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The Top Four Men’s Rightsiest things said about the recent threats against Anita Sarkeesian


Men’s Rights activists are the only ones asking these tough questions about the recent threats against Anita Sarkeesian and other outspoken women in gaming.

1) Why isn’t everyone thanking Men’s Rights Activists  for trying to keep women out of gaming?

DaNiceguy 5 points 1 day ago   You know, the worst part is, assuming this threat is real, we are the only people holding these damaged guys back. There are some guys who have been so totally and completely fucked over by women/feminism/gynocentrism that they've come out the other side really unstable. By having male spaces where they can feel safe, they don't feel like their refuge is under attack. Gaming is one of those refuges. Instead you've got feminists storming the castle walls and poking these guys with sticks and then being shocked when one gets ready to kamikaze.  If feminists aren't prepared to leave these guys who are actually dangerous alone, it's going to get bloody. And I don't say that as a threat, I point it out as a fact.

2) Why isn’t anyone focusing on who would be the real victims of violence against Sarkeesian —  teh menz?

Nomenimion 0 points 1 day ago   I sure hope you're wrong... the last thing we need is another Marc Lepine. Such an act of violence would be a crushing setback for men everywhere.3) Why are you hitting yourself?

4) Why aren’t we fighting the real enemy — feminist English majors?

Capitalsman 7 points 1 day ago   The fact that it starts off by informing you who, when, and where she will be speaking in the beginning in a seperate paragraph so it stands out is highly suspect on it's own. It starts like a campus news letter about her speaking there and has grammar better than anything I did in college. If it isn't a real threat like it seems, then surely either a staff member or a feminist majoring in English wrote this.

H/T — Cloudiah, Ami Angelwings




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8 years ago

Oops I forgot to close my i tag. And *juvenile

blahlistic (@blahlistic)

They are awful and ridiculous…like giant toddlers deliberately breaking their toys, only their toys are people.

Dennis Jernberg (@dennis_jernberg)

1) Note the handle: DaNiceguy. But but but — you guessed it — he’s a Nice Guy™! :p As for “safe spaces for men” (read: from women), as The Arbourist put it above, traditionally that was all of society, all of it without exception. In some especially conservative places (the Islamic world is where everybody usually looks; think of the absolute monarchies in Arabia), it still is.

Oh, and MRAs (shut up, Woody, and GYOW, now!), I’m not thanking you for keeping women out of gaming, I’m blaming you and supporting the women who fight back against your persecution campaign.

2) A crushing setback for “men” if by “men” you only mean MRAs, PUAs, and other “alphas”, we “betas” and “manginas” being of course defined as unmen.

3) Memo to @fidelbogen: I’m not provoking you into hating me, I’m taking for granted you always did. After all, @GlennBeck and @RushLimbaugh didn’t block me for nothing.

4) You have to remember that for US conservatives, good English skills mean you’re part of the conspiracy against America. I’ve been reading stories online about how homeschool curricula are deliberately neglecting English proficiency so conservative parents’ kids won’t grow up to be evil liberals who sound like Yankee city slickers. The ideal American language would, by that standard, be the Unknown Tongue spoken only in Pentecostal churches.

Anita Sarkeesian uses complete sentences when she speaks, that misandrist. Men need safe spaces from complete sentences of the Sarkeeeesian.

I’m sure Jordan Owen agrees that The Sarkeesian’s complete sentences are proof that she’s an agent of the Hypnotoad. Complete sentences are hypnotic, after all, or at least they hypnotize MRAs…

Just realized “douche” and “douchebag” might be considered a gendered slur. Hope nobody was offended.

I was severely disappointed to discover that in French (and German: Dusche) that word is a completely innocent word for “shower” in the bathtub or locker-room sense. It was the Mad Men who twisted the meaning into “vaginal wash”, for a client of course (Summer’s Eve brand, IIRC made by Procter & Gamble), to seduce suburban housewives with sexy French branding to go with their capitalism-induced body anxiety. Hence the “douchebag” is the resultant waste product, and inevitably it got the same secondary meaning as “scumbag” (slang term for a used condom).

Nick Kavanagh
8 years ago

Proud of the fact that he has bad grammar, probably by extension did poorly in college. Probably a jock on scholarship, passed because he’s a sports star. It’s teh intellectual elites like English majors ruining things for teh mens.

8 years ago

As a feminist who majored in English Lit, I can tell you that Dudebro #4 would never have hacked it for one day at my university. Stupidity was not rewarded there, even if it came with a penis.

8 years ago

@Dennis Jernberg, Huh, I had no idea that’s where scumbag came from!
Douches aren’t totally evil, a mild vinegar-based douche is a natural cure that can do wonders for a yeast infection. But generally, yes, those you buy in any drugstore tend towards the body-shaming variety.

8 years ago

I’ve been reading stories online about how homeschool curricula are deliberately neglecting English proficiency so conservative parents’ kids won’t grow up to be evil liberals who sound like Yankee city slickers. 

Wah? Why on earth would you purposely try to hamper your children’s language skills? This is also weird given that the majority of conservative folks I’ve met are big into “they should learn the language” type thinking regarding immigrants. Some of the more extreme varieties argue against ESL.

7 years ago

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