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Men’s Rights Activists reveal greatest t-shirt in history, victory for MRAs now assured

‘Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man’s rights activist

The Justice 4 Men and Boys party — the UK electoral powerhouse — is selling these on its web store, for real. Get yours before they’re all sold out!

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JudgyBitch: I’d support nuking Mecca if I thought it would be “effective” against Islam

Andrea Hardie explains "The Danger of Empathy" in a YouTube vieo
Andrea Hardie, aka Janet Bloomfield, aka JudgyBitch, explains “The Danger of Empathy” in a YouTube video

In the midst of a rambling blog post arguing that a large terrorist attack on American soil before November “puts Trump in the White House for certain,” former Twitter activist Andrea Hardie makes a rather startling pronouncement: She would support nuking Mecca if she thought it would be an “effective” way to strike a blow against Islam. 

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Exclusive photos from the International Male Issues Conference in London!

The official  We Hunted the Mammoth photographer, possibly.
The official We Hunted the Mammoth photographer, possibly.

This was the big weekend, folks! The weekend of the historic International Male Issues Conference in London!

Wait, that’s not right. International Male is the clothing company with that famous catalog. I meant the International London Men Conference. No, that’s not it either. Oh, wait! The International Conference on Men’s Issues in London. I’m pretty sure that’s it.  Catch the excitement on the conference’s official Twitter hashtag! 

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2015: Year of Triumphs for the Men’s Rights Movement

Forward march!
Forward march!

On this, the last day of 2015, let us take a few moments to reflect on some of the HUGE TRIUMPHS the Men’s Rights movement has had over the past year.

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Man Who Calls Women Bitches Attacks Organization That Saves Men’s Lives

Paul Elam, alleged "men's human rights" activist
Paul Elam, alleged “men’s human rights” activist

Funny story: Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party — you remember, the tiny British partylet that managed to win literally 0.0007% of the vote in the last UK elections — is trying to organize a men’s rights conference in London.

He recently approached Amnesty International to see if he could rent one of the rooms in their London headquarters for his little shindig. They said no, because AI is a feminist organization, and Buchanan’s little party has more or less declared war on feminism.

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“Deputy Leader” sought by Men’s Rights party that won literally 0.0007% of the vote in the UK elections

The Justice for Men and Boys Party: They have a little truck
The Justice for Men and Boys Party: They have a little truck

If there are any stray British MRAs reading this blog, have I found an opportunity for you! How would you like to serve under the political whiz-kid who triumphantly led the Justice for Men And Boys (and women who love them) Party a landslide victory in the UK election this May, unexpectedly winning 216 seats in …

Oh, wait, the party didn’t win 216 seats. It got 216 votes. Out of 30,691,680 total votes cast, for a stunning 0.0007% of the total.

That’s one-fortieth the votes received by the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol party, one-eighteenth of those won by the old school classic Monster Raving Loony Party. (Note to non-Brits: those are both real parties.) 153 of these votes were for J4MB leader and A Voice for Men friend Mike Buchanan; 63 went to the party’s other candidate.

Anyway, fresh off this magnificent triumph, Buchanan has just announced that he’s now taking applications for an assistant — that is, for the prestigious post of Deputy Leader for the party. He’s looking for someone who will help to “enable the party to move to the next stage of its development.” which presumably involves getting more than 0.0007% of the vote next time. 

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