that. They were the people who TAUGHT me about transness, because trans men weren’t around to do it. My trans women friends get sexually harassed and assaulted even while in “Boy Mode.” This isn’t unusual! Pretty much ALL THE TRANS WOMEN I KNOW, and I know a lot, are sexually assaulted or harassed pretty regularly, have lost jobs because they’re trans and they’re women. ALL OF THEM.

Trans men? We have it fucking easy. I feel more at ease talking with trans women about my history, because they’re more likely to share it, rather than be total douchebros about it. (Because uh, yeah guys, a lot of trans dudes have hella male privilege.)

The queer trans women I knew were not afraid of cis women. They were not angry at cis women. Outside of tumblr, which is its own funhouse mirror, I had never even HEARD about this shit except as a, “WTF is this shit, they think we CARE? I care about not getting murdered!” No, they were wary of cis men, and with very good reason.

Look at the Trans Day of Remembrance page. Look at those names. Let me tell you, these are not trans MEN you see on this list. Our male privilege protects us. It’s trans women who are murdered. It’s also trans women who kicked off gay liberation, Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson. Guess how they died? Yeah. Rivera died from liver disease complicated by her years of homelessness. Marsha Johnson was probably murdered; her case has only just been reopened, twenty years later.

Can you name a single fucking trans man who has been murdered, aside from Brandon Teena? I can’t. I can think of MANY trans women. This is not a coincidence. I HAVE THE MALE PRIVILEGE. Trans women are at higher likelihood of being raped than trans men. (Wish I could find a better statistic, but I’ve seen it before.) Black and Pink has HUNDREDS of trans women on file in prison. Trans men? TWO.

I don’t know why the fuck trans people’s genitals keeps being brought up here, why there seems so much bitterness towards queer trans women, but I would really appreciate it if it stopped. I don’t WANT to leave Mammoth, but it’s no coincidence that trans people are the ones mostly leaving, guys. I’m starting to want to leave too, even though it would axe most of my business and I need all the friends I can get.

There. I’m done. Apologies for the teal deer.

*sighs, goes to make tea because sleep apparently is not happening*

7 years ago

@LBT I’d hate if you left. I am sorry Ally left. I want to beg you to stay, but…your mental health is far more important than my enjoying reading your postings. Just know that a lot of people here like you, even if we don’t talk much to you directly, and we would miss you.

7 years ago

No apology needed, LBT. Sending internet hugs & kittens, and a commitment that my friendship & support are yours to have whether you stay or leave. I’d hate it if you left too, but I support whatever decision you make.

7 years ago

Hey, don’t apologize for writing out your opinion as clear as you can make it. It’s cool. We want you to.

kittehserf - MOD
7 years ago


I’m not talking about trans people in general. I never have been.

This is about a subset of activists whose rhetoric is at least as violent as any MRA’s – we’re talking (TW rape) raping Cathy Brennan with a chainsaw violent. They’re the ones who bring genitals into the conversation, again, exactly like MRAs do. They’re abhorrent to the other trans women speaking out about them – which is where I’ve read about them.

7 years ago

In my opinion death threats are not ok no matter who makes them. The behavior is unacceptable and inexcusable.

7 years ago

So, here we are in a thread about a woman who has received multiple death threats. Many gamer-gaters are insisting that they’re not real threats, they’re false flags, or she’s just a big chicken because OBVIOUSLY smart people don’t take internet threats seriously.

And so, when someone carries out their threats, their published and clearly stated plans and intentions to commit murder, smart people are shocked and horrified, and wonder how they didn’t see that coming. Because how can we tell the difference between threats that are just rhetorical flourish, and threats we should take seriously?

By not making death threats, even in jest. Especially not in jest.

Dennis Jernberg (@dennis_jernberg)

And here are the MRAs, either shielding being #notyourshield for the terrorist or egging him on, certainly blaming the victims (like Anita) and those defending them (like David), sometimes to the point of outright persecution. But when female inequality becomes an absolute cause, misogynists will justify any means as necessary. Not just terrorist threats and actual terrorism against feminists, but claiming another feminist (here “anonymous”) did it as they’re doing at AVFM.

The smart people who keep getting surprised by the likes of Lépine and Rodger seem not to have the sense of ominous foreshadowing that I have. But then they probably didn’t attend the end-of-the-world school of history like I did as a kid (Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witness, and Armstrongist to be exact). Still, they need to look more carefully, because the signs are there.

7 years ago

re “notyourshield” The argument was that “SJWs” were exploiting PoC and Women; who actually (as a group) were said to be supportive of GG, hence they were speaking up to tell the people SJWs that they couldn’t use them to hide behind while making unreasonable demands on gamers (i.e. be more inclusive of PoC and women).

7 years ago

And so, when someone carries out their threats, their published and clearly stated plans and intentions to commit murder, smart people are shocked and horrified, and wonder how they didn’t see that coming.

In the same way right-wingers, gun nuts and anti-abortionists insist on using violent rhetoric and calls for extreme action, then try to disown people who act on it (often while cheering for the results).

7 years ago

Gonna ‘nth the no death threats under any circumstances. We don’t that shit slide even when the threat is made towards an MRA. No reason we should let it slide in any other situation, regardless of who’s making the threat and regardless of whom the threat is directed at.

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