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Red Pillers: Hey Ladies! That visceral disgust you feel in our presence means you want us. Bad.

Ladies love men in groups.
Ladies love men in groups.

What do women want? Dudes. In groups. Especially dudes who hate them.

That, in any case, seems to be the conclusion drawn by a blogger who calls himself Hipster Racist, and who seems to be a white supremacist of some kind. Anyway, he’s written a little post about the rise of Reddit’s  Red and Blue Pill Subreddits and how they illustrate the Mannerbund Effect, a theory that helps to explain just why it is that the ladies allegedly like getting up in men’s business so much.

Here’s how HR tells the story of the two subreddits:

Someone created a section of reddit called TheRedPill which is devoted to “game,” seduction and anti-feminism. Essentially, a group of young men comparing notes on their various romantic successes and failures, which for obvious reasons, include a lot of frustration and what some might call misogyny. … Some of these men talk about “gaming” women in the same sense you might talk about training a dog. Gaming bitches, they might even say.

Yeah, some might call that misogyny.

The men’s romantic advice to each other essentially boils down to: women are selfish and incapable of love, so never fall in love, just improve yourself, lift weights, make money, dress better, and the women will come running.

Yeah, some might call that misogyny too.

As if on cue, the women show up and create TheBluePill a section of reddit exclusively focused on mocking, shaming, and attacking TheRedPill with anti-male rhetoric just as critical and harsh and the anti-female rhetoric of TheRedPill.

Now, pretty much none of that is true. TheBluePill is populated by a lot of dudes as well as women and the subreddit is basically an elaborate parody of the Red Pill subreddit, punctuated by occasional serious posts when people there are too astonished by the misogyny to make jokes about it. Take a look. If you can find any sincere anti-male rhetoric within it, posted by a regular commenter and with net upvotes, I’ll literally mail you a dollar.

But what is so fascinating about the dynamic is this: the men exclusively discuss how to improve themselves, while the women exclusively discuss … how the men can improve themselves. Obviously, they have very different views of what “improvement” looks like, the men essentially say “be more macho” while they women essentially say “be less macho.”

Well, not exactly. The advice in The Blue Pill subreddit is really only implicit advice, and it isn’t so much “be less macho” as it is “don’t be a misogynistic, manipulative, rapey asshole who gets validation from a bunch of other misogynistic, manipulative, rapey assholes like those Red Pill dudes on Reddit.”

Anyway, so Mr. Hipster Racist thinks that what all this means is that the Blue Pill ladies want the Red Pill men, and want them bad.

The dynamic plays itself out, over and over again, constantly. A group of men get together – the Mannerbund is formed – and do something. The women then show up, watch the men, and either cheer them, or heckle them.

But when the boys get together, the one thing the girls cannot do is ignore them.

Mr. Racist refers us to the manosphere-famous video of the protests of the Warren Farrell talk at the University of Toronto from last year. He points us to one female protester who became notorious in the manosphere for shouting at one of Farrell’s male fans, declaring him to be a “fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, woman hating, fucking scum.”

To Mr. Racist, only one thing could be driving this much apparent hate: pure animal lust.

Look at the man, look at the woman, and look at how the woman is looking at the man. Look at her eyes.

You could cut that sexual tension with a knife.

No. Just no. Sometimes a “you fucking rape apologist” is just a “you fucking rape apologist.”

So, anyway, someone took the opportunity to post Mr. Racist’s reflections on the Mannerbund Effect to the Red Pill subreddit — well, ok, that “someone” was Mr. Racist himself — where it met with many huzzahs.

My favorite comment of the bunch comes– surprise! —  from Mr. Racist, posting as jack50s; it’s almost Penthouse Lettersesque in its sophomoric eroticism:


Later, Mr. Racist wandered into the Blue Pill subreddit, and quickly convinced himself that everyone there, including me, had the hots for him. (To be fair, I did kind of lead him on a little.)


Huh. Apparently I’ve been awarded some sort of honorary Women’s Studies Degree from the Dean of Pompous Nazi Blogger University. That will help to ease the sting of rejection a little. A little. At least I have my cats.

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7 years ago

“What if I told you I had cats? They like to watch.”

Nicely trolled, sir.

3 years ago

The whole difference is what you gain from reading both subreddit depending of who you are.

One give out actual real advices on dates, getting laid and risk involved with our modern world for men. It focus on improving oneself (always a great advice), being less naive in your relation with the opposite sex (always a great advice), and explains that overall being overly kind, needy and unassertive is a love killer and that you shall be more confident, leader and have your shit together.

Sure it also focus on being mysognistic as it actually work well for dating and getting women (remember the world is amoral, that just how it is) and many insist on their distrust on women because they have been hurt by the opposite sex; That make sense. Exactly like you insist on attacking TRP because you see it as an attack on your sex.

Ideally, a man with a bit a common sence will grab the greats part of it there, to get their shit together, how to make a career, influence people, raise your charisma, how to seduce the opposite sex and take the misoginist view of the men in the anger phase there with a grain of salt.

As for the other sub-reddit. I can get it bring value to women, warning them against overly mysoginist mens that don’t want to ever commit, and this has value too.

But for men there, there nothing of value. You’ll not get laid or succeed by being a good guy. That just not how the world works. At one point one has to understand the world isn’t like the stories in disney cartoons. You shall not be an ass hole neither it doesn’t works. But you shall be balanced. Empathic at times, egoistic at times.

Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
3 years ago

tfw you necro a thread that hasn’t been touched in 4 years to dispense soft-boiled pseudonietzchean drivel

Dude, how clever did you feel when you revealed to us that the world is amoral ? Thank fuck it’s the internet and you couldn’t hear our shocked gasps when it finally dawned on all of us, amirite ?

Y’all are so cute when you try to sound intellectual.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Even if being a misogynist were acceptable if it helps you get laid – and it’s not – being a misogynist does not help you get laid. All you internet Adonises keep talking about how successful being red pilled makes you, yet every woman makes fun of dudes like you. I’ve never seen the slightest evidence outside of internet tall tales that this ever, ever works.

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