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Happy International Male Day!

Today, as you may know, is International Men’s Day, a pale Men’s-Rightsy imitation of International Women’s Day that is so pointless and uninspiring that even A Voice for Men forgot to write an article about it this year.

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Gender Critical Redditor: The coronavirus could destroy fashion … and also “the whole stupid concept of transgenderism”

Working from home, not wearing pants

By David Futrelle

So-called “gender critical feminists” can become quite ingenious when it comes to working their transphobic obsessions into conversaations that have nothing whatsoever to do with trans people or trans issues.

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Lips Dick: Angry knobhead mansplains labial anatomy at Jezebel writer

Excuse me while I whip out my thoughts on your labia

By David Futrelle

It’s only been a month since the most stubborn man in the universe broke the internet by trying (and trying again at much greater length) to explain what he incorrectly saw as the correct use of the word “vagina” to a literally world-famous gynecologist.

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I’m now an official expert on women’s fashion

By David Futrelle

Last week, there was a little dustup on Twitter over one online clothing store’s rather limited selection of sizes, and their goofy names.

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The Thinking Housewife: In the wake of Sandy, why are New Yorkers dressed so drably?

Now THESE gals are dressed for a hurricane.

The single strangest reaction I’ve seen thus far to the devastation of Sandy comes from Laura Wood, the genteel bigot and feminism-hater who blogs as The Thinking Housewife. After looking through a gallery of photos on the Daily Mail showing some of the damage in New York city, Wood suggested that the real problem is that New Yorkers aren’t wearing cheerful enough clothing:

THESE Daily Mail photos of New York City after the hurricane remind me of just how ugly the streets of Manhattan are, with almost everyone dressed in drab, uninteresting clothes that rival the uniforms of Maoist China for their homogeneity and lifelessness. America is one of the most aesthetically impoverished nations in history. I wonder how many thousands of people are on medication because they are depressed by their own clothes and their ugly, hostile environments, surrounded as they are by impersonal denim, sneakers with tire treads, plastic-covered down jackets, billboards with oppressive smiles, and the austere, chilling cliffs of modern skyscrapers. This is the environment of a people that idolizes equality and sameness. The only way to survive amid such poverty is to possess an interior castle, a place of tapestries and mahogany where denim and sweat jackets are nowhere to be seen.

Just make sure this castle of yours isn’t reduced to rubble by 85 mile-an-hour winds and flying debris.

Speaking of New York, here’s an interesting (if a bit shaky) video of a walk through that city’s dark streets after the hurricane hit.

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