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MRAs and #GamerGaters: Maybe you're the baddies?

Screencap from a video by Banne666au

A little realization hit me while I was watching videos about #GamerGate recently. MRAs and #GamerGaters really seem to enjoy depicting themselves as cartoon villains. Above, the skull-in-a-Koolaid-pitcher mascot of MRA videoblogger Bane666au.

Below, a screencap from a video by Mundane Matt, one of the movers and shakers behind the whole #GamerGate thing.

Intro to video by Mundane Matt
Intro to video by Mundane Matt

Once the smokey skull intro is over, here’s what you look at the rest of the time when you watch one of his videos:


And while we’re at it, the logo for his channel:


When they’re not depicting themselves as evil skulls with creepy eyes, MRAs and other antifeminists like to identify themselves with fictional villains:

An A Voice for Men meme. Note to MRAs: Walter White is NOT a good role model.


That is, when they’re not posing as supervillains themselves:

Nick Reading of Men's Rights Edmonton, from his Patriarchy Party brochure.
Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton, from his Patriarchy Party brochure.

Oh, hey, it’s our friend Davis Aurini, from earlier today, in an unphotoshopped screenshot from a video of his.

Apparently Davis Aurini didn't pay the electric bill for his supervillain lair
Apparently Davis Aurini is trying to save on electricity in his supervillain lair

Oh, and here’s a screenshot from a more recent video of his. Note the skull. That’s right: he owns a freaking skull.

That's right -- a freaking SKULL
A freaking SKULL

I hate to tell you guys, but I think YOU’RE THE BADDIES.

Yes, I know I’ve posted this video before, but once again it seemed very very apt.

374 replies on “MRAs and #GamerGaters: Maybe you're the baddies?”

It’s the gotcha, complete with attempts to find “evidence” that one’s newly discovered enemies are in the wrong in order to crush them into submission because…well, just because, OK (apparently this is fun for some people)? That’s the behavior that people are objecting to.


It was in a thread about some dude whose opening line on Grindr was about the other person’s ass, and who then told the other person to fuck off when they objected? I have no idea why, but Michael was doubling down there too in much the same way as here.

I’ll just be over here. Being very quiet and unobtrusive. Don’t mind me.

(Srsly, I seem to have the magic gift of always being on break when the shit hits the fan.)

RE: Michael McG

Dude, please stop. As someone who actually WAS familiar with the diagnosis of cretinism, you are coming off way more as someone trying to look good than DO good. It’s not pleasant.

Not wild about it myself, but still being here after expecting not to be in recent weeks, I’m also not wild about anything that looks like that level of thread-controlling starting up again.

The price of not refreshing! My “not wild about it” comment was responding to blahlistic saying “I just hate intra-group arguing with a passion, is all.”


That was the fastest transition from “nope, not saying anything” to “fuck it, I’m saying something” I’ve seen in a while.

Wait, what? Which thread was this?

Itwas as ssh
e qwas the “is u ass biff?” thread. And it is also distinctly not what I said.

Let’s try this again:

It was in the “is u ass bif?” thread. And it was also distinctly not what I was saying.

So now we’re going to retread the argument about whether or not sleazy behavior and is pre-defined as appropriate in certain spaces (and therefore it’s also OK to tell people who object to it to fuck off) and pretend that the behavior people objected to in this thread never happened? Well, I suppose you deserve some credit for the attempted deflection.

RE: Cassandrakitty

That was the fastest transition from “nope, not saying anything” to “fuck it, I’m saying something” I’ve seen in a while.

What can I say? It’s been that kind of day. Think I gave myself whiplash though.

Yeah, had to run away for drill. I’m back, sort of, but should be going to bed, because I’m finally doing my first 24 hour ride shift since I started this stinking (well, I love it, but…) day job!

If the day goes well, I might even manage to get all my required patient contacts to get signed off on being a lone medic in the back of the rig…

Cassandra, Hellkell, I totally get your point. Kind of an ”attempt to nip this more moral than thou because of obscure factoid/circumstance/thingy of some sort in the bud”

Good luck.

I’m not convinced this is pt 2, but I’m kind of terrible at making such calls, and shall defer to wiser heads.

Also, Michael, you really aren’t helping your cause… Whatever that is. I’m confused, to be honest, about what your cause actually is at this point.

Not that you’re trolling, but it’s like you are having a different conversation than everyone else is.

It’s orange.

Hey Varick troll, are you stupid? Can’t even see the crap by gamerbros and MRAs on the same page? Can’t work out context? Can’t see the connection?

Yeah, you’re stupid.

Michael McG, I get that you were upset and offended by the “lives in mom’s basement” crack – which you had every right to be – but it feels like you just started reaching for some way to call it oppressive, and I don’t really understand why. To justify your own reaction? To force us to agree with you? Whatever the reason, it’s not working, and it really looks like you care more about winning than about the actual oppression(s) you’re trying to accuse us of.

I’m not accusing anyone of oppression; I’m just pointing out how the careless use of language can lead to perpetuation of oppression

Isn’t that kind of he whole point of of addressing times when people off-handedly use “crazy” and “bonkers”?


Not only are MRAs and GamerGate followers being conflated, this article has no actual content regarding either. Splendid.

Translation: I am too lazy to read the many articles on this site containing extensive content regarding GamerGate and MRAs. Also, I didn’t read this article. Also, I am not splendid. I’m really pathetic.

Upon further examination, some of my posts do appear to be unnecessarily adversarial, so, instead of informing people of my opinions–which wasn’t my intent in originally making them, I appear to be accusing people of oppression. I apologize for my confrontational approach and will take a more informational or observational tone in the future.

I feel like I feel like I should get into this whole video blogging thing now, if only because I own some authentic Inquisitor robes & popehat. Before I abandoned Christianity for Odinism my personal idol was Konrad von Marburg, and I pretty much wanted to root out corruption in the church the same way. Also, Aurini is legit fucking Kane, mark my words.
Lets just say I did some poking around out of my own curiousity and the people most likely to have donated a lot of money to his patreon aren’t actually #gg related…

Something about the rest frame of that “Are We the Baddies?” video:

Check the right collar badge of the Sturmfuehrer-SS facing the viewer. It’s not the usual double Seig runes; it’s a death’s head. That means CONCENTRATION CAMP STAFF.

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