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Everything is shitty so here’s Freddie Mercury with his cats

Freddie with Tiffany, one of his real-life Fat Bottomed Girls

By David Futrelle

Did you all know that Freddie Mercury was really, really into his cats? I did not. But he was, and here is photographic proof. I ran a couple of the pics here through some filters because I sort of like to do that.

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59 replies on “Everything is shitty so here’s Freddie Mercury with his cats”

Look at that face!!!

That kitty could spin me the thing about needing petrol money and I would totally buy into it.

(Does she need petrol money? I can Western Union some.)

Beatiful cat, Sheila. I’d share pics of our cat, but it’s hard to get a good pic of a black cat.

@Sheila Crosby

That might be one of the cutest kittens ever! Thank you for that. We need all the cheer we can muster these days. Enjoy raising your kitten; it is a singular joy.

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