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PlayStation head: Forget about Roe v. Wade for a minute; let’s talk about my kitties

Tech companies have reacted differently to the impending end of Roe V Wade. While most have remained silent on the issue, some have come out strongly against the Supreme Court’s (draft) opinion. The game developer Bungie denounced what it sees as “a blow to freedom in America and is a direct attack on human rights.” Microsoft and Amazon have gone a step further, pledging to cover traveling costs and other expenses for any employee who has to travel to another state to get an abortion.

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Happy Mother’s Day — now back to the kitchen! 17 weird, creepy, and sometimes cute vintage cards

Happy Mothers Day! Let us celebrate with a bunch of weird, creepy, retrograde, sexist, and sometimes cute vintage Mother’s Day cards.

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The Wait: Election aftermath open thread (with emergency kitties)

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The wait is killing me. And it’s probably killing you.

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“Cats are the real Jews,” confused 4Channer argues

4Channers are forever coming up with new and exciting ways to be antisemitic. Here’s an Anon on 4Chan’s /pol/ board who has managed to work his hatred of cats into the equation:

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Everything is shitty so here’s Freddie Mercury with his cats

Freddie with Tiffany, one of his real-life Fat Bottomed Girls

By David Futrelle

Did you all know that Freddie Mercury was really, really into his cats? I did not. But he was, and here is photographic proof. I ran a couple of the pics here through some filters because I sort of like to do that.

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Everything is terrible, so here are some cats chasing bears up trees

Yeah, like a cat never chased YOU up a tree!

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By David Futrelle

We’re going off-topic for a dose of CAT-spiration this Caturday.

Cats are pretty badass. And maybe just a teensy bit overconfident? Or possibly just stupid?

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Some cat-hating Red Pillers are just jealous because they think cats are more alpha than they are

Catting like a boss

By David Futrelle

The lady-hating wannabe ladykillers who call themselves Red Pillers love to trash talk cats and those who love them, forever “warning” feminists that if they don’t change their ways, and pronto, they’ll end up living their last years alone, surrounded by cats.

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Fake Melania, meet Donald Trump’s fake charitable contributions: Today in Tweets

There’s definitely something a bit … off about her eyes

By David Futrelle

When is Melania Trump not Melania Trump? When internet conspiracy theorists decide that the Melania Trump-looking lady standing next to our illegitimate president is a secret imposter. Never mind that this women is OBVIOUSLY MELANIA WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT.

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Harvey Weinstein, Smooth Talker: Today in Tweets

Huge creep

By David Futrelle

Another day, another batch of atrocities and embarrassments, from Donald Trump challenging his secretary of state to a public IQ-test bakeoff to the release of a vomit-inducing tape of Harvey Weinstein demonstrating his, er, pickup technique.

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Trump threatens to nuke N. Korea, GOP threatens to nuke healthcare. Also hurricanes: Today in Tweets

If they push that button / Your ass got to go!

By David Futrelle

In normal times, a president literally threatening to obliterate an entire country would be the lead story on every news outlet for weeks. But this is the age of Trump, so this alarming development has to compete, news-wise with: A GOP determined to take away health care from 20 million people, some dramatic developments in the investigation that could bring the nuke-talking president down. And then there are the hurricanes and earthquakes.

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