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Going full incel, The Daily Stormer tries to labia-shame “roasties” into giving up sex

Popular incel meme reposted on the Daily Stormer. See, the joke is she says she loves to travel but really she just likes fucking dudes in different countries, thus “blowing out” her vulva and making it look like a roast beef sandwich. Which is a myth.

It’s not news that internet Nazis have been trying to recruit incels to their cause — after all, like the Nazis, incels are angry, unhappy, hateful. All of which makes them perfect fodder for the internet Nazi army.

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Lips Dick: Angry knobhead mansplains labial anatomy at Jezebel writer

Excuse me while I whip out my thoughts on your labia

By David Futrelle

It’s only been a month since the most stubborn man in the universe broke the internet by trying (and trying again at much greater length) to explain what he incorrectly saw as the correct use of the word “vagina” to a literally world-famous gynecologist.

doubling down entitled babies evil SJWs irony alert mansplaining men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny twitter vaginas vulvas

Mansplainin’ 2: Electric Vulvaloo! The dude who had a Twitter meltdown over the word “vulva” is back

Let me explain it to you one more time

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By David Futrelle

Some guys can’t take a hint. Or even several thousand hints.