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This cat reading a #GamerGate manifesto may be the best thing you see all day. (Possibly.)

So yesterday I discovered a #GamerGate manifesto that started with these dramatic pronouncements:

We are Gamers.

We are alive.

And that was just the opener.

By the time the manifesto manifestoed itself all the way to the end, the anonymous author had warned us that games were a poor beleaguered “art form” that needed to “be protected from the dogmatic rhetoric of a clique of totalitarian ideologues,” angrily “denounce[d] the mercantilization of debased social justice,” and taken a few swipes at “careerist writers who sacrifice social harmony, human ethics and intellectual honesty on the altar of Controversy.”

The manifesto-writer declared that the aforementioned gamers who are alive collectively “reject the Industry of Outrage and it’s [sic] guilt-based economic model … reject the ideological megaphones who perpetually parrot their prejudiced hate,” and get a bit peeved when their gender, race, sexual orientation and so forth are “traded on the mediatic market, in return for ideological brownie points.”  Mediatic market?

This all seems like a really long-winded way of saying that #GamerGaters really hate it when anyone in the gaming media says anything mean about them.

But at least one of the readers of this manifesto was excited enough by it to pay this dude, who reads stuff out loud for money on YouTube, something like $350 to turn the manifesto into this video:

Well, let’s just say that my cats — fervently if a little confusedly opposed to feminism in all forms — were a bit more impressed by the manifesto, and this video, than I was. And they insisted on making one of their own. I promised I would upload it to the internet for them, so you can scroll up to the start of this post to watch it.

Sweetie Pie Jonus, the grey tabby, wandered off the script here and there, but as much as I hate the message of the manifesto I think she did a pretty good job overall. And she didn’t bite anyone in the process.

Here’s the whole manifesto, if you prefer that old-fashioned “reading” thing:




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7 years ago

By complete coincidence I happened to be finally able to read this site again and occasioned by the comments section. It’s been flipping ages, but I am intending to start updating the food blog again! I still have a bunch of recipes I’m hoping to try out. I’ll add the ones I see here to the list.

7 years ago

I really didn’t want to necro a thread but I REALLY WANTED to post this excellent thing from reddit, a “simplified” version of that atrociously disingenuous manifesto. Thanks SittieKitty for letting me avoid the guilt! 😉

7 years ago

“We felt that we needed to mention that we were alive twice just in case the dullness of this manifesto made you wonder if we were communicating with you from beyond the grave.”

7 years ago

Ha, no problem strivingally! Also hi everyone, I hope everyone’s been well since last I was around, which was a long damn time ago…

7 years ago

@cassandra: they may be emphatically alive, but I’m still waiting for the proof on sentience.

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