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Reddit hits a new low with a subreddit promoting the "corrective" rape of "sluts" and "harlots."

Collage of images from the PhilosophyOfRape subreddit
Collage of images from the PhilosophyOfRape subreddit

For a social media site with pretensions to respectability, Reddit shows an astounding tolerance for hate. As anyone who has ever explored the site’s dark underbelly knows well, the site hosts a vast array of subreddits devoted to celebrations of such things as “white pride” and violence against women.

The latest addition to this archipelago of awfulness is a 3-day-old subreddit with the pretentious and appalling name PhilosophyOfRape, set up by a user of the same name in order to promote and celebrate “corrective” rape of “sluts” and “harlots.”

In a manifesto announcing the subreddit to the world, the user known as PhilosophyOfRape set forth his basic thesis, which he insists is as “serious as a heart attack.”

Rape served a very important function in mitigating female behavior and keeping it in check. Back in the time of prehistory, a woman couldn’t behave as shamelessly slutty as she can today, because of the risk of catching the eye of the wrong male. But now, with “consent” laws barring nature back, and feminism and sexual-liberation perverting whole generations of hearts and minds, we find ourselves in a situation gone way, way, too far.

These harpies need to be humbled. And for their own good. Like the child with absolutely no boundaries and no discipline, they may feel they yearn for no rules, but become absolutely lost without an adult to tell them no! …

It’s not only morally justifiable to rape such a woman, it’s and brave.

At the risk of stating the obvious, this isn’t true for all female human beings. We’re not talking about nuns or grandmothers or humble, married, women of twenty years.

We’re talking about filthy, unmitigated, sluts. Oblivious and loud. Shameless. Belligerent. Entitled. Selfie taking, Tindr-whoring, Teenage-walking-herpes-sores. We are talking about bad, bad, individuals. Unruly, neglicted, children, run-amok. That badly need to be punished. Badly.

For the good of society these women need to be raped.

Here we will teach how to do it safely.

Emphasis mine, typos his.

By “safely” he means safely for the rapists, of course. In a followup post, he explained that

We are here to provide encouragement and advice how to [rape] and do it safely. Regression analysis to find out which variables make it less likely to get into legal trouble. Very few women report the rapes, what can you do to make it even less likely? Example: remind the victim that “no one will believe them”. When they orgasm (which is actually very common during rape, Google it) speak up and let them know that you are aware of it and that it will come out during trial if they reported it.

As he sees it, his program should have a good deal of appeal to the “Elliot Rodger types” of the world.

[T]here are swarms and swarms of filth parading around downtown and around campus every friday and saturday night, very badly needing to be Corrected. And there are many men out there fit to do it with just a little encouragement. The Elliot Rodger types could so easily be making a difference and gaining a purpose with just a little direction and support. I am not a “neckbeardy” type or a perma-virge or anything like that. I’ve had consentual sex with 9 girls, and have had serious relationships etc. But I do have a great deal of sympathy for these guys.

Indeed, PhilosophyOfRape hopes to transform “these guys” into a holy army of rapists:

I hate my generation, they at scum and filth and are not worthy to breathe my air. The brutish and ignorant apes that pass for men are bad, but it is their double X chromosomed counterparts that truly defile the word “human” by associating it with their detestable essences. It is the harlots that are in the greatest need of corrective discipline and it is for these harlots that the appropriate punishment is most clear: rape. Simple, swift, brutal, rape. Impassioned and indiacriminate. A whole team of holy soldiers, cutting these abominations down to a place where their feeble heads can even see Their selves for the meek and lowly creatures they are, and will greatfully bow, averting their eyes in humility and spending their dazed working quietly, tending the home and reflecting on HOW they had once thought it fit to behave.

Emphasis mine.

In a now-deleted comment on the Men’s Rights subreddit that can still be found in his comment history, PhlilosophyOfRape suggested that Emma Watson was a good example of a

harlot [who] needs to be Corrected. As badly as any of them and perhaps even more so because she made choices that allowed her to retain an image with a semblance of dignity. But it is only a veneer.

And in another comment, he responded to a violent threat from a critic with a threat of his own, writing that “I’d love to rape you to death. And your daughter.”

Even more disturbingly, in a comment on TheRedPill subreddit, PhilosophyOfRape claimed that he has raped seven women so far, and that he successfully convinced a friend to rape yet another:

These harlots need to be Corrected. I so far have Corrected 7. Two last year but over five already in 2014 and a brother I’ve brought into the fold has already Corrected his first one, a vile, putrid, one.

PhilosophyOfRape, or some troll inspired by his writings, has posted some of these things on 8chan as well, where they’ve gotten essentially zero traction.

Is he lying? Is he trolling? Possibly, though it’s worth pointing out that Elliot Rodger’s even more outlandish manifesto would have likely been dismissed as the work of a troll had its release to the world not come on the heels of Rodger’s grotesque killing spree. I can only hope that PhilosophyOfRape’s claim to have raped 7 women is a lie. But beyond that he seems quite sincere.

Even if he is trolling, what he’s written is hate speech, and one wonders why Reddit’s admins, who have certainly been notified about PhilosophyOfRape – the user and the subreddit – haven’t banned him outright.

But looking the other way seems to be the modus operandi of Reddit’s admins.

Reddit has won itself a well-deserved reputation as a place where anything goes – particularly if that “anything” involves the degradation of women. During the debacle known as The Fappening, Reddit’s admins allowed their site become one of the primary internet conduits for the distribution of a virtual cache of illegally obtained celebrity nudes – including some featuring celebs who were underage when their pictures were taken. The admins only took TheFappening subreddit down when it appeared they might face legal consequences. By then the subreddit had already racked up hundreds of millions of pageviews, earning Reddit enough to pay for its server costs for several months (and possibly much more).

The admins’ casual tolerance for TheFappening wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone who has paid attention to the site for any length of time. Reddit for years hosted an assortment of subreddits devoted to sexualized, often stolen pictures of underage girls – even honoring the man responsible for the popular JailBait subreddit with an Reddit Alien statuette as an award; the admins only banned the subreddits after activists and an assortment of media outlets reported that child porn was being openly traded on r/jailbait.

The trouble is, this sort of awfulness appeals enormously to Reddit’s user base; even if they don’t partake in it themselves, Redditors tend to react with outrage whenever the admins – belatedly – take down subreddits that have become a danger to the site’s reputation. Jailbait was an extraordinarily popular subreddit, and many Redditors still mourn the day it was taken down.

And while PhilosophyOfRape has only picked up a tiny handful of subscribers in the first few days of its existence – and a small army of detractors who’ve collectively spammed the subreddit with kitten pics – other subreddits with a similar, er, appeal –from RapingWomen and BeatingWomen2 to HotRapeStories and ChokeABitch – collectively have thousands of subscribers. CuteFemaleCorpses, a subreddit devoted to sexualizing pictures of actual dead women, managed to rack up a little more than 800,000 pageviews last month. The WatchPeopleDie subreddit boasts 44,000 subscribers.

Racism also sells. The cartoonishly racist GreatApes subreddit, devoted to over the top attacks on “n*ggers” that make Stormfront seem a bastion of tolerance by comparison, generated nearly one million pageviews in September; the subreddit boasts several dozen other smaller subreddits in what it calls its “chimpire,” the overwhelming majority of which contain the word “n*gger” (without the asterisk) or references to apes in their names.

We hear again and again, without much proof, that the people posting on these subreddits are just “trolls,” though much of what they write is little more than a blunter version of what is regularly posted elsewhere on Reddit, from the racist snark in r/videos to the misogyny of r/mensrights and r/theredpill.  Regardless, I’m sure that some of them are trolls.

But there is a very real danger to Reddit’s continuing tolerance of users – and whole communities – driven by hatred. At some point someone – either someone posting hateful screeds like PhilosophyOfRape, or someone inspired by these screeds – is going to take this hate to the real world, as Elliot Rodger did only a few months ago. (If he’s telling the truth about the rapes, PhilosophyOfRape already has.) PhilosophyOfRape may be nothing but hot, fetid air — I perhaps naively hope —  but I think it’s a virtual certainty that some day, possibly quite soon, Reddit itself is going to give birth to another Elliot Rodger.

And then the Reddit administrators will have blood on their hands.

EDIT: If you want to report PhilosophyOfRape to the authorities, the FBI’s tip page is here.

EDIT 2: Clarified some things in the final paragraph.

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So far my attempts to find a better word have produced only produced horriblefuckus.

That’ll do nicely. Thanks, Zolnier!

The irony here is that you are the only person publicizing this idiot. He doesn’t seem to have any following whatsoever.

He is not merely “publicizing the idiot”, he is publicizing Reddit’s continued and ongoing openness to serious, crime-inciting nastiness that should never be published anywhere. There is a difference, you know.

He’s trying hard to sound authoritiative and important. It’s not working very well. When even Reddit’s response is to spam you with kittens…

Faith in humanity partway restored…

Yeah, Pecunium. That’s what I was getting at. There’s no way the person making that Reddit has any redeeming qualities.

This is kind of funny after the massive outcry about the “censorship” during the Zoe Quinn situation. If reddit was deleting those topics to make the site more friendly to women, it certainly didn’t start in the right place. >_>

Thank you Bina!! You outlined perfectly all the thoughts I had as I read is nonsensical ramblings. I work with Survivors, women that don’t fit his “hussy” description, and the terror they feel is palpable. That asswipe needs years of therapy!!!

This is really disturbing. I found his Gravatar, Twitter, and WordPress all very quickly and they’re filled with the same types of rants. The only encouraging thing I can say is that he doesn’t seem to have any kind of following. He is so obsessed with this that I went ahead and sent in a report, since he appears to be claiming responsibility for crimes. I feel the need to donate to RAINN again. This kind of person makes me feel sick to my stomach, so I need to do something to feel better.

Words fail me.

If he’s telling the truth, I hope he goes to jail right away. Nothing else I could say seems at all adequate to express disgust.

I supposse I should put up some brain bleach, so here is nature’s most adorable animal: The Peacock Spider


Everyone’s now claiming that Rawstory or David himself created this subreddit. Can’t they realize how stupid that sounds?

The white fluffy dog knight made this subreddit! The Furrinati says so!

(I entertain the notion of David creating the subreddit notion with all the credulity it deserves. None.)

skybison, those spiders look like they’re doing the semaphore version of Wuthering Heights!

(If this embeds the whole thing, the relevant bit starts at 1.11)

Everyone’s now claiming that Rawstory or David himself created this subreddit. Can’t they realize how stupid that sounds?

Denial…it’s not just a river in Egypt anymore.
Less scary to think someone made this up than believe he’s out there, and that there’s probably others like him.

Wait, where are people claiming I started the subreddit?

I’m wondering if I’m also the thousands of people who subscribe to RapingWomen and BeatingWomen2 and HotRapeStories and ChokeABitch. And if I’m responsible for the 800,000 pageviews for CuteFemaleCorpses.

David, didn’t you know? The ferrets in the cat suits in the David suit have been very busy.

They’ve been creating and stocking up on sockpuppets for years. Each of the ferrets in the cat suits in the David suit have created hundreds of socks, some from the finest merino wool, just for this occasion! They’ve also been having to sneak out of the catsuits in the darkest hours, to sneak over to new IP areas and do their dastardly socking…

It’s almost … refreshing … to see so much honesty in rape culture. This really reveals the ‘don’t go out alone’ narrative not as helpful advice, but as a way of controlling and limiting women’s behaviour with rape as a threat and a weapon. That the point of it is not warning women from ‘lone bad guys’ but a real concerted effort to terrorise women as a class. The police, fathers and rapists all working together to keep daughters at home and alarmed.

It doesnt surprise me that he likes Elliot Rodgers. His writing is in the same faux-high falutin language, full of the same vile hatred and dehumanisation of women, and brimming with the same pathetic and childish desire for control over them. Ugh, I need some kittens, stat.

Everyone’s now claiming that Rawstory or David himself created this subreddit. Can’t they realize how stupid that sounds?

Yeah. That’s like something JudgyBitch would do.

Like I said on another thread…no bottom to that barrel, halfway to China, etc.

“In two studies conducted online, researchers examined personality traits and the online commenting styles of 1,215 people. The investigators found that Internet trolls tended to have personality traits related to sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism – a term used by psychologists to describe a person’s tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. The link between trolling and sadism was the strongest out of all three traits, the researchers said.”

At some point we’re going to have to find the right balance between internet freedom and control of hate speech.

At some point we’re going to have to find the right balance between internet freedom and control of hate speech.

It’s not that difficult. We just have to make outlets accountable for the hate speech they allow in their space. As we are now, we have one of the biggest hubs of the internet actively protecting criminals and bigots in the name of “free speech” (Reddit), and another that cinically lets abuse happen to profit from it (Twitter).

Seriously, is there a way to report these things to the police? He has incriminated himself. Whether he’s lying or not, admitting you’ve committed a crime is taken very seriously by courts.

I’ve always hated reddit. People always try to tell me, “But it’s not ALL trolls and rapists and haters.” Yeah. Um. Would you shop at a mall that had the world’s nicest Bloomingdales that happened to be situated right next door to a KKK Supplies R Us store? I didn’t think so. Stop giving reddit excuses! I’m going to start #boycottreddit on twitter.

A grown woman (!) told my me once to not talk to drunk men in a party….cause then she’s a slut (and if she’s not a ”slut”) she’s basically asking for it, like….talking to random drunk men is an invitation for sex. ”… She literally said that I shall not show that I am ”easy” cause ( women who are easy are sluts, she doesnt like sluts *hust*) that’s the only way feeling safe.

Women how dare you take a drink from a stranger… you’re a totally fucktoy in the frist place (because of vagina), you don’t have the right to be an free invidiual without being scared of drunk men. Come on, they’re drunk men = 99% rapists

You have to view yourself as a potential fucktoy/rape-victim all the time to feel safe! (That’s the basic information of her ”advice”)

The sad thing is…. this grown woman is my mother.

My brothers never heard something like ”don’t have casual sex, girls might disrespect you” or even ”don’t take advantage from a drunk girl” …..

Whatever! I am talking to men, even if they’re drunk, and I do drink alcohol at partys. I’m still taking steps to feel safe but not by ”not acting like a slut”. By taking friends with me, that works out fine without putting my personal freedom away. (sorry for my english, I am from germany)

My friends do make out sometimes with dudes/girls and they don’t expect being raped.

This is really, really, scary. And pretty much nothing is done about it. When hate speech is directed towards women, it’s not taken seriously. The authorities usually don’t react if a website glorifies violence towards women or even encourages men to commit these violent acts. There’s a lot of public discussion about hate speech today, but anti-women hate speech is rarely mentioned even though I’m pretty sure this viciously violent sexist hate speech is in fact the most common type of hate speech there is. But it’s not considered a serious issue. Because it’s considered so normal, you know, “boys will be boys”. Because just like it has always been, human rights issues are not considered that important if it’s just women’s human rights that are threatened.

The scariest thing is that you can find huge numbers of men who support the ideas of this “PhilosophyOfRape” and others like him on “normal” websites like Reddit, not just on anti-women websites. It’s doesn’t feel good to think about it, but it seems to me that these attitudes are actually pretty common among men. And this is one of the reasons it would be easier to think that they are just trolls and don’t really mean what they’re saying. Because it’s painful to consider the possibility that these men are actually men we all know, our friends, boyfriends, husbands, men who date our daughters, “normal men”, “nice men”…it’s a horrible thought. But these men are dangerous. They are a serious threat to our human rights, to our society. Rape culture exists, and it’s actually getting worse. We tend to think that we are continuously going towards a more equal and peaceful society, but in fact we can also start going backwards in this development. Young girls are sexually harassed and assaulted more today than they were when I was a young girl. They are being sexualized at a much younger age. Boys get their ideas about sex and how to treat girls from violent porn. Rape jokes are everywhere. The future really doesn’t look that good when it comes to women’s rights.

Is there any way to track these assholes and to report their whereabouts to police?

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