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UK Election: Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party gets 153 votes. Not 153,000. 153.

Mike Buchanan: Has strong feelings about touching women's bums
Mike Buchanan: Has strong feelings about touching women’s butts. Screenshot from a Daily Mirror video; click for link.

Apparently the UK elections are a bit of a disaster. But there is one bit of good news amidst the wreckage:

Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party is a huge loser. 

I mean, he was already a huge loser, a misogynistic doofus in a suit best known for his over-the-top attacks on feminists as, among other things, “bigots,” man-haters, “unattractive women,” and “hatchet-faced miserable women who object to men finding attractive women attractive.” He’s also a longtime friend of Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men.

Now he’s a huge loser electorally speaking as well.

Here’s the Nottingham Post with the details:

The leader of the Justice for Men and Boys party Mike Buchanan deliberately targetted Labour’s Gloria De Piero at the general election in deciding to stand against her on a platform of anti-feminism and pro-male rights.

Mr Buchanan opted to stand in Ashfield as Miss De Piero was the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities in the last Government.

He came last, polling 153 votes.

I would like to congratulate the voters — at least all but 153 of them — for their wisdom.

UPDATE: The other J4MB party member running for office (in Broxtowe) came in last in his race as well, with all of 63 votes.

H/T — ej, in the We Hunted the Mammoth comments, for passing along the electoral results.


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7 years ago

So, a guy from a party called ‘Justice for Men and Boys’ couldn’t work out why he was invited to an event discussing political issues for women in front of an all female audience.

Maybe, just maybe, it might have been because people wanted to know what a party called ‘Justice for Men and Boys’ would do for the 50.1% of the population that isn’t expressly covered by the party name?

It’s a total no brainer. It’s like being called ‘Justice for people with University qualifications’ and then wondering why you were invited to a discussion about issues for people who didn’t go to Uni.

7 years ago

Paul Birch of the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol Party (known by my kids as the Smoke Weed Every Day Party) got 297!

Woot Woot! Celebrate! (Warning: WTF and possible jumpscare at end)

7 years ago

My favourite part of his whine was this:

David H pointed out that J4MB has only one fewer MP than UKIP, a party which has been around for 20 years, and which secured almost 5 million votes yesterday, yet secured only one MP (the ‘first past the post’ system is highly disadvantageous to small parties).

Zero. It’s only one fewer than one.

7 years ago

Reblogged this on Casual Gamer.

7 years ago

gilshalos – not all of England is Tory – all our large cities are pretty red. I have always lived in London and it is not common to meet Tory voters.

7 years ago

@ellesar, it’s far more common than you think. I can’t vote, but I am a paid-up member of the Conservative party and I’ve lived over 15 yrs in London. A lot of people catch a lot of shit if they admit to voting Tory, so they just don’t. Thursday night two of my teammates admitted voting Tory to me, but they were sheepish about it because they assumed I was Labour supporting. I’ve been told many times “I don’t really socialise with any Conservatives…” over a pint in the pub.

In this thread alone, there is some pretty vitriolic stuff about Tories The general Conservative member won’t hate someone because they’re female and on disability, they will wonder about the disability payments, but that isn’t hate. They may well dislike you because you vote SNP and make unpleasant assumptions about the motives of Tory voters, though you SNP voters have actually done the Conservative party a massive favour this time around. I was always astonished by the lack of hate from Tory activists toward people who really, really did hate them.

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